2023年九月最新情况|theunveiling33September 16, 2023


This post will again feature a situation update, followed by ascension insights and questions by the readers.


Firstoff, it should become clearer that blogs like the Portal and the work of the ascendants should be seen already as the workings and influence of the Lightforces arriving on Earth. The knowledge given on this blog is no exception. These are the Lightforces themselves infusing necessary knowledge via certain blogs and ascendants. An influence which will apparently clean up the mental layer of humanity and Earth by bringing much needed clarifications to those who found these sources of information to be valuable. This is the Lightforces who slowly but surely take over the mental layers on Earth in this way before they are able to exert actual, physical intervention.


At this time the Lightforces also have to work heavily via influencing humans. This works similarly to the methods of the cabal, just that the Lightforces work with absolute truths instead of lies and evil like the cabal did since millennia. The ascendants will be those who will make the real changes in the mental layer working. Blogs like the Portal by Cobra are actually the Lightforces infusing knowledge to survive for many humans who find it.


Regarding the bigger cabal members, there is still one of the 'bastards' of the Andromeda faction (heavily connected to the Lurker) on the surface being left alive for strategical reasons.


The descendants of the first female human traitor (the biblical Eve) have been reduced to three, those are the ones still heavily manipulating love among humans on the surface.


Though the problem with the negative-AI regarding such removals is this: upon removing the big villains, the villains are still there, stored in the AI, and all memories, abilities and so forth are in some cases transferred to the next willing servants of the cabal. They certainly do that constantly with many bigger monsters which were already transported to the Central Sun. While the follow-ups of these monsters are still quite evil, the originals were of course much worse. However even that comes to an end as it is quite costly and will get worse for the cabal with every transfer of their villain-consciousness.

虽然负面人工智能关于这种移除的问题是这样的: 当移除大反派时,反派仍然存在,存储在人工智能中,所有的记忆、能力等等在某些情况下转移到下一个愿意的阴谋集团仆人身上。他们当然经常这样对待许多已经被传送到中央太阳的更大的怪物。虽然这些怪物的后续行动仍然是相当邪恶的,原件当然要糟糕得多。然而,即使这样也会结束,因为代价相当高昂,而且随着阴谋集团恶人意识的每一次转移,情况会变得更糟。

The biggest attacks to date were delivered towards first emerging islands of light and involved key persons. Basically worldwide resources of the remaining cabal were gathered for these waves of attacks. The attacks so far seemingly will not cease, as the cabal is mobilising all they have left at this time to stop the islands from progressing. Attacks are delivered in waves and the remaining main parasites are pretty unimpressed by the counters of the Lightforces yet. However the size of the waves are certainly waning and some members of the cabal are finally realising their inevitable defeat.


First clones of the Goddess have been found and are being raped by the cabal. While this is a huge problem for the Goddess herself and the cabal tries to use the raping for their invasion of her ship, all of that will be canceled. Although they rape the cloned body of the Goddess, the Goddess herself takes no real harm of that and the invasive component of these rapes will be completely countered by the Lightforces. It merely serves as an example of how sick and cruel the cabal usually attacked and invaded their opponents in the past at this time.


The intact core of all world religions have finally been connected to the Liberation process covertly. While no-one officially knows this, there are spiritually positive, intact cores of the world religions. These cores even work together despite conflicts the world religions appear to have officially. These cores are rescuing and educating all sorts of victims of the chimera since ages. Some of these non-physical pupils were brought to the emerging islands of light to continue their education and rehabilitation together with some of the highest ascendants at this time.


First soulmate re-unifications have begun for the highest Starseeds in the spiritual. As explained below this will first happen in the spiritual before taking place in the physical and is usually happening far away from your circle of friends or acquaintances. This means the highest ascendants will soon go through that as well and all those recouplings will inevitably lead to the bigger re-unifications which the Event will bring.


Amusement parks were and are being constructed for those stranded aliens who were already on the Earth since a while - some of them are among the most important inhabitants of Earth. These parks will also be an attraction and healing place for thousands of lifeforms who did not get what they wanted throughout the ages - may this be from the inner Earth, the surface or from the rest of the solar system. This kind of huge party will of course serve those who were the poorest people as well as the most special specimen of aliens who accidentally crash-landed on Earth and were unable yet to return home.


