X22报道|第2647集: 全球主义没有未来,他们从未想过她会输

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[ DS ]现在正在努力维持整个叙事。叛国、腐败和反人类罪的证据现在已经出来了。特朗普已经准备好了,并且准备从[ DS ]手中夺走牛角号。

X22报道|第2647集: 全球主义没有未来,他们从未想过她会输

Ep. 2647a – Globalism Has No Future, Nationalism Is The Way Forward

Ep. 2647a – 全球主义没有未来,民族主义是前进之路

Ep. 2647b – They Never Thought She Was Going To Lose, Public Awakening = Game Over, Tick Tock

Ep. 2647b – 他们从没想过她会输,公众觉醒 = 游戏结束,滴答



The population is waking up, they are seeing the difference between globalism and nationalism. As the [CB] push forward with their agenda they are exposing globalism. Trump calls out the BB plan. McConnell is looking to make a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The economic playbook is known  

人们正在觉醒,他们看到了全球主义和民族主义的区别。随着(CB)推进他们的议程,他们正在揭露全球主义。特朗普呼吁 BB 计划。麦康奈尔正在寻求达成一项提高债务上限的协议。经济剧本众所周知


The [DS] is now struggling to maintain the entire narrative. The evidence of treason, corruption and crimes against humanity is now coming out. Trump is ready and prepared to take the bull horn away from the [DS]. [HRC] panics and reads or acceptance speech from the 2016 election. They never thought she would lose, she never thought she would lose and lose they did. Trump caught them all and with his new social media platform the people are going to see the truth without censorship, fake news interference, public awakening is game over for the [DS].

[ DS ]现在正在努力维持整个叙事。叛国、腐败和反人类罪的证据现在已经出来了。特朗普已经准备好了,并且准备从[ DS ]手中夺走牛角号。恐慌,阅读或接受2016年大选的演讲。他们从来没有想过她会输,她从来没有想过她会输,他们真的输了。特朗普抓住了他们所有人,通过他的新社交媒体平台,人们将在没有审查、假新闻干扰、公众觉醒的情况下看到真相。


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