本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

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本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

An agreement to end the Ukrainian war was reached in principle last week following high-level negotiations between British MI6 Intelligence and the Russian FSB. The details will be negotiated over the coming months sources in both agencies confirm.


The basic outline of the agreement is as follows:


Russia will get the entire Ukrainian Black Sea coast.


The city of Odesa will become a demilitarized free trade zone to allow Ukrainian trade to proceed smoothly.


The country of Abkhazia will be internationally recognized and be turned into a free trade zone. 


本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

The war criminals in Ukraine, including Vladimir Zelinsky, will be removed from power and face justice.

包括弗拉基米尔 · 泽林斯基(Vladimir Zelinsky)在内的乌克兰战犯将被赶下台,接受审判。

A fully modernized 300,000-man NATO army will be established in Germany. It will be strong enough to deter Russian invasion but too weak to threaten Russia. It will also keep the military-industrial complex in business until a swords-to-plowshares transition can be managed.


Also, a Polish/Lithuanian confederacy may take over the non-Russian parts of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself says “Plans may be in the works to use an intended Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian joint military unit as an occupation force in western Ukrainian territories, and any Polish forces entering Lviv are certain to remain there,”

此外,波兰/立陶宛联盟可能接管乌克兰的非俄罗斯部分。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔•普京本人表示: “在乌克兰西部领土上使用波兰-立陶宛-乌克兰联合军事部队作为占领军的计划可能正在制定之中,任何进入 Lviv 的波兰军队肯定会留在那里。”


He also says that if the Ukrainians “want to relinquish or sell off something in order to pay their bosses, as traitors usually do, that’s their business. We will not interfere.” In other words, the Russians seem to be OK with this as long as “they leave Belarus alone.”



Of course, there are hotheads in both Russia and the West who are not satisfied with this arrangement.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko says he is “starting to get tense with the Wagner group because they want to march on Warsaw”.



The Khazarian mafia propaganda rag the New York Times for its part, is still clinging to the illusion that a thoroughly defeated Ukraine can still somehow win this war “if only they get more weapons and money.

可萨黑手党的宣传报纸《纽约时报》(New York Times)仍然抱着一种幻想,认为一个彻底战败的乌克兰仍然可以以某种方式赢得这场战争,“只要他们得到更多的武器和金钱。

This is delusional as Putin notes:


“…the whole world sees that the vaunted Western, supposedly invulnerable, military equipment is on fire, and is often even inferior to some of the Soviet-made weapons in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics [and] the West does not have the production capacities quickly replenish the consumption of reserves of equipment and ammunition.”

“ ... ... 整个世界都看到,自诩坚不可摧的西方军事装备正在起火,而且在战术和技术特征方面往往不如一些苏联制造的武器,而且西方没有迅速补充装备和弹药储备消耗的生产能力。”

In addition “People in Ukraine are asking a legitimate question more often: for what, for the sake of whose selfish interests, are their relatives and friends dying.”

此外,“乌克兰人民更经常地提出一个合理的问题: 为什么,为了谁的私利,他们的亲人和朋友会死去。”

This is why cooler heads prevail. The alternative is all-out nuclear war which is something only the KM wants.


Diplomats are expected to start working on the details of the peace agreement in Malta during the month of August, MI6 sources say.


They sent us a press release by the Anglo-Saxon military group known as the Patriots International Alliance. It calls for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine “to prevent a potential nuclear conflict.” It also recognizes the atrocities committed against ethnic Russians in Ukraine and “the installation of US DoD bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine” as war crimes.