Few people know the true amount of aliens that at some point in history stranded on the Earth. Though some governments currently lay open alien influence especially in the USA, most of such news will probably backfire in favour of the cabal.


Nowadays approximately 200 alien species are residing on Earth or retreated into the inner Earth which humanity is completely unaware of. Many of them were and still are treated miserably and they are unable to leave upon will. Many of them are single specimens of their species and can only satisfyingly communicate with other aliens if they are among the luckier ones. Sadly, some went to Earth to get their stranded love-partners back home - though these partners oftentimes suffered death on Earth and were in most cases used as a lure by the chimera anyway. Most of the alien life that is active on Earth remains a tragedy till this time and that is exactly the reason why these amusement parks are being constructed by the Lightforces and ascendants this early on. They will serve as a comfortable refuge until those aliens can leave back home. Some of these parks are part of the emerging islands of light and the construction projects of the ‚New Atlantis‘ - the upcoming high culture of the Age of Aquarius.

现在,大约有 200 个外星物种居住在地球上或撤退到地球内部,而人类却完全不知道。他们中的许多人过去和现在都遭受着悲惨的待遇,无法按照自己的意愿离开。他们中的许多人都是其物种的单一标本,只有在比较幸运的情况下才能与其他外星人进行令人满意的交流。可悲的是,有些人到地球上是为了把他们滞留的爱情伴侣带回家--尽管这些伴侣经常在地球上遭遇死亡,而且在大多数情况下被奇美拉用作诱饵。大多数活跃在地球上的外星生命直到现在仍然是个悲剧,这也正是光明势力和升天者们这么早就开始建造这些游乐园的原因。它们将成为舒适的避难所,直到这些外星人能够离开地球回家。其中一些公园是新兴光岛和 "新亚特兰蒂斯"--即将到来的水瓶座时代高级文化--建设项目的一部分。

Ascension insights


While humans on Earth usually thought they get through with (at least slightly) morally and ethically corrupt behaviour, the truth is slowly but surely pouring through due to Liberation. They will not get through.


The resulting behaviour for most of these people is sadly wrong again as they, upon realization of their corruption, rather tend to conspire against those who bring the truth. The truth are of course the Lightforces themselves and several key persons and ascendants on the surface. This behaviour is known since ages on Earth but it somehow cultivated itself because it was seldomly judged correctly and sometimes judgement was impossible due to the power of the chimera.

对于这些人中的大多数而言,由此产生的行为再次令人遗憾地错误,因为他们在意识到自己的腐败之后,更倾向于密谋反对那些揭露真相的人。真相当然是光明势力本身以及地表上的几个关键人物和上位者。这种行为在地球上已经很久很久了,但是由于很少被正确地判断,有时由于奇疯牛病 的力量,判断是不可能的,所以它不知怎么地培育了自己。

However humanity again begins to cover up what they did wrong individually (as if the Lightforces could not see). These people then try to burden their spiritual debt to the key persons and generally the highest ascendants by conspiring.


It is sad especially if you are aware that humanity failed already several times at exactly these moral fundaments and invalidated themselves afterwards by trying to get out of their moral debt by just furthering their characterless behaviour.


Although they like to quieten and ignore the people who say this, there is of course absolutely no chance for these ill-mannered and sociopathic characters on Earth - even things deemed as ‚normal‘ characterless behaviour will be judged heavily by the Lightforces this time. These characterless humans are those who will part by part reveal their corrupt character and will exhibit their sociopathic behaviour over the coming years, just as Cobra laid open via the ascension plans.

虽然他们喜欢让说这些话的人安静下来,不予理睬,但这些举止不雅、反社会的人物在地球上当然是绝对没有机会的--即使是被认为是 "正常 "的无个性行为,这次也会受到光之力量的严厉审判。正如柯博拉通过升天计划所揭示的那样,这些没有品格的人类将在未来几年中部分地暴露出他们堕落的品格,并表现出他们反社会的行为。

The people of Earth are known for attacking the key-persons who bring or tell the truth. A big example would be Jesus, and while this looks unrepeatably stupid in retrospective, it was a majority of people back then who actually wanted to get rid of him.


