本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

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本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

The collapse of the Khazarian Mafia financial system is looking imminent with Credit Suisse the likely first domino. If it falls it will trigger a process that would lead to the collapse of multiple major banks and then after that the World Bank, the IMF and the big Kahuna, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

随着瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)可能成为第一张多米诺骨牌,可萨黑手党(Khazarian Mafia)金融体系的崩溃看上去迫在眉睫。如果它倒下,它将引发一个过程,导致多家大银行的倒闭,然后世界银行,国际货币基金组织和大金主,美国公司。

A full-fledged bank run on Credit Suisse is now underway as customers withdrew $120 billion last month alone. Now the New York Post reports sensitive personal information including social security identification, employment information, and contact details of customers who keep $50 million or more in the bank has been compromised.



“Yes, the Credit Suisse matter is very serious, think how many accounts are linked to every known elite criminal in the world,” a CIA source chimes in.


This “Suisse Secrets” report from a year ago just touches the tip of the iceberg.



“Suisse most likely will be the first major KM-controlled bank to be let go…This smells like end game,” a Mossad source says.

摩萨德消息人士称: “瑞士很可能将成为首家被KM部门控制的大型银行... ... 这似乎是一场终局游戏。”。

The head of MI6 agrees saying: “Credit Suisse is indeed implicated in international criminal fraud, in this case, the money laundry in Geneva of The Europe Union paying bribery to all of The Queen’s Prime Ministers to commit high treason. We have all the evidence. This is why I keep firing prime ministers in London. The Queen and Her Majesty’s husband were both murdered because of this among so many.”

军情六处的负责人同意这种说法: “瑞士信贷确实与国际犯罪欺诈有牵连,在这起案件中,是欧盟在日内瓦的洗钱机构向女王的所有首相行贿,犯下叛国罪。我们有所有的证据。这就是为什么我一直在解雇伦敦的首相。女王和女王陛下的丈夫都因此而被杀害”

The shoot-to-kill licenses 001 and 002 are now in full play, he adds.


This implosion is not just about high-level gangsters but is likely to lead to the removal of most of the so-called leaders in the world, White Dragon Society sources say.


The revelations of Vatican bank bribery accounts below from the Obama administration are a sample of systematic KM bribery that could be reproduced across most of the Western-controlled countries of the world. 


本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

Because banks all lend to the same people if one bank falls and pulls its loans, then the borrowers cannot pay other loans either so, the whole system comes tumbling down.


“I know from very credible sources that Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are insolvent and have bankruptcy proceedings active. They are ‘sealed’ from the public’s view,” the Mossad source adds. 

“我从非常可靠的消息来源得知,美国银行(Bank of America)、富国银行(Wells Fargo)和摩根大通(JP Morgan Chase)已经资不抵债,正在进行破产程序。他们从公众的视野中被‘密封’了,”摩萨德的消息人士补充说。 

Despite the attempt to cover this up, bits and pieces are leaking. Chinese real estate developers have stopped about USD 53.6 Billion in loans to Western banks, Blackstone defaulted $580 million on a Manhattan building (40% vacancy); the second default on Nordic REIT (46% vacancy) totaling $2.1 Billion…PIMCO defaulted on $1.7 Billion and Brookfield defaulted on 2 Los Angeles bldgs with $783 million in mortgages.

尽管有人试图掩盖这一事实,但还是有些东西在泄露。中国房地产开发商已经停止向西方银行提供约536亿美元的贷款,黑石公司在曼哈顿的一栋大楼(40% 的空置率)上拖欠了5.8亿美元,北欧房地产投资信托基金(46% 的空置率)的第二次拖欠总额为21亿美元... ... 太平洋投资管理公司拖欠了17亿美元,布鲁克菲尔德拖欠了洛杉矶2栋大楼的7.83亿美元抵押贷款。


This is expected to pull down the Swiss Octagon group and with it, their control over the G7 countries and various slave states around the world.


The big question is where is all the physical gold the Swiss have been storing in their vaults for more than 50 years? They have so far refused to honor legitimate requests to return either Chinese or Japanese imperial gold. If they no longer have the gold, this is very important because at the very top of the financial system, only real assets like gold are accepted: paper is not.


The Khazarian Mafia has been reduced to threatening to use earthquake weapons to force countries to hand over gold. Indonesian authorities tell us they are being told to hand over gold and other natural resources, or a very large earthquake will occur later this month. The threats came from the Dutch embassy in Jakarta. It was passed on to a high-level official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesian intelligence sources say.