Since these military veterans have not accepted bribes from the KM, they are looking for financial sponsors for the peace conference in Malta. They can be contacted as follows: MG Paul E Vallely US Army (Ret) Chairman – suaus1961@gmail.com

由于这些退伍军人没有接受KM的贿赂,他们正在为马耳他和平会议寻找财政赞助者。他们的联系方式如下: MG Paul E Vallely 美国陆军(Ret)主席-suauus1961@gmail.com

Let’s face it; Ukraine was a catastrophic military defeat for the KM. As Colonel Douglas MacGregor notes

让我们面对现实吧,乌克兰对于 KM 来说是一次灾难性的军事失败

“Ukrainian service personnel are surrendering at the first opportunity owing to the belief that they are being treated as ‘nothing more than cannon fodder’….we have not even talked about the estimated 60,000 children who have disappeared coming out of Ukraine.”

“乌克兰服役人员一有机会就投降了,因为他们认为自己被当成了‘炮灰’... ... 我们甚至还没有谈到从乌克兰失踪的大约6万名儿童。”

The lesson learned in Ukraine is that “American military power consists of boutique forces designed for safari in Africa and the Middle East, not decisive combat operations against great continental powers like Russia or China….It is time for Washington to turn its attention inward and address the decades of American societal, economic, and military decay that ensued after 1991. It’s time to reverse the decline in American national prosperity,”

从乌克兰获得的教训是: “美国的军事力量由专为非洲和中东狩猎而设计的精英部队组成,而不是针对俄罗斯或中国这样的大陆强国的决定性作战行动... ... 华盛顿是时候把注意力转向国内,解决1991年之后美国社会、经济和军事衰退几十年的问题了。是时候扭转美国国家繁荣的下滑趋势了。”


The Europeans are also sick and tired of supporting a dying US regime. P3 Freemason sources say that in the past 2.5 years, EU countries paid $1.12 trillion for expensive US natural gas which would have been enough for 10 years’ worth of Russian gas before the Ukrainian war started. This is why the Europeans voted against the Americans and with the British at the recently ended NATO summit.


History shows that whenever there is a decisive military defeat, regime change follows. The parade of Rockefeller stooges from the fake Biden administration visiting China recently has been part of a desperate attempt by the old US regime to stay in power. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Anthony Blinken and Janet Yellen all went to China on begging missions and returned empty-handed. This led to top Rockefeller bagman, the hundred-year-old Henry Kissinger himself, being sent to China. Chinese government sources say they told Kissinger they respected him as an “old friend,” who helped normalize relations between the US and China in the 1970s. However, they also told him they knew he ordered the murder of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Abe was a member of the Chinese Li royal family. For this and other reasons, they would not support his Rockefeller masters and their fake Biden.

历史表明,只要有决定性的军事失败,政权更迭就会随之而来。假冒拜登(Biden)政府的洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)傀儡最近访问中国,是美国旧政权为保住权力而进行的绝望尝试的一部分。埃隆•马斯克(Elon Musk)、比尔•盖茨(Bill Gates)、安东尼•布林肯(Anthony Blinken)和珍妮特•耶伦(Janet Yellen)都曾前往中国进行乞讨,但最终都空手而归。这导致洛克菲勒的高级中间人,百岁的亨利 · 基辛格本人被派往中国。中国政府消息人士称,他们告诉基辛格,他们尊重他为“老朋友”,他曾在上世纪70年代帮助美中关系正常化。然而,他们也告诉他,他们知道是他下令谋杀了日本首相安倍晋三。安倍晋三是中国李皇室成员。出于这样或那样的原因,他们不会支持他的洛克菲勒主子和他们的假拜登。

Also -in a very clear sign Taiwan does not intend to go along with any KM plot to turn that island into a new Ukraine- Chiu Kuo-cheng, head of Taiwan’s defense said “Taiwan does not plan on reselling Hawk surface-to-air missile systems (SAMS) to the US just so they can turn around and send them to Ukraine.” He added “Deadlines have already been set in accordance with which the Hawk SAMS will be got rid of every year; they will be replaced with Tien Kung (Sky Bow – TASS) SAMS. After that, they will be destroyed.”