A closer and less drastic example would be those people who seemingly constantly criticise Cobra or the Lightforces for not doing or saying what the people personally want. Additionally these try to make their opinion look like the majority. It is the same sociopathic behaviour as back then which is getting into the open through such behaviour nowadays. Needless to say, such attacks might have devastating consequences, as these humans are basically attacking the Lightforces themselves via certain key-persons. While the retrospective is a distance which helps people to think correctly towards the situation, they seemingly do not connect that it is the same situation today with the Lightforces and some bigger ascendants like Cobra.


The energy dynamics coming with the liberation will crush those attackers this time though. After all, the Liberation will finally change especially the superiority of evil people on this planet, and that also means the sociopathic attackers and accusers will lose the Earth for their wrongdoings this time. It seems easy to understand but nevertheless some of the readers might still be part of exhibiting such attacks when the time comes. Every form of discrediting towards certain people is already counted as an attack.


Also see the deeply related topic on what the ‚toys and tools‘ of the cabal are, following below.


Sideeffects of money 


Upon receiving bigger amounts of money it is also enormous hate and envy if you receive from your fellow humans, mainly on a subconscious level. A sane reception of money sometimes has to be prepared for years, otherwise the recipients are overloaded with hate and envy still at this time and rather turn insane instead of profiting from it. Of course money works flawlessly for the higher traitor humans of the cabal and without many of these energetical problems by design. That of course creates the impression that big amounts of money do not change anything but your degree of freedom and that such energetical dynamics would be nonsense. This impression is of course also what the cabal wants to achieve as it lets the lack of money look even more depressing for those who did not become one of their traitors.


Toys and tools


On Earth, nearly nothing is what it seems to be. Promoted important things are most times not even connected to the important things for the cabal. For example it is important for the cabal is to sabotage their key-opponents while not making them look like sabotaged opponents. This happens daily in this way towards targeted individuals on the surface, they oftentimes get heavily sabotaged without anyone (including themselves) ever noticing.


This sabotage is mainly carried out by the 'toys and tools' of the cabal.


Toys are of course those humans the cabal can manipulate without any conscious recognition of manipulation - these people do not realise that they speak and act according to the will of the cabal.


Tools are those who joined the cabal and do work for them in terms of sabotage knowingly.


The main strategy here is to subtly discredit any key persons and sources of truth.


Practically this oftentimes looks approximately like this:


  • They ignore any postings of truth or of key persons - if that works, everything is fine for the cabal (this also applies to any other output of these key-persons of course)
  • 他们忽略任何真相或关键人物的帖子——如果这样做有效的话,对阴谋集团来说一切都很好(这当然也适用于这些关键人物的任何其他输出)
  • If those postings achieve any credit through popularity and or especially positive comments, toys and tools will gather to discredit the post until the credit is gone.
  • 如果这些帖子通过受欢迎或特别是积极的评论获得任何信誉,玩具和工具将聚集起来诋毁帖子,直到信誉消失。
  • The discrediting takes place in really smart ways as especially the toys are expressing their real doubts about that truth. They will therefore have smart, rational and easily understandable arguments to destroy the sources of truth (which might be posts of the Portalor even the Unveiling). This also happens especially by questioning the authority of key persons or trying to move the real authority to someone or something else, oftentimes getting personal.
  • 这种诋毁发生在真正聪明的方式,尤其是玩具表达他们对真相的真正怀疑。因此,他们将有聪明,理性和容易理解的论点,以摧毁真相的来源(这可能是门户网站的帖子,甚至揭幕)。这种情况尤其发生在质疑关键人物的权威或试图将真正的权威转移给某人或某事时,通常是针对个人的。
  • Toys and tools will usually not stop until the creditors of the post are being quietened, they will like to keep the last word
  • 玩具和工具通常不会停止,直到债权人的职位是安静的,他们会喜欢保持最后的话
  • On complex situations like for example the whole comments-section of the Portal-blog, the toys and tools are usually very cultivated and behaved and spread very subtle discrediting (like i.e. bringing up med-beds before the Event over and over or posting other info which is not at all resonating with the info of Cobra) - in these cases they are rather trying to water out the truth
  • 在一些复杂的情况下,比如整个博客的评论部分,玩具和工具通常都是非常有教养和表现的,并且传播非常微妙的信誉(比如,在事件发生之前一遍又一遍地提到医疗床,或者发布其他与柯博拉的信息完全不相符的信息)——在这些情况下,他们宁愿试图淡化事实
  • All such behaviour of toys and tools serve the cabal in overtaking the sources of truth, as they, to some degree, 'own' the postings of such after their negative, discrediting comments (at least energetically)
  • 所有这些玩具和工具的行为都起到了超越真相来源的阴谋集团,因为它们在某种程度上“拥有”这些消极的、可疑的评论之后的帖子(至少是积极的)

