X22报道|第2983集: 拜登上钩,世界需要和平使者

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X22报道|第2983集: 拜登上钩,世界需要和平使者

Ep. 2983a – Biden Takes The Bait & Says He Will Veto Everything That Is Sent To Him


Ep. 2983b – Trump Sets A Trap For Biden, The World Wants The Peace Maker, Soros On Deck




Europe is following the GND, this will end in the disaster and the people will rise up in the end. Biden is trying to convince the people that we are recovering and will veto any economic bill that house passes. This will end in disaster for him. Countries are now moving away from the Federal Reserve note.

欧洲正在追随 GND,这将以灾难而告终,人民最终将奋起反抗。拜登正试图说服人民,我们正在复苏,并将否决众议院通过的任何经济法案。这会给他带来灾难性的后果。各国目前正在放弃美联储(Fed)的货币政策。


The [DS] is panicking, they are now ready to push everything they have to coverup their crimes. Twitter files have been released and it shows the infiltration and how they tried to control the narrative via fake news and fake organizations. It is all now be exposed and the Russia collusion in the elections never happened, it was all made up, the Russian’s never interfered in the elections it was the [DS]. The world is now seeing Trump as a peace maker and the more the [DS] pushes for war, the more it is going to backfire on them. Trump mentions Soros when talked about antifa, is he making the connection?



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