That explains why Dutch “seismologist” Frank Hoogerbeets -who rose to international prominence after predicting the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria- predicts a “mega-earthquake” with a magnitude of 8.5 or higher “due to the special position of the Earth, Mercury and Saturn.” This pseudo-science is nothing other than a thinly veiled threat.

这就解释了为什么荷兰“地震学家”弗兰克 · 胡格贝茨——他在预测土耳其和叙利亚的毁灭性地震后成为国际知名人士——预测了一场8.5级或更高级别的“特大地震”,“由于地球、水星和土星的特殊位置”这种伪科学只不过是一种毫不掩饰的威胁。

This is a message from the WDS to the Dutch: “People who live below sea level shouldn’t throw tsunamis.”

这是 WDS 给荷兰人的信息: “生活在海平面以下的人们不应该引发海啸。”

Indonesia is not alone. The KM is also trying to intimidate the Philippines into handing over its gold and other resources. The Philippine people are fighting back.

印度尼西亚并不孤单。KM 还试图恐吓菲律宾交出其黄金和其他资源。菲律宾人民正在反击。

A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, who as the founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is “wanted in connection with hundreds of thousands of deaths, a number which cannot be estimated at present and is certain to increase exponentially in time.”

菲律宾一家法院对比尔•盖茨(Bill Gates)发出了国际逮捕令。作为比尔与美琳达·盖茨基金会的创始人,盖茨“因与数十万人的死亡有关而被通缉,这个数字目前无法估计,而且随着时间的推移,肯定会呈指数级增长。”


This arrest warrant is connected to the murder of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo which you can see in the link below.

这张逮捕令与东方黑人州长 Roel Degamo 的谋杀案有关,你可以在下面的链接中看到。


A Philippine government source said “Bill Gates and David Rockefeller Jr. are involved. More threats/assassination attempts are being planned. The KM cabal is desperate for control of the Philippines.” Neither Mr, Gates nor Mr. Rockefeller were available for comment by the time this report went live.

一位菲律宾政府消息人士说: “比尔·盖茨和小大卫·洛克菲勒参与其中。更多的威胁/暗杀行动正在策划中。KM 集团迫切希望控制菲律宾。”截至本报告发布时,盖茨先生和洛克菲勒先生都没有发表任何评论。

In any case, this financial turmoil and the accompanying threats were visible at last week’s G20 foreign ministers meeting which broke up without issuing a communique. This is highly unusual because usually, such meetings will paper over cracks by at least issuing a bland statement.


“Some Western delegations turned the G20 agenda into a farce, trying to blame Moscow for their own economic failures,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫说: “一些西方代表团把 G20议程变成了一场闹剧,试图把他们自己的经济失败归咎于莫斯科。”。

At the G20 countries like Brazil, India, China, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey asked for the “elimination of the Western monopoly” in international organizations. The Western countries responded with “blow-below-the-belt” tactics by threatening to “punish” countries that disobey, Lavrov said.

在 G20峰会上,巴西、印度、中国、墨西哥、南非和土耳其等国要求“消除西方在国际组织中的垄断”。拉夫罗夫说,西方国家采取了“不择手段”的策略,威胁要“惩罚”不服从的国家。


That would explain the tsunami threats against Indonesia etc..


The head of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev went further saying Washington and its allies resort to “political pressure, military blackmail, financial enslavement, economic sanctions and, of course, deceitful propaganda,”


This video below of slave camp conditions at a cobalt mine (needed to make mobile phones etc.) shows the kind of economic management the rest of the world is sick of.


If the Western leadership was competent, people might be more willing to overlook their bullying but they are not. Their paranoid leadership has been repeatedly proven to spread disease, cause environmental disasters, and promote war.


Just last Tuesday a Russian commander warned a train carrying a cargo of poisonous chemicals arrived in the city of Kramatorsk and that the United States is planning to use the “highly toxic and banned substances” in it to stage a “false flag” operation in Ukraine to blame on Moscow,

就在上周二,一名俄罗斯指挥官警告称,一列装载有毒化学品的火车抵达 Kramatorsk,美国正计划利用其中的“剧毒和违禁物质”在乌克兰实施“假旗”行动,将责任推到莫斯科身上,


Now we have Israel -that for 30 years has been saying Iran will get a nuclear bomb within three months- screaming “It would now take Iran just 12 days to produce a bomb’s worth of missile material.”,



Their KM refrain is “attack Russia, attack Iran, attack China etc.”


