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The Spin Cycle Against The Media Is Gaining Speed



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2250解读|看看当爱国者在逆境中昂首挺胸的时候会发生什么The Mainstream Media(MSM)is going nuts.Trying to spin the narrative is becoming a very difficult task yet they will continue trying until they can't spin it any longer.At this point,people will begin to see the inconsistency and will realized they have been lied to all of these years.The spin-cycle against the media is gaining speed!


Michael Cohen was an attorney for Trump prior to him becoming President,then 2 years into his presidency.He went to jail for tax evasion and campaign finance violations.


He recently launched a new book entitled,"Disloyal,"a tell all book.We can be certain this is not a tell all book because he had every opportunity to tell all during his own hearings.This book will contain nothing!


The DNC is threatening the MSM with how they care for Biden and Harris.'We will be watching you in regard to Kamala Harris.'Why is the DNC threatening the MSM?If the RNC threatened the MSM with how they care for Donald Trump,would that make a difference?We know the MSM is in the back pocket of the DNC,so who are they really threatening?It most likely is the alternative media.

民主党全国委员会正在用如何关心拜登和哈里斯来威胁 MSM。我们会关注你对卡玛拉·哈里斯的看法民主党全国委员会为什么威胁 MSM?如果共和党全国委员会用他们对唐纳德·特朗普的关心程度来威胁 MSM,会有什么不同吗?我们知道 MSM 是民主党全国委员会的后口袋,那么他们真正的威胁是谁?最有可能的是另类媒体。

If Facebook,Twitter,and other social media platforms see Kamala being discredited,they are instructed to heavily censor.Too bad they do not grace our President with the same courtesy.


HRC offered her assistance to Joe Biden's campaign saying she will help in any way I can.She just won't go away!


X22视频2250解读|看看当爱国者在逆境中昂首挺胸的时候会发生什么Kevin Clinesmith,an FBI attorney,was being investigated by John Durham for falsifying e-mails of Carter Page,making everyone think Carter was a Russian Agent when in fact,he wasn't.Clinesmith will plead guilty to making false statements and falsifying documents to obtain surveillance warrants against Carter Page.


On August 17,2016,Techno Fog tweeted,'The CIA informed the Crossfire Hurricane team that Carter Page had been a CIA asset.They hid this fact from the FISA Court.Most likely the other two FISA applications will be dismissed.'Who else knew about these fake documents?Did someone give Clinesmith orders to do so?The first domino just fell.

2016817日,Techno Fog 在推特上写道:中央情报局通知交叉火力飓风小组,卡特·佩奇是中央情报局的线人。他们向 FISA 法庭隐瞒了这个事实。其他两份 FISA 申请很可能会被驳回。"还有谁知道这些假文件?是否有人命令克里斯密斯这么做?第一块多米诺骨牌就这样倒下了。

There were no arrests for Russian Collusion and no arrests for election interference,but now we have 1 person on Mueller's team,ready to plead guilty for lying.Once,he texted"Viva La Resistance,'to FBI agent Lisa Page.This whole thing completely boomeranged.


ENoCH tweeted this out after putting it together.'K=11,C=3.11.3 marker is Kevin Clinesmith.(Cue)post from 11/1/17 says,'Think about it logically.The only way is the military.Fully controlled.Save&spread(once 11.3.verifies as 1st marker)…

整理完之后,伊诺克在推特上发布了这篇文章。11c=3.11.3分标记是 Kevin Clinesmith(暗示)11/1/17的帖子说,'逻辑地考虑一下。唯一的办法就是军队。完全控制。保存和传播(一次11.3。作为第一个标记)..

Aug.14,2020,KC guilty,Trump heads to New York and lands in Morristown,NJ.Military capital of American Revolution,then Trump tweets about November 3rd.BOOM!The Patriots possess all the corrupt documentation which incriminates all the way to the top!

2020814日,KC 被判有罪,特朗普前往纽约,在莫里斯敦着陆。美国独立战争的军事首都,特朗普113日发推文。砰!爱国者们拥有所有的腐败文件,这些文件可以指控一直到最高层!

Californians are claiming a victory with their 2nd Amendment rights.In Duncan vs.Becerra,the 9th Circuit Court has ruled in favor of gun rights,by affirming that a California ban on possession of high capacity magazines,holding 10 rounds or more,violates the 2nd Amendment.Yes it does!Our rights are standing tall because we stood tall!Well done,Patriots!


Dr.Fauci,in a surprise statement,says there should be no reason why we shouldn't be able to vote in person.He just countered everything the Deep State is trying to do.In the beginning,he also said masks do not protect us from the virus.Many people are rejecting the masks.If the head guy from the CDC says they don't work against COVID,why are we wearing them?


Trump brought in the hospital ships,one called Mercy and one called Comfort.In Chicago,McCormick's Place Hospital cost taxpayers$1.7 million per patient.They only had 38 patients.The media was telling us how deadly this virus would be,but the stats were no worse than the flu.They told us hospitals were packed.Where is the proof of that?


Trump made a peace deal between the US,Israel and United Arab Emirates.Joe Biden hijacked the narrative saying it was Obama and himself who brokered the peace deal.If that is true,why didn't it take place until Trump?Funny how these former executives steal the narrative of Donald Trump.Obama said the same thing;that he laid the foundation for Trump to have a booming economy.Let's see if he boasts about a booming economy again after Trump is reelected and rebuilds after COVID.

特朗普在美国、以色列和阿拉伯联合酋长国之间达成了和平协议。乔·拜登劫持了叙述,说是奥巴马和他自己促成了和平协议。如果这是真的,为什么在特朗普之前没有发生呢?有趣的是,这些前高管竟然窃取了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的故事。奥巴马也说了同样的话,他为特朗普的经济繁荣奠定了基础。让我们看看在特朗普连任和重建之后,他是否还在吹嘘经济的繁荣。

President Trump's brother,Robert,was hospitalized in New York.With all that is going on,prayers for his health and recovery would be very much appreciated.


X22视频2250解读|看看当爱国者在逆境中昂首挺胸的时候会发生什么A couple of days ago,Gen.Flynn's twitter background changed to'Digital Solders.'We are Digital Soldiers.We are Digital Warriors.We must get the truth out.Share what you know about the Biden/Harris ticket;share what you know about Kevin Clinesmith.We are running out of time for the truth to be known.Share what you know.

几天前,弗林将军的 twitter 背景改成了"数字焊接"我们是数字化战士。我们是数字战士。我们必须把真相说出来。分享你对拜登/哈里斯竞选团队的了解,分享你对凯文·克林斯密斯的了解。我们知道真相的时间不多了。分享你所知道的。

Soon,Julian Assange's information will come into play,crimes against humanity with#saveourchildren.The silent majority is demanding change.Speak up,share the truth.


WWG1WGA(Where we go one,we go all!)


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