X22报道|第2652集: 特朗普传递信息,美联储曝光,11.3标记

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现在,[ DS ]陷入了恐慌。他们现在正在推动 j6抗议活动,以向所有人证明特朗普的支持者是暴力的,为什么,即将发生什么。大流行现在正在暴露,奥密克戎变异体正在燃烧疫情。

X22报道|第2652集: 特朗普传递信息,美联储曝光,11.3标记

Ep. 2652a – Trump Sends Message, Are You Seeing Inflation Like I Am, [CB] Exposed

Ep. 2652a-特朗普发出信息,你是否像我一样看到了通货膨胀,[ CB ] 曝光

Ep. 2652b – Message Received,11.3 Marker, In The Midst Of Chaos, There Is Opportunity, Down She Goes




[JB] is completely exposed, those people who thought he was going to get rid of their student debt, now see the truth. Psaki says CBO scorecard is fake, BB is a good plan. Producer prices hit 9.6%. Trump points out inflation. [JB] and the puppet masters are making other countries wealthy, it’s like it is planned. Debt limit is going to be raised. No matter which way the Fed moves they will be accountable.

[ JB ]完全暴露了,那些认为他会还清学生贷款的人,现在看到了真相。Psaki 说 CBO 的记分卡是假的,BB 是个好计划。生产者价格指数达到9.6% 。特朗普指出通货膨胀。[ JB ]和傀儡统治者们正在让其他国家变得富有,这就像是计划好的一样。债务上限将被提高。无论美联储采取何种行动,它们都将承担责任。


The [DS] is now panicking. They are now pushing the J6 protest to prove to everyone that the Trump supporters are violent, why, whats coming. The pandemic is now being exposed, the omicron variant is burning the covid pandemic out. More and more papers are released showing herd immunity is working. Scavino sends another message, 11.3 is a marker. Through all of this chaos there is opportunity, down goes the entire [DS] system, buckle up it’s going to get rough. 

现在,[ DS ]陷入了恐慌。他们现在正在推动 j6抗议活动,以向所有人证明特朗普的支持者是暴力的,为什么,即将发生什么。大流行现在正在暴露,奥密克戎变异体正在燃烧疫情。越来越多的论文发表表明群体免疫正在起作用。斯卡维诺发送了另一个消息,11.3是一个标记。通过所有这些混乱,就会有机会,整个(DS)系统都会垮掉,系好安全带,它会变得很艰难。


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