Sorry for the delayed updates, but it's very busy at the moment. The Light Forces are currently dealing with insectoid races within the Grid, which have also exploited Earth, along with the Arachnoids. These races are structured into queens and drones and see humanity as their hive of worker bees supplying them with "honey" (energy, money on the physical plane, etc.).


Some of these insectoids still enter the planets' higher planes via portals, which leads to fierce battles with the Light Forces, in which, unfortunately, exotic weapons are being used by the negative side, causing several detonations inside the ethereal planes in the past days.



This may also be one of the reasons why there are so many weather and natural catastrophes currently, but they are also connected to the rising energies as well as physical attacks by the surface Cabal, but I will come to that shortly.


The Black Nobility, fake royal lines or satanic bloodlines, you name it, will now also slowly get more and more into the line of fire, as some certain positive forces on the surface have enough from their show. And since some of these lunatic Cabal families just won't stop but rather drag everything down, they have sealed their own fate, and this will end with their physical death and ethereal restructuring.


A few of the current worldwide fires were also deliberately ignited by the Cabal. From a physical point of view, this is about climate change panic, land expropriation, stealing donations, but from a higher point of view, it is more about the suppression of Goddess Energy, as many of these fires have occurred in places with strong Goddess vortices, see Rhodes and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea or currently Tenerife in the Atlantic and especially Hawaii's Maui in the Pacific (the Cabal used the timeframe around the Lions Gate Portal to set the fires there).


The people cannot expect much help from the current governments, as they prefer to continue pumping money into Ukraine instead, which only ends up in the pockets of the Cabal too. But at least as far as Ukraine is concerned, there is great hope that negotiations could take place in autumn. On the other hand, unfortunately, it looks like there will be a military escalation in the situation around Niger, as various Cabal factions are also butting heads here, whereby some may be more inclined towards the Light than others, but nevertheless, attention may have to be paid to this region as well.


So much for the situation, I have a few reader questions attached here. The questioners will remain anonymous, especially those who have written emails, but I will answer publicly, as much of the information could be helpful for all readers.


I plan to make light pillars at the underground cloning facilities where the remaining Staarseeds are held captive to free the remaining Staarseeds. Can you tell me where these remaining cloning facilities are?


The safest way would be to ask the Light Forces in a meditation to show you the locations or to give you a feeling. But otherwise you have such underground facilities under almost every major city on the surface.


I want to leave this hellish life under all circumstances now as I have no help. I'm all alone and no one to talk and explain my situation. All my faith in Light forces has gone now and I can’t tolerate this severe suffering anymore. I wish I have someone to talk about this.


I can understand that, many Starseeds on the surface feel exactly the same. I'm sure many readers here do too, maybe you can connect via the comments and help each other. It is also intended by the Light Forces that you support each other, as one is stronger in a group. You were deliberately separated from other Starseeds by the Dark Ones when you incarnated. But in today's digital age, you can at least connect online and then eventually come together physically.


I would ask for support, help such as will flow in Truth from the Heart from the Source of All-encompassing Love. I also have an inquiry about Marcin Kostrzewa, you know this being?

我会寻求支持,帮助,比如来自包罗万象的爱之源的来自心灵的真理。我也有一个关于 Marcin Kostrzewa 的询问,你知道这是什么吗?

You can always ask the Light Forces or your Soul/the Source for guidance and support during a meditation, or also connect with like-minded people as mentioned above. Unfortunately, I do not know Marcin Kostrzewa.

你可以在冥想期间向光明势力或者你的灵魂/本源寻求指导和支持,或者也可以像上面提到的那样与志趣相投的人联系。不幸的是,我不认识 Marcin Kostrzewa。

Dear FM144 what exactly does it mean? "during the coming power shift from West to East" Would it be in reference to China, does the Cabal intend to place China as a world power from now on?

亲爱的 FM144到底是什么意思?“在即将到来的从西方到东方的权力转移中”是指中国,阴谋集团是否打算从现在开始把中国作为一个世界强国?