Not only do they keep trying to start an all-out nuclear war, but they have also been caught red-handed trying to kill most of the world’s population with toxic vaccines. Official data from the UK government shows that vaccines killed 24 times more people than the so-called pandemic they were supposed to protect them from.



If you think this wasn’t premeditated, ask yourself why the exact authorities and manufacturers who mandated the Covid vaccine – were never required to get the jab!


Now British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been caught urging newspapers to spread panic to artificially inflate the number of Covid tests. In December 2020 he asked: “When will we use the new variant?

如今,英国卫生大臣马特•汉考克(Matt Hancock)被发现敦促报纸散布恐慌,人为夸大冠状病毒疾病检测的数量。2020年12月,他问道: “我们什么时候会使用新的变体?

本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

Here’s a British scientist who changed his public mind from saying Covid was lab-made to naturally occurring after Fauci gave him a $1.88 million grant and an additional $16.5 million in funding everyone knew from day one that Covid came from a lab… and millions of dollars have been spent getting scientists to intentionally lie to the public… when they do this to Covid scientists… just think how much they spend on climate change scientists… science is 100% for sale… the highest price tag wins…

这是一位英国科学家,他改变了公众的想法,从说冠状病毒疾病是实验室制造的,变成了自然发生的,因为福西给了他188万美元的拨款和额外的1650万美元的资金,每个人从第一天起就知道,冠状病毒疾病来自实验室... 数百万美元已经花在让科学家故意欺骗公众... 当他们这样对待冠状病毒疾病科学家的时候... 想想他们在气候变化科学家身上花了多少钱... 科学是100% 出售... 最高价格获胜..。

本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

The sheer malice and incompetence of this leadership has led to more and more formerly “normal” public figures opposing the KM.


Here you can watch Saturday Night Live host Woody Harrelson criticizing Big Pharma’s response to COVID-19 in his opening monologue:

在这里,你可以看到《周六夜现场》的主持人伍迪•哈里森(Woody Harrelson)在开场白中批评大型制药公司对2019冠状病毒疾病的反应:

“The biggest drug cartels in the world are getting together and buying up all the media and all the politicians and forcing all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes and the only way people can get out is if they take the cartel’s drugs and they keep doing them take.”


本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

The KM’s response now is to desperately try to blame the whole thing on China. Their hope seems to lie not only in escaping justice, but also in starting their long-planned Third World War.


The problem is that the G7 slave leaders have lied so often and so often that almost nobody believes them anymore.


For example, you can see a younger, thinner version of Canada’s Castrudeau being caught in a lie. The video seems to indicate that the actor, who now plays “Trudeau,” was not fully briefed.

例如,你可以看到一个更年轻、更瘦的加拿大版本的 Castrudeau 被揭穿了谎言。这段视频似乎表明,这位现在扮演“特鲁多”的演员没有得到充分的简报。

His so-called regime is now also turning Canada into a major money laundering facility with legalized drug trafficking. Perfect timing as Ukraine goes down the drain:


Sunshine Earth Labs said in a statement that it has received permission from Health Canada to legally possess, manufacture, sell and distribute coca leaf and cocaine, as well as morphine, MDMA (ecstasy) and heroin.”



It won’t be long before KM henchmen like Castrudeau get the plug pulled in Canada.


Benyamin Netanyahu is also unlikely to live much longer as a massive Jewish revolt against the KM is underway. As a sign of this, the use of the Ukrainian flag has been banned in Israel. Displaying Ukrainian flags is banned in homes, on the street and in all public places, with a fine of 10,000 shekels (about $3,000).


In the US, the process of KM’s withdrawal is already in full swing. Most recently, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was voted out of office in the Chicago mayoral election. She was Chicago’s first black woman and first openly gay mayor, as well as Chicago’s first sitting mayor to lose in four decades.

在美国,KM的退出进程已经全面展开。最近,洛里 · 莱特福特市长在芝加哥市长选举中被投票赶下了台。她是芝加哥第一位黑人女性,第一位公开同性恋身份的市长,也是40年来芝加哥第一位在任市长落选。


More importantly, her loss in Barack Obama’s home country means Obama himself is likely no longer pulling the puppet strings of the various actors pretending to be “President Joe Biden.”

更重要的是,她在巴拉克 · 奥巴马家乡的失利意味着奥巴马本人可能不再操纵假扮“乔 · 拜登总统”的各种演员的傀儡

Something big is brewing in Florida, too. The Sunshine State now controls the formerly self-governing, tax-exempt special district that encompasses the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Disney is losing self-government status, the state of Florida is the new sheriff in town,” Gov. Ron de Santis said at a news conference Monday. Buckle up — there’s a lot to do.

