X22报告|第3161集: 美联储和财政部,特朗普呼吁修正案第25条

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X22报告|第3161集: 美联储和财政部,特朗普呼吁修正案第25条

Ep. 3161a – All Eyes Are On Biden, Fed & Treasury, There Will Be No Escape


Ep. 3161b – Trump Calls For The 25th Amendment, Let The Unsealing Begin, Military Civilian Alliance


X22 Report
Streamed on: Sep 12, 6:00 pm EDT

流媒体报道: 9月12日,美国东部时间下午6:00


The [CB]/[DS] is getting caught up in their narrative, they are trying to explain what is happening with the economy but the people are not buying it. The inflation is getting so bad, that the fake news is telling you to substitute certain foods. The country is being forced away from the [CBDC]. All eyes on Biden, Fed and Treasury.

[CB]/[DS] 正陷入他们的叙述中,他们试图解释经济正在发生什么,但人们并不买账。通货膨胀越来越严重,假新闻告诉你用某些食物来代替。这个国家正在被迫退出[ CBDC ]。所有人都在关注拜登,美联储和财政部。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Sep 12, 6:30 pm EDT

流媒体报道: 9月12日,美国东部时间下午6:30


The patriots are in complete and utter control, Trump and the military are calling the shots. This is a mission that has never been tried before, a military and civilian alliance. Trump sends message that the Republicans should use the 25th amendment on Biden, the D’s will try to beat them to it. The election fraud case will allow Trump to present classified evidence, let the unsealing begin. 



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