I would like to kindly request in the next update or "Q&A" some kind of detailing on manifestation techniques, use of the full moon or new moon, the golden help packages of the galactic confederation, among others if possible. Is it possible to also use these planets in a certain way to manifest certain things? Can we use Jupyter for luck in the process of manifesting something? Could you describe certain positive characteristics of other planets?


Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail about everything, it would go beyond the scope, and there are also some good techniques to be found on the internet. Maybe I can write something about these topics in a future post when there is time, but I can't guarantee it.


Are there other places where energetic disturbances cause problems on the etheric plane, like nuclear power plants?


Yes, television towers, for example. I've already written a blog entry about that.


Are there also places in Europe where dark magic was used?


The question would have to be more specific, as dark magic is used almost everywhere.


The first thing I want to know is that in order to permanently connect to the consciousness of the pleidians, just saying the command 1221 is enough, or does that person have to have a special implant?


You don't have to have a special implant for this, but rather certain negative implants of the Dark Ones should be removed in order to have even better contact.


I received an implant at a young age. Does this implant prevent the positive impact of order 1221 and my connection with the pleidians?


It certainly doesn't help the connection. You should at least have it energetically removed. You can ask the Pleiadians to do this during a meditation.


Since I received this implant, my life has completely changed. I can say that I became very isolated. I have a very special interest in topics such as: astral projection and extraterrestrials and....  I found and even saw strange dreams like boarding spaceships or even fighting in special military uniforms in my dreams. My question is, how can I get rid of this implant??  My next question is, am I a star seed? If the answer is yes, how can I know what my duty is in this earthly world?

自从我接受了这个植入物,我的生活完全改变了。我可以说我变得非常孤立。我对一些话题有特殊的兴趣,比如: 魂投射、外星人和... ..。我发现甚至看到了奇怪的梦,比如登上宇宙飞船,甚至在梦里穿着特殊的军装打仗。我的问题是,我怎样才能摆脱这个植入物? ?我的下一个问题是,我是一颗星种吗?如果答案是肯定的,我怎么知道我在这个尘世的职责是什么?

I would say, yes, you are a Starseed, and these kind of dreams are not uncommon. I would have all implants energetically removed by the Pleiadians as mentioned above. Maybe then your task will become clearer again by itself. You can also ask the Light Force to show you your task.


Dear FM, but what if that souls resigned the volunteer's contract?

亲爱的 FM,但是如果那些灵魂放弃了志愿者的合同呢?

Will a supposed galactic court sue them for desertion?




Which is the proper time to resign so a contract without consequences?


Maybe when their soul is full scale fragmented, or how?


I think it should be done when you have been released from the Grid and you have all the Soul parts together. After all, you don't leave the army while you are still wounded behind enemy lines on the battlefield.


There were also a few questions regarding the removal of negative energy and possessions from oneself. I recommend cleansing oneself with a Pillar of Light until the negative energy/being is pulled out, even if this takes several minutes (15 - 30 minutes, or even an hour). Or salt foot baths (with sea salt). Dip your feed in and imagine that the water and the salt pulls everything negative out of you ... last up to 5 to 10 minutes, do it daily. It's very effective because negative energies/beings get sucked into the water, but remember to flush the water down the toilet afterward. And don't forget energetic protection.

还有一些关于消除自身负面能量和财产的问题。我建议用光柱来净化自己,直到负能量/存在被拉出,即使这需要几分钟(15-30分钟,甚至一个小时)。或盐足浴(用海盐)。把你的饲料放进去,观想一下,水和盐会把所有负面的东西从你身体里拉出来... ... 持续5到10分钟,每天都要这样做。这是非常有效的,因为负面的能量/生命会被吸入水中,但是要记得事后把水冲下马桶。别忘了能量保护。


Thanks so far for the questions in the comments or emails. Also for the feedback and thank you notes. I apologize for not being able to reply to most of the emails, time constraints prevent me from doing so. But I tried to answer some of them here on the blog.


Thanks for reading.



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