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As the last few posts were about heavily bad conditions on Earth I will keep it to the progresses the Lightforces make this time-at least to the degree that can be laid open by now.


  Chances on Earth were verified as fake.


The cabal still tries to achieve the image of Earth being a planet that is working out well for its inhabitants.The cabal by now tried to lie to several instances of higher species judging the system and tried to convey that they created the best system for Earth they reasonably could.


 They also like to present humans all kinds of chances that do not really exist if humans really try(and they rarely even do).Humans like to say that everyone is responsible for his/her own happiness on Earth-which does work out for some but definitely not for those who are or were here for liberation.


By now the Starseeds and Lightworkers have verified that the cabal do not let anyone have anything,in case they are working for the liberation of Earth.Many people of higher spirituality probably guessed that anyway,but the deadlock for money is heavier than many imagined.Pretty much all higher helpers of the liberation are denied their will by now(and that is exactly what the cabal wants to achieve).Other people then will tell the usual arguments like they would just not be smart enough or had simply not worked enough for'popularity'and that it would be their own fault,etc.-which can be seen as additional torture.It is clear by now that nearly everything humans want and need is still'topped'by the cabal by design.In the end,it is usually the cabal saying yes or no-and they only grant anything if they can control the receiver.So in case of the lightworkers and Starseeds it always was a'no'as far as the cabal could recognize them.


While it was clear for many that what is presented to humanity is a foul image,it was important to actually prove that for the Galactic Federation and other species who come to Earth to judge and clear the contamination.The corruption is much worse than humanity thinks and will of course need to be corrected as one of the first steps.


Several advancements of getting the good stuff through to the Starseeds and lightworkers.


 As the first point was finally officially proven,ways to let the Starseeds do what they want to do on Earth are to be established.Actually it can be seen that those who still actively want to deny money to the Starseeds are part of the cabal by now.The Starseeds chose to come and incarnate here to liberate Earth,so they first and foremost need to be able to do exactly what they want(and in this case what they want is what they need to do).Same for the lightworkers,pretty much all those who work for liberation were heavily sabotaged and blocked in many ways.Lightforces are aware that this fact needs to change most fast to speed up liberation.Starseeds need to finally be able to start their real missions and for that many need to move freely on the Earth which is only possible with high amounts of money.Of course lack of money was always used to minimize the movement and freedom of the enemies of the cabal,so exactly the opposite needs to be established.The bad guys have to finally get experience lack of money and freedom and Starseeds and lightworkers have to get all supplies they need for liberation(starting top-down).That will be pretty much an inversion of the system that is established up to this point in time on Earth.


While some parts of the Lightforces wanted to replace the whole money system,it might get very unstable doing that right now without the Event happening previously.So current plans rather consider keeping the current money system for some time.Mainly to keep some stability for humanity,who is used to trade energy in that way.Additionally there were many new solutions brought up by several factions already,which would probably just create more loss in trust and stability for most humans.


Though it is alarming that up to now absolutely no monetary support for the Starseeds has been established,which lays open how much control the cabal created for all kinds of money flows.However in all previous liberations of quarantines there was a turning point.And from that point on,the main population usually and finally supported the people who really work for and liberate the planet(in this case Starseeds,Lightworkers,etc.)instead of supporting the parasites and cabal.So it is just a matter of time,even if all money flows are seemingly still managed by the cabal right now.


However this is one big topic where progress is made daily.


 Localization of chimera and top cabal.


The Lightforces are by now probing the inner Earth with special weapons,shooting precise rays which then cause reactions by the hiding cabal members.So every hiding place in the inner Earth is by now heavily analyzed for strange movements and reactions to certain types of rays.This probing leads inevitably to the left top-cabal exposing themselves and their hiding places.In turn that leads to fast transfers to the central sun and other fast retaliations taking place.


Investment in Liberation of Earth from Source.


There was an investment into the liberation of Earth pretty much by Source itself which was long reserved but unclear to be granted.While some higher species rather wanted to create a black hole of this system in case liberation shows no result until certain deadlines are reached,this was a clear signal by Source itself that liberation will work out(details are still pretty much classified to most).


Basically the whole energy influx on Earth is therefore now managed by those among the Lightforces who lead the liberation of Earth.The energy influx does not change much on the current situation yet but in the long run it is definitely the top Lightforces who decide what exactly is supported on Earth and what will be discontinued.And such decisions will actually be pretty direct and fast in the future opposed to the situation we have now.


That grant of energy also created some new options for the Lightforces like putting more energy into certain side processes which will help speeding up liberation in general as well as giving new options for healings and repairs.


 Also,as the future of Earth is certain now,it also makes more sense to actually discern who will be continued on Earth and who is seen as dysfunctional and will have to be taken to the healing planet(s)or worse.Examination of those who are not of service to the Lightforces is in process right now therefore and heavily connected to point 2.Therefore those who still oppose the biggest Starseeds are oftentimes seen as dysfunctional and those who are seen as responsible for such opposition will definitely have to leave.It should be clear that those who deny and boycott the solution and liberation itself-and the Starseeds incarnated for exactly that-are seen as those heavily under cabal influence or as cabal itself.It is usual in such parasitic contaminations that the liberation is opposed by the contaminated lifeforms for some time.Though this condition usually brightens up with higher energies rushing in.In this respect we will see certain thresholds being established in which further opposition towards Starseeds is a reason to transfer those still in opposition to the healing planet(s)when it is time.


