X22报告|第2638集: 控制经济的破坏,这将是圣经中的

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DS 需要让新闻被其他的故事堵塞,所以他们使用 omicron 让世界忙碌,因为真相被呈现给人民。

X22报告|第2638集: 控制经济的破坏,这将是圣经中的

Ep. 2638a – Right On Cue, Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Pushed Forward

Ep. 2638a-恰到好处,对经济的有控制的破坏正在推进

Ep. 2638b – Scavino Message Received, They Have It All, It’s Going To Be Biblical




The people believe that the economy is bad and they are blaming it on the Ds, soon it will be the [CB]. The [CB] is now pushing their controlled demolition of the economy, they need a cover story of why the economic system is falling apart, enter omicron. This will fail.



The [DS] needs to keep the news clogged with other stories, so they are using omicron to keep the world busy as the truth is presented to the people. The [DS] is continuing with their great reset program to depopulate the world and now they are building narrative that people will need another booster. The people are waking up and this plan has failed before it even got started. We were warned that Covid19 was going to become Covid 21 and they are now pushing this. Scavino sends message, they have it all.

DS 需要让新闻被其他的故事堵塞,所以他们使用 omicron 让世界忙碌,因为真相被呈现给人民。[ DS ]正在继续他们大重置计划,以减少世界人口,现在他们正在建立叙事,人们将需要另一个助推器。人民正在觉醒,这个计划还没有开始就已经失败了。我们被警告 covid19将会成为 Covid 21,他们现在正在推动这个。斯加维诺发来消息,他们拥有一切。


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