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X22 Report:Episode 2304b 22 Report:Episode 2304b

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All of the X22 Report's channels,along with over 30 other Conservative News Network channels have been scrubbed from the YouTube platform.SGT Report,Red Pill,Praying Medic,And We Know,and others were of those targeted.

所有的 X22报道频道,以及其他30多个保守党新闻网频道都已经从 YouTube 平台上删除。报告,红色药丸,祈祷医生,我们知道,和其他人是这些目标。

Many of those Conservative News Networks created back up channels which were scrubbed,as well.There was no warning,only a notification saying their channels violated terms of service.


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Town Hall Interview Clearly A Hit Piece 


Aggressor Savannah Guthrie made Trump look like the conqueror and herself,the villain.What NBC obviously didn't realize is by selecting her personality,her constant interruptions,her rude comments and finger pointing back at the president,allowed viewers to see an optic battle between villain and conqueror.The conqueror won.

侵略者萨凡纳·格思里让特朗普看起来像征服者,而她自己则像恶棍。显然 NBC 没有意识到的是,通过选择她的个性,她不断的打断,她粗鲁的评论和指责总统,让观众看到一个反派和征服者之间的视觉战斗。征服者赢了。

Guthrie bombarded POTUS with questions regarding white supremacy seemingly trying to trap Trump into giving the impression he is one.She pushed the Q Anon theory trying to align them with terrorism.He debunked both.

格思里用白人至上主义的问题轰炸了美国总统,似乎是想诱使特朗普给人留下他是白人至上主义者的印象。她推行 q Anon 理论,试图将其与恐怖主义联系起来。他揭穿了两者的真相。

In Biden's Town Hall interview,he was on ABC with Stephanopoulos.Interestingly,one of the'questioners,'Nathan Osburn was a former speech writer for the Obama White House.He worked for the office of the Public Affairs at the Commerce Dept.under the Obama/Biden administration.Osburn's profession was listed as'Communications'on the ABC Town Hall graphic.

在拜登接受市政厅采访时,他与斯特凡诺普洛斯一起在美国广播公司做节目。有趣的是,提问者之一内森·奥斯本曾是奥巴马政府的演讲稿撰写人。他在奥巴马/拜登政府的商务部公共事务办公室工作。奥斯本的职业在 ABC 市政厅的图片中被列为"通信"

The other'questioner'at Biden's Town Hall,is the wife of former Democrat Candidate,Ezra Nanes.So we can see,this was another set up.

Biden's Town Hall 的另一个提问者是前民主党候选人 Ezra Nanes 的妻子。所以我们可以看到,这是另一个圈套。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

John Gouldman posted an article on his personal website.Everyone ignored it except the Gateway Pundit.With permission,they told Gouldman's story.


His family is behind most of the fake liberal news we see on Facebook.We call it'click-bait.'He says,the president isn't lying when he says Fake News is the enemy of the people.He adds,it's true,the Democrats are in a partnership with the media.

他的家人是我们在 Facebook 上看到的大多数假自由新闻的幕后黑手。我们称之为"点击诱饵"他说,当总统说假新闻是人民的敌人时,他并没有撒谎。他补充说,这是事实,民主党与媒体是伙伴关系。

"For several years,I've been one of the biggest liberal ghost bloggers in the United States,even more important than that,my family has been behind most of the fake liberal news.You see on Facebook with my brother Daniel Gouldman,encourging our mother and father to invest in some of his media ventures.This isn't an all inclusive either but here's a portion of the list."John noted accounts like:

"几年来,我一直是美国最大的自由主义幽灵博客作者之一,更重要的是,我的家人一直是大多数假自由主义新闻的幕后黑手。你可以在 Facebook 上看到我和我的兄弟丹尼尔·古尔德曼,鼓励我们的父母投资他的一些媒体事业。这也不是一份包罗万象的清单,但这是其中的一部分。"约翰注意到这样的描述:

Addicting info,Anti-Trump Army,American's against the Republican Party,Washington Press,Fight Trump,Impeach Trump,etc.Many of these Facebook groups have over a million followers.Here is an article from the Seattle Times explaining how click-bait works.

吸毒信息,反特朗普军,美国人对共和党,华盛顿媒体,打特朗普,弹劾特朗普等。许多这样的 Facebook 群组拥有超过一百万的粉丝。这里有一篇来自《西雅图时报》的文章,解释了点击诱饵是如何工作的。

Ryan Clayton was the guy who threw Russian Flags at President Trump and Mitch McConnell.He also claimed he was assaulted by James O'Keefe from Project Veritas.'Bi-Partisan Report'is a venture John's brother has with Justin Brotman the son of recently deceased Costco's co-founder Jeff Brotman.