    As said above,part of the process is still classified to gain most valid discernments of those opposing-for example it will be years until the identity of some Starseeds will be laid open officially for the main population.Mainly because if those cabal supporters knew that they will have to leave Earth for opposition they would be very fast in supporting the Starseeds-it should be obvious that many humans behave that way for many(in case of both,heavy judgements and big rewards).So classification of details is and will be needed for some time.


 For any continuation of a truly first time harmonic society on Earth however it is clear that cabal-supporters need to leave sooner or later anyway.


Big solutions stemming from the zenith of the Egyptian civilization


 The last true ascended gods left the Earth in the zenith of the Egyptian civilization,when there was still a jungle in Egypt instead of deserts.After those last valid ascensions,who were still able to freely leave the Earth to other systems,the veil was permanently closed by the cabal and all later ascensions were rather very elaborated fakes or even created for the cabal themselves.


    The whole case that happened back then was evaluated especially in regards of repairing the human DNA.The problem that happened back then heavily involves goddess Isis who was separated and had to flee from Earth back then.Many alien forces were involved in the downfall of that civilization and the main population still knew about aliens officially.The return of Isis is a certainty but the time she comes back is of course related to the clearance level of the contamination.It was evaluated that Isis and her female descendants who partly stayed on Earth suffered more than her partner and the male counterparts.So the whole event can be seen as one of the biggest,orchestrated destructions of Goddess energies that happened on Earth in'recent'times.A lot of what creates and is responsible for human femininity was lost in exactly that era and it was planned by the top-cabal in the long run.Therefore this was a long needed examination and the repairs enabled by it have to do with female energy and Goddess energy itself.In more detail true soulmate relationships were destroyed back then though many humans were given the illusion that they achieved soulmate union afterwards.Those fake unions of course created enormous imbalances for love-a well calculated move of the cabal that is still active and even more destructive nowadays.What comes back with the repair is exactly that(love,femininity and soulmate unions)and more.Humans cannot yet imagine what pleasures the higher Egyptians still experienced and after the incident many of those pleasures were replaced by unparalleled physical and psychological torture and a new level of cruelty in the division of people.Also many souls who are still suffering in what the Egyptians called the Duat(the Egyptian underworld)will be relieved.The ties to the money system also are part of the repair works(also connected to point 2 of this post)and are currently carried out by some of the highest Starseeds in unison with the Lightforces.Hints to the Egyptian ties with the money system and the Duat are most obviously found on the US-Dollar bill.

当时发生的整个事件,特别是在修复人类 DNA 方面,都得到了评估。当时发生的问题很大程度上与女神伊希斯有关,她当时被分开,不得不逃离地球。许多外星势力参与了这个文明的衰落,主要人口仍然知道外星人的官方信息。Isis 的回归是确定无疑的,但是她回来的时间当然与污染的清除程度有关。据评估,部分留在地球上的 Isis 和她的女性后代比她的伴侣和男性后代遭受更多的痛苦。因此,整个事件可以被看作是最近发生在地球上的最大的、精心策划的对女神能量的破坏。许多创造和负责人类女性气质的东西在那个时代就已经消失了,而且从长远来看,这是由高层阴谋集团策划的。因此,这是一个长期需要的检查和修复,它必须与女性能量和女神能量本身有关。更详细地说,真正的灵魂伴侣关系在当时被破坏了,尽管许多人被给予了他们后来实现了灵魂伴侣结合的错觉。这些虚假的结合当然造成了爱情的巨大不平衡——这是阴谋集团精心策划的一步,至今仍然活跃,甚至更具破坏性。随着修复而回来的正是这些(爱、女性气质和灵魂伴侣的结合)等等。人类还无法想象更高级的埃及人仍然经历着什么样的快乐事件之后,许多这样的快乐被无与伦比的肉体和心理折磨以及人类分裂中新的残酷程度所取代。许多仍在埃及人所谓的 Duat(埃及地下世界)中受苦的灵魂也将得到解脱。与货币系统的联系也是修复工作的一部分(也与本文第2点有关),目前由一些最高级别的星际种子与光之工作者协同进行。埃及与货币系统和Duat的联系最明显地体现在美元纸币上。

 Evacuations because of probable rise of dark forces from the inner Earth


Details are still classified but certain areas which are more prone to attacks of the dark forces from the inner Earth have been prepared for evacuation.If certain old beings from the inner Earth rise,there will be unparalleled,sinister happenings taking place there.Although the creatures are most evil,humans would actually be blinded by their‚light'by just seeing them.And those creatures are actually in fact constructed with divine light despite being most sinister in their character.This is also a sign of the cabal getting nervous,as they try to lead all their forces into battle.The rise of several such unknown species could still be prevented.If it takes place,it will definitely limited strictly to short distances to the outbreak area by the Lightforces.At this point of liberation there will be no media coverage despite very destructive events would be set in place if it comes to such an outbreak.


The potential for such a outbreak of inner Earth creatures was at least high enough to start evacuations on several spiritual heights-it will be left to spiritual preparations so far.One of the potential outbreak areas is where the Nazis wanted to establish the'occult center of the world'in Germany back in World War II.(Research for yourself where the Nazis wanted to build it if you want to know a more specific location.)Though there are of course several weak spots and bottlenecks from the evil areas of inner Earth to the surface,this is right now one with higher potential that might be used.




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