For the cabal, human toys have almost the same value as human tools. Both kinds of human 'heights' will sabotage the Lightforces, ascendants and Liberation to the same, almost indistinguishable extent.


This is also the reason why some humans will have to be evacuated to the healing planets, simply as they are not able to reach their own evolution and rise beyond toy or tool status - some are even unwilling to rise above toy status.


In the current phase of liberation, support from the Lightforces is therefore heavily selective. This stems from the fact that the ascendants need heavy support while the toys and tools rather have to be gotten rid of any support. Especially the tools, working knowingly for the cabal, have to lose everything good fast. The toys have to be given some instructions and warnings about their unconcious and maleficient behaviour and will be treated like tools if they then are unwilling to change and eventually turn to the Lightforces in a certain time.


The only ones who will really receive support in this phase are the ascendants who evolved beyond these two statuses - and rightfully so. The toys cannot be trusted with anything as they waste every bigger support given in favour of the cabal as soon as the cabal begins to play with them.


The tools cannot be trusted anyway and are basically just waiting to be transported off Earth for their extremely sociopathic transgressions.


This status of completely devalued humans in contrast to the worthy and evolved ascendants will probably continue approximately this way till the Event, just that the contrast will even get more extreme the further the actual influence of the Lightforces develops on Earth.

这种完全被贬低的人类与有价值的、进化了的飞升者形成鲜明对比的状态可能会一直持续到 "事件 "发生,只是这种对比会随着光明势力在地球上的实际影响的进一步发展而变得更加极端。

It should be clear by now that both, toys and tools bring forth only the will of the cabal.


That of course needs to change drastically for everyone interested in liberation. The toys will be given chances for evolution and ascension, which is basically the work of many Lightworkers and blogs like the Portal, bringing clarification.


In the end (compression breakthrough at the latest), the remaining toys will leave to the healing planets in the Pleiades and the tools will of course leave to the prison planets or to the Central Sun, according to the damage caused.

最终(压缩突破最晚) ,剩余的玩具将留给昴宿星的治疗行星,而根据造成的损害,工具当然将留给监狱行星或中央太阳。

It should be clear that a big front of the war of the cabal is taking place i.e. also in the comments section of the Portal-blog (or any sources of real truth) for example. Therefore you can be sure that chimera-greats like the Lurker (EDIT: in the meaning of the Lurker having been one of their best weapons, he was of course not really part of the chimera group) are actually exerting their manipulation there as well although few commenters will believe that. The less people consciously realise such manipulation, the better the cabal tactics work. Just as Cobra told, Lightworkers should stay 'kind and loving' - it should be clear that no true Lightworker will become a toy or hater at all - yet many in that comments-section or in the Facebook group still will.

