X22报道|第2780集: 盖茨刚刚证实了这一切,达勒姆之路清晰可见

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现在[ DS ]有麻烦了,围墙正在包围[ HRC ] ,莫克宣誓后报告说[ HRC ]签署了阿尔法银行骗局,繁荣。[DS]的权力正在消失,爱国者们拥有了权力。

X22报道|第2780集: 盖茨刚刚证实了这一切,达勒姆之路清晰可见

Ep. 2780a – Gates Just Confirmed It All, Now The People Know The Economic Truth

Ep. 2780a –盖茨刚刚证实了这一切,现在人们知道了经济真相

Ep. 2780b – [HRC] Approved The Alpha Bank Hoax, Durham’s Path Is Clear, Buckle Up

Ep. 2780b-[HRC]批准阿尔法银行骗局,达勒姆的道路是清楚的,扣好安全带



Elon Musk calls out the scam green agenda. Gas is going through the roof and the Biden Administration is sending billions to Ukraine. 54 countries have now opened an account with Gazprom. Gates says the quiet part out-loud, CBDC yes, Bitcoin No.



The [DS] is now in trouble, the walls are closing in on [HRC], Mook who was under oath reported that [HRC] signed off on the Alpha Bank Hoax, Boom. The [DS] power is evaporating and the patriots have the power. They [DS] will now push as much as they can to get the people to do what they want. They are now going all out with fear and vaccines. The patriots have the leverage, the people are awake, this plan has failed before it even got started. 

现在[ DS ]有麻烦了,围墙正在包围[ HRC ] ,莫克宣誓后报告说[ HRC ]签署了阿尔法银行骗局,繁荣。[DS]的权力正在消失,爱国者们拥有了权力。他们(DS)现在将尽可能地推动人们去做他们想做的事情。他们现在带着恐惧和疫苗全力以赴。爱国者有筹码,人民已经觉醒,这个计划还没开始就已经失败了。


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