此外,台湾防卫司司长邱国成表示,“台湾不打算把鹰式面对空导弹系统(SAMS)转售给美国,只是为了让美国能够掉头把它们送到乌克兰。”这是一个非常明确的迹象,表明台湾无意配合任何旨在将该岛变成新乌克兰的KM阴谋他补充说: 「我们已订定每年取消「鹰」导弹系统的最后期限,以 Tien Kung (Sky Bow-TASS)导弹系统取代。在那之后,他们将被摧毁。”

In other words, they are telling the Rockefellers, “We are not going to trade used weapons for your fake dollars so that you can buy time by selling them to other countries.”


By the way, if the US really wants to fight China, they should start with schools. According to the Department of Education’s own report scores in every subject and grade level have been declining over the years, especially in reading and mathematics. Things would be worse without immigrants.


Polish intelligence pointed out that at the just-ended International Mathematical Olympiad in Japan, the team win was won by the Chinese team composed of: Shi, Liang, Zhang, Sun and Chang. The second place was taken by the USA team composed of: Lin, Liu, Lu, Shen, Wang and Zhao.


本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议



They add there were 6 Poles at IMO in Japan who won one silver and five bronze medals.



As things stand, if the ethnic Chinese are attacked in the US, that would probably pull the plug on much of the US tech industry.


The Chinese are already pulling the plug on the current Rockefeller/Rothschild-dominated financial system. Last week China’s one-time property giant Evergrande reported long-delayed results showing that in 2021 and 2022, the company generated losses of $113 billion on $340 billion in liabilities.



A similar implosion is happening in the US. A 30-story building in downtown Baltimore was sold in June for $24 million, a 63.6% discount versus the tower’s 2015 sale of $66 million, according to The Baltimore Sun

类似的内爆正在美国发生。据《巴尔的摩太阳报》(The Baltimore Sun)报道,6月份,巴尔的摩市中心一栋30层建筑以2400万美元的价格售出,较2015年的6600万美元有63.6% 的折扣。 

This is just the beginning. In Japan, commercial real estate prices fell 90% from their bubble peak and it is a mathematical certainty the same will happen in the US. Since the Chinese are not going to help, this will definitely wipe out the Federal Reserve Board.

这只是个开始。在日本,商业房地产价格从泡沫高峰下跌了90% ,从数学上来说,美国也肯定会出现同样的情况。既然中国人不打算帮忙,这肯定会把美联储(Federal Reserve Board)扫地出门。

The FRB is already long past bankruptcy. The amount of federal debt is so extreme that even a return of interest rates to their historical average would mean paying an interest expense that would consume more than half of tax revenues. Interest expense would eclipse Social Security and defense spending and become the largest item in the federal budget. In short, allowing interest rates to rise high enough to entice natural buyers would bankrupt the US government because of the higher interest costs.


本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

This means that without Chinese support the Rockefellers will not have the funds they need to bribe and murder their way out of the frontal assault on their Joe Biden avatar that is now unfolding in Congress. By the way, if any readers believe that “Joe Biden” is still alive, they need to check out the evidence below to confirm he is just an avatar.

这意味着,如果没有中国的支持,洛克菲勒家族将得不到所需的资金,无法通过贿赂和谋杀来摆脱目前正在国会展开的对乔•拜登(Joe Biden)形象的正面攻击。顺便说一句,如果有任何读者相信“乔 · 拜登”还活着,他们需要查看下面的证据,以确认他只是一个化身。

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议 本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议 本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

Nonetheless, publicly taking down the avatar will expose the puppet masters behind him. The reason the long-anticipated mass arrests have still not concluded is because the US military is going by the book. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust. Now, they are finally grinding their way to the top people.


For example, Senator Chuck Grassley released an FD-1023 form, alleging that Mykola Zlochevsky, Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma’s founder, paid a $5 mil bribe each to Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden to have Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired.