很明显,阴谋集团战争的一个重要前线正在发生,例如在门户网站博客的评论区(或任何真实事实的来源)。因此,你可以肯定,像潜行者这样的奇美拉大师(编辑: 在他们最好的武器之一的意义上,潜行者,他当然不是真正的奇美拉群体的一部分)实际上也在施加他们的操纵,尽管很少有评论者会相信这一点。人们越少有意识地意识到这种操纵,阴谋集团策略的效果就越好。正如 Cobra 所说,“光之工作者”应该保持“善良和充满爱心”——很明显,没有一个真正的“光之工作者”会变成一个玩具或者仇恨者——然而在评论区或者 Facebook 小组中的许多人仍然会变成玩具或者仇恨者。

It should be clear that people and especially Lightworkers who fall for hating will be declassified as toys or tools and can not be taken serious anymore by many spiritual factions witnessing that, including the Lightforces.


By the way, you can easily see a proof of this behaviour by just posting certain truths, blogposts or parts of them somewhere or hype them. Those postings will be either completely ignored or toys and tools will show up for discrediting if appreciation rises above a certain level.


The terms toy and tool were also used similarly and pretty widespread in emerging HipHop of the 90s by the way. However usage has mysteriously dropped since approximately 1996 since the terms were loosely related to the bespoke chimera and cabal tactics. Today you rarely find any info and especially truthful explanations for the terms on the internet.

“玩具”和“工具”这两个词在90年代兴起的 HipHop 中也被广泛使用。然而,自从大约1996年以来,这些术语的使用率神秘地下降了,因为它们与定制的幻想和阴谋集团策略有着松散的联系。如今,你很少能在网上找到任何关于这些术语的信息,尤其是真实的解释。

Inner Earth fulfillment


Inner Earth is full of sexual pleasure, most humans went there to live free from the invading parasites in many paradise-like areas of the inner Earth. Problem with that kind of god-like pleasure, especially for the exalted people is, that the cabal constantly steals their DNA, esp. via sperm and reproductive juices resulting from these sexual pleasures. While these inner Earth inhabitants are kept in the illusion that they are safe, the cabal uses their 'exalted' DNA to incarnate their own hostage-babies on the surface. These babies of the exalted inner Earth greats then go through the most miserable lifes on the surface, are usually tortured and tricked all their life. That in turn creates a heavily negative drag upon those exalted greats in the inner Earth - their offspring is then used as a weapon against them. While the cabal knows exactly what they do, the people having pleasure in the inner Earth were completely unaware of their upcoming doom which these energetic dynamics certainly lead to. Although they did not know about their unofficial offspring, they are nevertheless highly responsible for the well being of such offspring. A responsibility they cannot surmount no matter what they do, therefore, their psychological and spiritual decay is oftentimes preprogrammed. Let alone those children who are born into families which are not really their relatives which then obviously creates many unseen tensions, part of their torture - a torture both the inner Earth greats and their offspring on the surface share.

地心世界充满了性快感,大多数人类来到这里是为了在地心世界的许多类似天堂的地方摆脱寄生虫的入侵。这种上帝般的快乐存在的问题,特别是对于那些高贵的人来说,就是阴谋集团不断地窃取他们的 DNA,尤其是。通过精子和生殖液体从这些性快感中产生。虽然这些地球内部的居民一直以为他们是安全的,但是阴谋集团使用他们“高贵的”DNA 在地表上化身为他们自己的人质婴儿。这些崇高的地球内部伟大的婴儿,然后经历最悲惨的生活在地表,通常是折磨和欺骗他们的一生。这反过来又对地心世界那些高高在上的伟人造成了严重的负面拖累——他们的后代随后被用作对付他们的武器。虽然阴谋集团知道自己在做什么,但在地心享受快乐的人们完全没有意识到他们即将到来的厄运,这些能量动力学肯定会导致厄运。虽然他们不知道他们的非正式后代,但他们对这些后代的健康负有高度责任。无论他们做什么都无法克服的责任,因此,他们的心理和精神衰退往往是预先设定好的。更不用说那些出生在非亲非故家庭的孩子,这显然造成了许多看不见的紧张关系,这是他们的折磨的一部分——地球内部和他们在地表上的后代都有这种折磨。

This is also the answer why there are sometimes highly intelligent children emerging in completely dysfunctional families - going through the worst fates there. It should be obvious that especially the higher ascendants were oftentimes suffering that fate, never knowing why they do not fit in. For many it was and still is their hidden, exalted ancestry which made this painful difference.


