阴谋集团的垮台|Rinus Verhagen

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矩阵的程序已经和 QFS 一起重新编程把我们从邪恶的深州矩阵中解放出来。

Operation Disclosure|By Rinus Verhagen,Contributing Writer


Matrix programmed visualization of a false illusion by black magic if you don't see how it is created.


What you get to see:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veTWyKcyNp4


How it works:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzWPNL3Lck


An aircraft made of aluminum will never be able to fly through a steel profile of 35 x 70 centimeters and will end up undistorted on the other side of the WTC tower.


This is of course a projection of technology that we were not aware of.


Similarly,the Money system to which we gave a value based on deception,as if paper money or digital money had any value,this proposition is maintained by the lack of money for the masses.


People who are still watching TV are programmed daily to perceive the false reality.


From 1971 when Nixon abandoned the gold standard,no value has been entered into the system anymore,only Fiat money without any value,which inflation has made the money more worthless.


It was an illusion that we are now beginning to fathom.


The sick money system created by criminals on the basis of deceit is now at an end,and is being implemented by a planned RESET that had been in preparation for years.


At the World Economic Forum,through the ECB,the IMF and the World Bank,we are being prepared for this,it is a roadmap that is going through a written plan,which we are confronted with.


Whatever it is called,it will be rolled out by the same puppeteers.


What can we expect:


On November 3,2020,the elections are important for the whole world.


A mindless corrupt criminal Joe Biden with a son who can't be anything but his father's example.


The world wakes up and sees now who commits what injustice and betrayal against the interests of the people,through greed and selfinterest of the Globalist criminals.


Sheep Dolly:https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolly_(schaap)


What is carefully shown to the world is that copies can be made of genetic DNA material.

向世界仔细展示的是,基因 DNA 材料可以复制成副本。

This technique was already known and applied around 1950,however improbable it may sound.


What can be done with sheep is also possible with donkeys:


Whether physically or virtually projected,many will not see the difference,at most that the copy looks even more stupid than the already weak original.


This is probably the reason why Maxim Waters and Jerry Nadler are not Clones,because they are already intellectually at the bottom of the league.


Through the site of Want to Know you can get a clear insight into the research done by the editor of the site:

通过 Want to Know 网站,你可以对网站编辑所做的研究有一个清晰的了解:


This site mentions the facts,without wanting to spread hatred or antiSemitism,just told and documented the facts,where many congressmen with double passports turn out to have a double loyalty when we start to understand the rest of the story better.


The people who think they are elite have lost all humanity,and are in reality soulless psychopaths who are programmed to present a program to put and keep the world population in fear,so that one gives up one's birth right completely.


We are now in the middle of a storm of revelations,how the puppeteers have made their puppets carry out a plan.


You only see it when you realize it,this is never possible if you are gullible and naive,yes you will have to start thinking for yourself,who has kept us in the grip of artificial fear for years,so that we cannot come to ourselves?


Now it has become known through 3 Hard Disk,that Hunter Biden raped and abused minors in an inhumane way,all on film by the CCP led by Xi/Jin/ping to compromise US politics through Hunter and to bribe congressmen with the 4.5 Billion bribes,In order to turn the US into a Communist state,which is completely in line with the corrupt EU in order to push through the NWO and enslave the people,to that through false flag attacks peat people all over the world are murdered by order of the Satanic Rothschild family.

现在已经通过3个硬盘知道了,亨特·拜登以非人道的方式强奸和虐待未成年人,这些都在以习为首的CCP的影片中,通过亨特让美国政治妥协,并贿赂国会议员45亿美元的贿赂,为了把美国变成一个与腐败的欧盟完全一致的共产主义国家,为了推动 NWO,奴役人民,为了通过伪造的国旗攻击,全世界的泥炭人被杀害,是撒旦罗斯柴尔德家族的命令。


All the people who contributed to this have been compromised by paedophilia and are complicit in carrying out Genocide on behalf of the puppeteers.


Since it is heavily occult and Satanic,one will have to apply a universal rule in order to commit an attack,this must be announced in advance.


This is often done in numerology code,where many people have no insight in,such an attack is announced,it will be carried out if there is no action against it.



Here a document is discussed where a false flag attack against humanity is announced.


The magazine The Economist is owned by the Rothschild Family.


The page we are talking about appears to contain a numerology code of an attack before the elections of November 3rd.


The attack on Fukushima on March 11,2011 will be repeated in the Atlantic Ocean,with Bluebeam projecting a meteor to visualize a fake attack,which will create a tidal wave that should make Fukushima look like a children's party.


Just like in Fukushima the tidal wave will be carried out with A bombs,this attack can only be carried out as a blood sacrifice for the Satanists,according to universal protocol.

就像在福岛一样,海啸将会用 a 型炸弹来进行,根据通用协议,这次袭击只能作为撒旦教徒的血祭来进行。

The more people are conscious and express their aversion to this planned crime,the more the collective consciousness will prevent this attack.


