X22报道|第2807集: 各国正在远离CBDC,我们将闪耀光芒

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X22报道|第2807集: 各国正在远离CBDC,我们将闪耀光芒

Ep. 2807a – States Are Making A Move Away From The [CBDC], In The End The [CB] Will Fail

Ep. 2807a – 国家正在远离[ CBDC ] ,最终[ CB ]将会失败

Ep. 2807b – We Will Declas, We Will Shine the Light, There Is Nowhere To Hide

Ep. 2807b – 我们将宣誓,我们将照亮,我们无处可藏

X22 报告发表于2022年6月23日


The people are worried about the economy, fuel and inflation are the top things they are worried about, they see that [JB]/[CB] caused the problems for their agenda. Companies are beginning to layoff. States make a move to legalize Bitcoin.

人们担心经济,燃料和通货膨胀是他们最担心的事情,他们看到[ JB ]/[ CB ]造成了他们议程上的问题。公司开始裁员。各州采取行动使比特币合法化。


The [DS] has lost the narrative which means they lost the control of the people. Trump and the patriots are preparing to release declassified information. They will shine the light on the darkness and show the people the truth. The [DS] cannot hide from this. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor the 2nd Amendment the [DS] plan is falling apart and the people can now see the tyrants very clearly. The truth and facts are going to bring their propaganda system down.



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