Questions by readers


How will the LF treat humans in a fair way positive or negative?

LF 将如何以公平的方式积极或消极地对待人类?

There is an absolute ‚account balance‘ for every lifeform in the universe. This is either positive or negative. It is the sum of everything positive and negative a lifeform has done from an absolute viewpoint. Although a similar concept, it is not really related to Karma of some religions on Earth. The highest among the Lightforces have access to this information and can see the absolute balance. And while humans like to discuss about their real positivity, there will be no discussion exactly because of that absolute and easy to verify balance.


Therefore you can be absolutely sure that at the end of this cycle, everyone on the Earth will get exactly what he deserves.


There is no error in the absolute view of the highest Lightforces and there certainly will be no discussion about the real positivity of any human at all.



Why are the LF afraid of interaction with humans?

为什么 LF 害怕与人类互动?

Basically because of the cultivation and programming humans received. Humans oftentimes think that a higher being would need to behave in a certain way but that is only part of their programming. Problem the Lightforces have is that humans are completely unaware of this programming, they would for example see several aliens as very dumb while they are in fact very intelligent. That is part of their programming, they will only credit behaviour they have been taught to be intelligent, not necessarily true intelligence here. The human programming goes back to the very start of the human species so it is very difficult to dismantle at this time, which in turn causes many problems for true interactions between the Lightforces and humans - humans will simply not see their behavioural problems at all and will therefore easily be upset with such interactions.


Secondly the Lightforces are much higher than most humans, a difference in size and intensity, humans cannot yet really cope with. Most humans could not stand such an experience yet and would risk to become upset or mad again. So apart from heavy misunderstandings about fundamental concepts, the Lightforces would have to be very careful. Otherwise humans would realise all of their own problems almost instantly, which is too much for most to handle.


Thirdly, the humans have to be evolved above toy and tool status to be taken serious for a communication, otherwise the Lightforces would just speak to the cabal via that human.


Why isn't there a big meditation to remove the anomaly?


While meditations are highly efficient, especially in the human socio-sphere, they fall short in removing the heavier parts of the anomaly. The anomaly is something so enormous that the bigger Lightforces are the only ones who can really dissolve it - there is no shortcut and as the whole scenario is a hostage situation, humans are usually not truly capable to solve the bigger problems here - no matter how many unite.


Why doesn't the source pass the instructions to the forces of light to remove the anomaly?


Source are even present on Earth, as part of the Liberation, to help removing the anomaly themselves. Though the anomaly is a rather cosmic defect which even takes time for Source themselves to dissolve. It is nothing that can be removed right away without destroying the structure of the universe itself.


Imagine it like this: the universe is a huge lifeform. The anomaly is a sickness that befalls some parts of this lifeform. Removing it without harming the main lifeform, which the universe is, is time intensive - it has to be removed without any damage for the structure the universe has developed. It is like replacing the intestines of a baby completely without harming the baby or causing any discomfort at all. So this is rather a transmutation of all the befallen parts back to the light, cosmically, all at once - replacing the parts the anomaly has caused by a similar, purely light-based structure.

想象一下: 宇宙是一个巨大的生命形式。这种异常现象会降临到这种生命的某些部分。在不损害主要生命形式(宇宙)的情况下移除它需要耗费大量时间——必须在不损害宇宙已经形成的结构的情况下移除它。这就像完全替换婴儿的肠子而不伤害婴儿或造成任何不适。所以这是所有堕落部分回归光的蜕变,从宇宙的角度来说,所有这些都是同时发生的——取代了异常现象所造成的部分,而这些部分是由一个类似的,纯粹的光基结构造成的。

What can a regular surface person do to become aware of who their soulmate is upon meeting them?