Not sitting in fear,but through meditation and the proper frequency of your own reality,not participating in the false representation of the Satanic Horror Matrix.


It deserves a standing ovation how the patriots from all over the world have joined forces to win the battle of Good vs.Evil for us to free the world's population from satanic evil.


The program of the Matrix has been reprogrammed together with the QFS to free us from the Deep State Matrix of evil.

矩阵的程序已经和 QFS 一起重新编程把我们从邪恶的深州矩阵中解放出来。

Regardless of whether people have currency to exchange for a higher revalued value,anyone can claim a balance of€6,000,000 by cosigning a petition,which must have 100,000 applicants by November 6,2020.


Don't hesitate to enter your email address and confirm your claim.


In this way,Swissindo is helping to accelerate the eradication of poverty with the gold and legacy of Soekarno and Marcos of the Philippines,in cooperation with other funds that are ready for humanity.

通过这种方式,瑞士正在与其他愿意为人类服务的基金合作,利用菲律宾 Soekarno Marcos 的黄金和遗产,帮助加速消除贫穷。

阴谋集团的垮台|Rinus Verhagen

I Demand my $6m gold Payments, 1-11, for each of 7.6 billion people, under SWISSINDO, NESARA, GESARA International Laws

United States is violating all International laws, by trading illegally, outside Gold Mandate Laws of SWISSINDO, NESARA + GESARA, thereby causing Destruction, Impoverishment and Enslavement of Humanity, under US Corporate Dictatorships globally. Prosperity Payments 1 to 11 (P1-11) of Swissindo were made International law, with 30 day Action Mandate, on 14 June 2010, at the United Nations HQ in New York, USA, by its President, H.E.

The fall of the CCP,the UN and WHO will also fall into its trap,the FED and ECB have already fallen along with the corrupt EU.


The British are free of the EU without having to make a separation payment at the expense of the population.


The same goes for all member countries where corrupt governments have sold their own population to an unelected EU for their own personal gain.


We now see everything collapsing as the RESET will not take 5 years but a period of 3 months,the 90 days of the NDA to remain silent and not mix up the transition plans.


阴谋集团的垮台|Rinus Verhagen

The World in 2020 builds on more than three decades of publication success:this will be the 34th edition.It looks ahead to the U.S.presidential elections,a milestone year for China,the next phase of the Brexit saga,the Tokyo Olympics,the Dubai World Expo,technological excitement from flying cars to Mars robbers and a big year for Raphael and Beethoven,not to mention James Bond.A special addition,2020 Vision,will look at longerterm forecasts.The World in 2020 is the flagship product of The World Ahead,the forwardlooking franchise of The Economist,which also includes the supplement The World If scenarios,as well as movies,podcasts and live events.

2020年的世界是建立在30多年出版成功的基础上的:这将是第34版。它展望了美国总统大选、中国具有里程碑意义的一年、英国退欧传奇的下一阶段、东京奥运会、迪拜世博会、从飞行汽车到火星劫匪的科技兴奋,以及拉斐尔和贝多芬的重要一年,更不用说詹姆斯·邦德(James Bond)了。2020年展望是一个特别的补充,将着眼于更长期的预测。《2020年的世界》是《未来的世界》的旗舰产品,《经济学人》的前瞻性特许经营,其中还包括《如果世界》的增刊,以及电影、播客和现场活动。

The Satanists see for themselves that Donald J Trump is going to win on November 3,2020 due to the lack of an opponent with full brains.


The disclosures from the Ukraine,China and the players involved make that we now get a lot of insight and information about who did what for what purpose.


Xi/jin/ping has overplayed his hand,and with his betrayal CCP has taken away all credibility by acting as a puppeteer of the Rothschild family.


His personal corruption brings him down with the other top of the Communist Party,allowing China to consist again of 27 kingdoms and ruled by the Ancient nobility that made GESARA possible.

他个人的腐败使他和共产党的另一个高层一起下台,使得中国再次由27个王国组成,并由古代贵族统治,这使得 GESARA 成为可能。

A funny situation has now arisen in the US,because there is no opponent for Donald J Trump,because even mindless Joe will turn out to be a clone.

现在美国出现了一个有趣的情况,因为唐纳德•j•特朗普(Donald j.Trump)没有对手,因为即使是不动脑子的乔也会被证明是一个克隆人。

I now get the strong suspicion that very slowly a lot of protagonists in the background have quietly swapped and eliminated the announcement of silence before the storm by Trump and his Team.


The Hydra with its growing heads is silent and cunningly decapitated,the real battle of mercy is the RESET,which gives the world's population back their freedom without restrictions.


The dismantling of the Matrix took place in the background while there were distractions that made us look in a different direction by C19 and the Lock Down.

黑客帝国的瓦解是在幕后发生的当时还有一些分心的事情让我们看到了 C19和封锁的另一个方向。

At the moment we hear something about the revelations,the dismantling has already been in the background.


All Cabal governments around the world are now being cleaned up at a record pace,which is why many governments will not make it to Christmas.




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