佛罗里达也在酝酿大事。阳光之州现在控制着以前自治的免税特别行政区,包括整个华特迪士尼世界度假区。迪斯尼正在失去自治地位,佛罗里达州是新的治安官,”州长罗恩 · 德 · 桑蒂斯在周一的新闻发布会上说。系好安全带,还有很多事要做。


Let’s see if the Florida police raid and uncover the adrenochrome factories said to be under Disney Land.


Governor de Santis, a Christian, knows he is fighting satanic forces.


“The devil’s work will invade even the Church, so that you will see cardinals against cardinals, bishops against bishops.


So said Our Lady of Akita, Japan, to Sister Agnes Sasagawa on October 13, 1973.


A sign hangs at the entrance to Stellenbohm University in South Africa explaining how this came about:

南非斯特伦博姆大学(Stellenbohm University)的入口处悬挂着一块牌子,上面解释了这一切是如何发生的:

It doesn’t take nuclear bombs or long-range missiles to destroy any nation in the world. It is enough to lower the quality of education and let students cheat on exams. Patients who are at the hands of such doctors. Buildings collapsed at the hands of such engineers and architects. Money is lost through such doctors and economists. Justice vanishes at the hands of such advocates and judges. The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation.


As the West continues to implode, China is showing what a government that actually serves its people is trying to do.


At its last major meeting, the Chinese government set out the following plans and goals:


Striving for high-quality development is the first and foremost task in China


Increasing R&D spending, expanding clean energy production, and promoting growth poles with regional development strategies… China’s modernization efforts are bringing science fiction to the public… China has struggled to streamline administration, increase power delegate to improve regulation and enhance services while cultivating a market environment of fair competition… China has built the world’s largest high-speed rail network, expressway network and world-class port clusters. It has opened air and sea routes reaching all parts of the world… Harmony between man and nature… The idea that “clear waters and lush mountains are priceless values” has become the consensus…

增加研发支出,扩大清洁能源生产,通过区域发展战略促进增长极... 中国的现代化努力正在把科幻小说带给公众... 中国一直在努力简化行政管理,增加权力代表以改善监管和加强服务,同时培育公平竞争的市场环境... 中国已经建成了世界上最大的高速铁路网络,高速公路网络和世界级的港口集群。它打开了通往世界各地的空气和海路... 人与自然的和谐... “清澈的水和茂密的山是无价的价值观”的想法已成为共识..。


If the West had a meritocratic government, it would once again eclipse China. For example, imagine the miracles that could happen if the more than 6,000 patents that are being held on “national security grounds” were made available to the public in a responsible manner. At least we would all have anti-gravity vehicles and virtually free energy. As things stand, the longer the West remains under KM’s dictatorship, the more China will overtake us.

如果西方有一个精英政府,它将再次超越中国。例如,想象一下,如果以“国家安全理由”持有的6000多项专利以负责任的方式向公众开放,可能会发生什么奇迹。至少我们都会有反重力飞行器和几乎免费的能源。就目前情况来看,西方在 KM 的独裁统治下停留的时间越长,中国就越会超越我们。

The big question mark, however, remains as to when the West will reveal more of its secrets to the rest of the world.


In this regard, it should be noted that Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently said a few words about extraterrestrials. They push the Blue Beam project as far as possible.


There are also signs that the secret US space program is revealing itself, as this video from Hawaii suggests.


Also see the attached photo with all Space Force bases including Thule and Cheyenne Mountain.


本杰明报告|2023/03/07  整个KM金融体系即将崩溃,瑞士信贷可能成为第一个多米诺骨牌

So here are this week’s pictures from abroad.


1. UFO Sphere over Manhattan, New York

1. 纽约曼哈顿上空的 UFO 球体

2. UFOs over Phoenix, Arizona

亚利桑那州凤凰城上空的 UFO

3. UFO over San Antonio, Texas

3. 德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥上空的 UFO

4. UFO over Sydney, Australia

澳大利亚悉尼上空的 UFO

5. A cluster of off-world UFOs

5. 一群不明飞行物

6. UFO over Serbia

6. 塞尔维亚上空的 UFO

7. Sky anomaly in Australia

7. 澳大利亚的天空异常

All we can do is keep our eyes on the sky and our feet on the ground as we continue to fight to liberate the planet.




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