The topic of love and soulmates is full of misconceptions planted by the cabal. Firstoff, most soulmates will not be in your environment or circle of friends at all. They will come to you in a spiritual way once you are evolved enough and you will know that it is a real soul-connection, once it happens. Most humans search for their soulmates in their close human interactions or social environment but it will not be that way at all. Some even think that certain persons in their social environment would be their soulmate. Most times this is just simple love, extrapolated and used by the cabal to trick people into thinking it was their soulmate. It will be highly spiritual contacts at first, later followed by real manifestation in your personal life once the risks are being removed in your close surroundings. Nearly all the love normal humans think of has nothing to do with a real soulmate relationship. It will be much more intense and fulfilling than anything you thought of love before. You will first know in the spiritual, once you get acquainted with your soulmate.


What can we do to fight the parasitic swarms?


General measures promoted by spiritual communities oftentimes help. May that be violet flame, burning sage, singing bowls, etc. - many such things will help to a degree or at least, and that is even more important, it will help you getting discovered by positive spiritual forces and factions.


Most important is that you keep your efforts of freeing yourself very high. The positive spiritual people will notice and proportional to your efforts, the potential to be freed easier rises, which makes your personal liberation much more easy for the helpers and therefore makes real help more probable.


The best way you could choose is to spend most of your free time to find your way back to your true roots, to the descendants of the Prime Creator himself - a way the cabal hides from humanity with countless distractions. That is the only way that really is desirable right now and it heavily helps all of Liberation on Earth in general. Needless to mention, you need to balance your job and chores with that kind of spirituality. Impulsive moves of quitting your job or big parts of your current life are still very dangerous - rather find a balance between social and spiritual life at this time.


Uplifting yourself will help others to do the same and helping yourself will make you visible for those spiritual forces who can actually help you with the things you cannot yet achieve yourself.


It has to become visible what you truly want - do you want to participate in a fake society with fake goals set up by the cabal? Or do you want to become free and achieve endless pleasures you could not even imagine yet?


These positive, spiritual people will see and will determine if you are worthy to receive (energetically)  enormously expensive technology to be freed. You can think of it like that: there are only a few doctors on Earth who can help you in this phase and their time is therefore immensively costly. They will help those humans who look most promising of course because the success of their efforts and investments (of time and energy) is more probable then. Meant here are mainly the positive spiritual forces of Earth who were already here and are capable of helping even before the breakthrough of the Lightforces.

这些正面的、精神上的人们将看到并将决定你是否值得(精力充沛地)接受极其昂贵的技术来获得自由。你可以这样想: 地球上只有少数几个医生可以在这个阶段帮助你,因此他们的时间是非常昂贵的。他们将帮助那些看起来最有希望的人,因为他们的努力和投资(时间和精力)更有可能成功。这里的意思主要是地球的正面精神力量,他们已经在这里,甚至在光明势力突破之前就能够帮助。

But these tendencies also apply to some of the more specific help of the Lightforces at this time of course. Their influence is rising, but serious help for humans is still expensive energetically in this phase and will be given to the most promising ones as well therefore.


How to make love-relationships last?


The manipulation upon love-relationships is among the most cruel things the chimera established on this planet. For example, even each time your partner leaves your vision or closeness, the cabal works on you and him/her to get you separated. Although nowadays no human is capable to do so, if you wanted to really make love last, you could never leave your partner alone even for a few minutes. This is of course what no normal partner would accept or even understand. If the cabal really want to separate you, they will usually do so when you are out of reach and that will even work with bigger souls. At least the probability for a separation rises fast without constant closeness. And humanity is bound by their system to constantly leave their partners (for work, chores, friends, etc. ). During such distance, the cabal constantly removes the good parts of your partner (spirit parts and other ingredients) and puts their own parts into your partner. That results at least in the relationship getting worse all the time, if it does not lead to a split up at some stage. As it is common nowadays, many relationships rather wane in intensity instead of intensifying constantly. That is why most love relationships, especially the really high loves do not really work out today. The cabal wants their own toys and tools next to the bigger souls and definitely not soulmates close to each other. And they work on that day in and day out. Todays lifestyle sabotages true love by design. In this area of life, the truth is much more cruel than even experts on Earth regarding the contamination are currently aware of yet.


Victory of the Light!



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