例如,参议员查克 · 格拉斯利(Chuck Grassley)公布了一份 FD-1023表格,声称乌克兰天然气公司 Burisma 的创始人米科拉 · 兹洛切夫斯基(Mykola Zlochevsky)分别向副总统拜登和亨特 · 拜登(Hunter Biden)行贿500万美元,以解雇乌克兰检察官维克托 · 肖金(Viktor Shokin)。

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议


本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

Also, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said “The Democrats kept saying, ‘Oh, we don’t have any evidence. You don’t have any evidence.’ Well, [Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene] showed them evidence,…“She showed them evidence of the president’s son committing a crime, violating the Mann Act. She showed the plane tickets, she showed the pictures, she showed the evidence. You know, there’s no question he violated it. That’s another thing that he could have been charged with.”

此外,众议院监督委员会主席詹姆斯 · 科默说: “民主党人一直在说,‘哦,我们没有任何证据。你没有任何证据。众议员 Marjorie Taylor Greene 给他们看了证据,她给他们看了总统儿子犯罪的证据,违反了曼恩法案。她给我们看了机票,照片,证据。毫无疑问,他违反了规定。这是他可能被指控的另一个罪名。”


More importantly, Sen. Ted Cruz said if the “damning” whistleblower testimony before the House “is truthful, it means Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s Attorney General, committed multiple felonies.”

更重要的是,参议员特德 · 克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)说,如果众议院面前的“该死的”告密者证词“是真实的,那就意味着乔 · 拜登(Joe Biden)的司法部长梅里克 · 加兰德(Merrick Garland)犯下了多项重罪。”

PIA Press Release 16 JUL 2023

PIA 2023年7月16日新闻稿

Impeaching Garland would remove the main legal obstacle to the prosecution of “Biden,” and the exposure of his handlers.


That is why the “Biden” people are circling the wagons by putting CIA Director William Burns in his Cabinet last Friday. Burns, of course, is one of the chief architects of the entire Ukraine disaster.

这就是为什么“拜登”人士上周五将中央情报局局长威廉•伯恩斯(William Burns)纳入内阁的原因。当然,伯恩斯是整个乌克兰灾难的主要策划者之一。

CIA sources say the “Biden” people are going to try to avoid prosecution by announcing the “death” of the long-dead Biden. They will then find an excuse to avoid the no-brain Vice President Kamala Harris taking over and jump straight to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


McCarthy, of course, would be the person who would have to hand over controls of government to an entirely new group, presumably centered around US President Donald Trump and vaccine truther Robert F., Kennedy Jr.

当然,麦卡锡将不得不把政府的控制权交给一个全新的集团,这个集团可能以美国总统唐纳德 · 特朗普和疫苗真理论者小罗伯特 · F · 肯尼迪为中心。

When asked if he’s thought about RFK Jr. as a running mate Trump said


“No, but people have suggested it… there are a lot of people suggesting it… I’ve known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well-intentioned.”

“没有,但是有人这么建议过... ... 有很多人这么建议过... ... 我认识他很多年了。他是个聪明人,出发点是好的。”

That was not a definite ‘no’…


Of course, a Trump/Kennedy regime would go after both the child traffickers and the vaccine pushers.


After screening the movie Sound of Freedom Trump said you “have to see it,” and added, “The Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to protect these children.”


He could have gone further and said the Biden administration has been actively involved in the trafficking of children. They are even coming out of the closet now with HBO trying to normalize pedophilia as the clip below shows. Warning: This is extremely disturbing. 

他本可以更进一步,说拜登政府一直积极参与贩卖儿童。他们现在甚至出柜了,HBO 试图将恋童癖正常化,如下面的视频所示。警告: 这非常令人不安。 

We also have a letter from Barack Obama supporting pornography for children. 

我们还有一封来自巴拉克 · 奥巴马的支持儿童色情的信。 

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

The facts are these children aren’t being “loved;” they are being tortured to death to harvest adrenochrome. During the “Biden” administration 60,000 children were sold in the Ukraine and 85,000 children were taken from Latin America. This is in addition to the 40,000 children who go missing each year in the United States. These children will finally get justice because the whole world now knows about these crimes by the Western KM elite.