瑞安·克莱顿(Ryan Clayton)就是向特朗普总统和米奇·麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)扔俄罗斯国旗的人。他还声称自己被来自"真理计划"的詹姆斯·奥基夫袭击。"两党报告"是约翰的哥哥和贾斯汀·布罗特曼的合资企业,贾斯汀·布罗特曼是最近去世的好市多联合创始人杰夫·布罗特曼的儿子。

In 2016,John's brother paid for the official Net Roots under his LLC.Net Roots is the largest annual conference.Progressives top democratic politicians speak at their meet-ups every year.YouTube and many others are sponsoring Net Roots this year.

2016年,约翰的哥哥为他的有限责任公司支付了官方的净根费用。Net Roots 是最大的年度会议。进步派高级民主政治家每年都会在他们的会议上发言。和其他许多网站今年都在赞助 Net Roots

Nancy Pelosi is an investor into this type of thing.These have been created to put out fake information.It's all connected.With 6 corporations,who REALLY feeds the mainstream media their information?This is NOT investigative reporting,they are being fed information from scripts.


People are not wanting to wear masks anymore,some businesses are relaxing their mandates.Even though people still have the china virus,the numbers seem to be going down.Dr.Fauci is saying small gatherings are dangerous but large gatherings like protest,are fine.


The virus is very smart.It knows to only go to small gatherings.Thanksgiving is very dangerous and should be avoided.Are Americans really buying into this?Of course not.


Why are they trying to keep family members away from each other?We see this in hospitals,eldercare homes,governor mandates from Democratic states?Why all the fear?


The virus is real but the news around it is completely fake!In order to keep the fear going they had to show people dying.This is why they brought infected people into nursing homes.


If this virus is so deadly,why aren't we seeing homeless peole dying?If this virus was so dangerous,why does it usually take a test to determine if one has been infected?


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

The House Republicans are now asking the FBI if they had Hunter's laptop during Trump's impeachment.Why is this important?Think critically.


The Washington Times posted:Hunter Biden demanded a Chinese billionaire pay$10 million just for an introduction!Hunter and Joe are in trouble.Joes says he knew nothing but we believe everything will go to the top.If this was Eric Trump,everyone would be in prison!Such a farce!


When people tried to reply to this post on Twitter regarding Hunter Biden's corruption,Twitter put up a block which says,'Twitter is over capacity.Please wait a few moments and try again.'Twitter was stopping everyone from retweeting and it was noticed.

当人们试图在 Twitter 上回复这篇关于亨特·拜登腐败的帖子时,Twitter 设置了一个屏蔽区,上面写着:"Twitter 已经超负荷了。"。请稍等片刻,再试一次。"推特停止了所有人的转发,并且被注意到了。

Jack Dorsey said he would fix the problem.Are we to believe it was a glitch?Twitter will add a lable for context which means they will reduce the visibility of those tweets or prevent it from being recommended.This is called shadow-banning and most likely would come without warning.

杰克·多尔西说他会解决这个问题。我们应该相信这是一个小故障吗?将会添加一个上下文标签,这意味着他们将会降低这些 tweets 的可见性或者阻止它被推荐。这就是所谓的影子禁令,而且很可能毫无征兆地出现。

The FCC Chairman will be looking at Section 230.Social media companies have the right to free speech but they don't have a first amendment right to a special immunity denied to other media outlets such as newspapers and broadcasters.Will they be held liable?


The RNC has filed a FEC(Federal Election Campaign Act)complaint against Twitter claiming by limiting circulation of the New York Post article about Hunter Biden's business dealings,and Joe Biden's alleged knowledge of those dealings,violated federal campaign finance laws.

共和党全国委员会(RNC)已经对 Twitter 提起联邦选举法(Federal Election Campaign Act)诉讼,称限制《纽约邮报》(New York Post)关于亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)商业交易的文章的发行,以及乔·拜登(Joe Biden)被指对这些交易知情,违反了联邦竞选财务法。

The Patriots knew from the very beginning the DS would use censorship on Social Media.How far are they willing to go against the US Constitution of the United States?As more of this information comes out,it will get more difficult.

爱国者从一开始就知道 DS 会对社交媒体进行审查。他们愿意违反美国宪法到什么程度?随着越来越多的信息泄露出来,这将变得越来越困难。

Not to worry,the Trump Administration is aware and has a counter plan.How do you bring them out of the shadows?Now,we have this mountain of data,their own emails,their own texts,their own photos.Trump holds all the information ready to expose it to We the People.Their lies and their cover-ups will take them down.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please listen to this audio / video for the rest of the report.’

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