X22报道|第2749集: 好人让一切运转起来,知情的公众掌控一切

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X22报道|第2749集: 好人让一切运转起来,知情的公众掌控一切

Ep. 2749a – The Good Guys Have Set It All In Motion, The Economic System Will Return To The People


Ep. 2749b – An Informed [Awake] Public Holds All The Keys, Expand Your Thinking, Pain & Panic

Ep. 2749b-一个知情的[清醒的]公众掌握着所有的钥匙,扩展你的思维,疼痛和恐慌

X22 报告发表于2022年4月12日


Inflation accelerated to 8.5%, this is the highest in 40 years. People are feeling the pain, as this continues the people will want accountability. The Biden admin continue to blame Putin, but all evidence point to the Biden Admin. Inflation is a tax without representation. In the end the people will take back the system.

通货膨胀加速到8.5% ,这是40年来的最高水平。人们感受到了痛苦,随着这种情况的持续,人们将希望得到问责。拜登的管理层继续指责普京,但所有的证据都指向拜登的管理层。通货膨胀是一种没有代表性的税收。最终人民会收回这个制度。


The [DS] has been played. The patriots know the playbook and they are removing all [DS] assets and ammunition. The [DS] is feeling panic and pain. The public holds all the keys, they just forgot how to the play the game. Momentum is building and the [DS] knows they will not be able to stop it. There more good people helping to bring down the [DS] system than people realize. 



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