This will also mean the liberation of the Jewish people from thousands of years of Satanic control. A Mossad source said a sign of this could be seen when Israel’s President Herzog told Congress: “America is irreplaceable to Israel, and Israel is irreplaceable to America.” 

这也将意味着犹太人民从撒旦数千年的统治中解放出来。摩萨德的一位消息人士说,以色列总统赫尔佐克告诉国会: “美国对以色列是不可替代的,以色列对美国也是不可替代的。” 

“It’s interesting that I didn’t see a single man in the crowd wearing a yarmulke. Very unusual,” he said. This is a public sign that the Jews do not want to be seen as separate from other people.


In Israel, meanwhile, crowds of protesters march daily to the Parliament building in Jerusalem to express their opposition to the Netanyahu government’s attempt to turn the country into a dictatorship. Military veterans, intelligence officials, pilots, etc. have also spoken out against this takeover.


Meanwhile, Benyamin Netanyahu, the would-be god-king of Israel, is nowhere to be seen. First it was said that he had suffered heat stroke, now it is said that he had heart surgery and was fitted with a pacemaker. “They want to keep the story alive for as long as possible. There’s definitely CGI, holograms and doubles involved,” Mossad said.



Another KM leader who is on his last legs is Justin Castrudeau in Canada. The videos below speak for themselves. The man is so hated by Canadians that it’s surprising he’s still clinging to power. He’s definitely on his way to prison and possible execution for war crimes.

加拿大的贾斯汀•卡斯特鲁多(Justin Castrudeau)是另一位奄奄一息的KM领导人。下面的视频不言自明。这个人被加拿大人如此憎恨以至于令人惊讶的是他仍然紧紧抓住权力不放。他肯定会被送进监狱并可能因战争罪被处死。

The cornered KM are now desperately trying to cling to power with a combination of “climate change” and UFOs.

走投无路的KM现在正拼命试图通过“气候变化”和 UFO 的组合来保住权力。

The “climate change” hysteria is being fueled by placing temperature monitoring stations in hot spots like airport runways and changing weather reports to make it appear like we’re all burning up. The problem is that this is all just a big lie and people know it.


本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议
本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

本杰明报道|2023年7月24日: 北约与俄罗斯达成乌克兰和平协议

The UFO thing is perhaps even more interesting. Last week, White House national security chief John Kirby was subpoenaed to say that UFOs “are having an impact on our training grounds” and must be treated as a “legitimate issue.”

UFO 的事情可能更有趣。上周,白宫国家安全主管约翰 · 柯比(John Kirby)接到传票,要求他说 UFO“正在对我们的训练场地造成影响”,必须将其视为“合法问题”

“In late August or the first week of September, the real UFO government record will be released. They have no more cards to play,” says a Secret Space Program source.

“8月底或9月的第一周,政府将公布真正的 UFO 记录。他们没有更多的牌可打了,”一位秘密太空计划的消息人士说。

Other suppressed technologies are already emerging. After decades of waiting, the US has finally approved its first all-electric flying car. The $300,000 Model A is a real flying car – it can drive on the road as well as be flown in the air. And it’s one step closer to your garage. By the logic of business, it won’t be long before the $20,000 models are available and the future of our Jetsons will finally arrive.

其他被压制的技术已经出现。经过几十年的等待,美国终于批准了其首款全电动飞行汽车。这款售价30万美元的 A 型车是一款真正的飞行汽车——它既可以在路上行驶,也可以在空中飞行。离你的车库又近了一步。按照商业逻辑,用不了多久2万美元的款式就会上市,我们杰森一家的未来也终将到来。


More importantly, we are about to live thousands of years. The latest sign of this is that Harvard scientists have discovered a “drug cocktail” that can reverse aging in less than a week.



A long and prosperous life awaits.



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