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Our Movement,Our Patriotism,Our Destiny Is Staring Us In The Face;What Do We Do,Now?


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频解读|一股正义的愤怒从废墟中升起,要求自由回归美国The Deep State/mainsteam media's plan with the pandemic and riots has completely fallen apart.Because they are fighting for their lives,they will turn up the heat even more as President Trump and the Patriots drip out more information.


We know and see everything that is not right.Lies from the Left,lies from the Rino's,stories spun so many ways even those of us who know the truth are left scratching our heads.We've got to do something,but what?


If we stood up to ANTIFA,that would be a disaster.They've been trained to take us out.We get our cues's from Q.Almost a year ago to the day,we were encouraged to fly our flags every day,showing our patriotism and love of country.We are the silent majority,silent no more!Millions are now flying our flags proudly!We stand together,we stand united.It's our movement,our patriotism,our destiny.


If you are not part of the Patriot Flag Movement,please join in.The Silent Majority is flying proudly!


The elections are easily manipulated with mail-in voting.Trump knows this and wants poll voting.Most of the people want poll voting,too.The DS is still trying to use the pandemic as an excuse for for mail-in voting.

邮寄投票很容易操纵选举。特朗普知道这一点,并希望民调投票。大多数人也希望民意测验投票。DS 仍然试图利用大流行作为邮寄投票的借口。

Trump spoke at the press release recently exclaiming masks should be worn.Wait…what?Why did he flip…or did he?Every where we turn,we are admonished to wear a mask even to the point of public ridicule and shame if we have a medical disability inhibiting our ability to do so.


Most of America believe wearing a mask works.We who have read mask boxes know it states,'does not protect from COVID.'Trump knows they don't work,so what is going on?


X22视频解读|一股正义的愤怒从废墟中升起,要求自由回归美国If he embraces the narrative that,'masks protect you,'we should be able to safely go to the poll booths and vote,right?If we can go the restaurants,post offices,grocery stores and be safe then mail-in voting is not needed.Brilliant move!


Masks also create a need for voter ID.This is even MORE brilliant!Trump is using their own weapons against them!


One of President Trump's first orders of business was to crack down on human trafficking.Georgia's John Kemp,signed a bill into law cracking down on child trafficking abuse in the Foster care system.Two bills will target this abuse.


With Ghislaine Maxwell recently being arrested,is there a connection?During Trump's recent press conference,he said he wished Ghislaine,well.Why would he say this to someone who has allegedly abused girls?


Kayleigh McEneny explained.When Epstein'died,'there was no justice for those affected by his crimes.He wished Maxwell,well because he wants to see this play out in a court of law.President Trump supports law and order,something the DS spins against him.

Kayleigh McEneny解释道。爱泼斯坦死后,那些受他罪行影响的人得不到公正的待遇。他祝愿马克斯韦尔好运,因为他想看到这场戏在法庭上上演。特朗普总统支持法律和秩序,这是 DS 对他的歪曲。

Comey tweeted out,"I wish Andy well."Q showed us that this was their code for'death threat.'When POTUS said this,it's possible he was using their own DS code.Remember,Trump knows their comms(communications)and knows their playbook.Sometimes it takes a while for the truth to come out but when it does,it destroys propaganda,

科米在推特上说:"我祝安迪一切顺利。"Q 向我们展示了这是他们"死亡威胁"的代码当 POTUS 这么说的时候,他可能正在使用他们自己的 DS 代码。记住,特朗普知道他们的通讯手段,也知道他们的战术。有时候,真相需要一段时间才能被揭露出来,但一旦真相被揭露出来,就会摧毁宣传,

The mayor of Portland is literally standing against the Federal Government with a mob.So much corruption,but we are beginning to see who is corrupt.It's not President Trump.It is the governors and mayors.Those mom's who stood for ANTIFA,mostly were not moms and many didn't identify as female.This was a staged event they are using for optics.

波特兰市市长和一群暴徒站在一起反对联邦政府。这么多腐败,但我们开始看到谁是腐败的。这不是特朗普总统。是州长和市长。那些代表 ANTIFA 的母亲大多不是母亲,而且很多人不认为自己是女性。这是一个阶段性的事件,他们正在使用的光学。

Chicago mayor Lightfoot is saying the police must be defunded but if you see a Federal Agent,call the police.These people are crazy!


President Trump should not give federal funds to those states who are defunding the police and are keeping things shut down.Lies are being spread by the media that live ammunition is being used by the Feds,but in truth,only tear gas is used.When gunfire is used,it's coming from DS snipers,but not the Feds.Drone footage supports this.

特朗普总统不应该把联邦资金交给那些削减警察资金并让事情停止的州。媒体正在散布谎言,说联邦政府正在使用实弹,但事实上,只有催泪瓦斯被使用。一旦开火,只有 DS 的狙击手会开枪,联邦调查局的人不会。无人机录像支持了这一点。

There was a time when we were grateful to the those who served our county.There was a time when these United States of America were united under the American Flag as a symbol of freedom.There was a time when We-The-People decided our future,loved our soldiers and respected our flag.What does patriotism look like to us?


X22视频解读|一股正义的愤怒从废墟中升起,要求自由回归美国The horror it must be for our service men and women to look over their shoulders and see their homeland on fire.Land of the free,home of the brave?Now is not the time to be complacent.Will you answer the call to protect America and your freedom?


How can we show solidarity with those who love our country?Fly our flag.Post a photo of our flag with hashtags,'#SilentNoMore#LoveOfCountry#UnitedWeStand


Stand against tyranny.We can no longer be silent.We will control our destiny,our future.When this movement spreads,everyone will know America was revived,that she is alive and well.It has begun!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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