X22报道|第2760集: 央行计划被揭露和失败,深层国家玩家上钩

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X22报道|第2760集: 央行计划被揭露和失败,深层国家玩家上钩

Ep. 2760a – [CB]/[DS] Continually Show Their Hand, The [CB] Plan Exposed And Failed

Ep. 2760a-[ CB ]/[ DS ]不断显示他们的手,[ CB ]计划暴露和失败

Ep. 2760b – [HRC]/[DS] Players Took The Bait, Trap Set, All The Walls Are Falling Down

Ep. 2760b-[ HRC ]/[ DS ]玩家上钩了,陷阱设置好了,所有的墙都倒了

X22 报告发表于2022年4月26日


The [DS]/[CB] have showed the people their true intentions, they don’t care about inflation, fuel prices, they are doing everything to bring us into the Great Reset, the people see it and reject it. The people are realizing that the fiat currency is crashing and they need to protect what they have.

[ DS ]/[ CB ]已经向人们展示了他们的真实意图,他们不在乎通货膨胀、燃料价格,他们正在尽一切努力把我们带入大复位,人们看到了它,却拒绝了它。人们意识到法定货币正在崩溃,他们需要保护他们所拥有的。


The [DS]/[HRC] took the bait and fell right into the trap. There is no escape from this, all the walls are falling down. The [DS] is panicking after EM purchased twitter, the patriots have information weaponry which will be used to take down the [DS]. The [DS] censorship days are over, there is no place to hide.

[ DS ]/[ HRC ]上钩了,正好掉进了陷阱。这是无法逃避的,所有的墙都在倒塌。在 EM 收购了 twitter 之后,[ DS ]陷入了恐慌,爱国者拥有信息武器,这些武器将被用来摧毁[ DS ]。审查制度的时代已经结束,没有地方可以躲藏。


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