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DS 正在被曝光。他们的帝国即将崩溃。谁能承受这样的压力?我们可能会看到辞职和不幸的自杀。

X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted for Accuracy)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核准确性)


Law And Order Returns And The Deep State Is Freaking Out


While the whole country has been focusing on the riots,city take-overs,mass destruction and masks,the Patriots have been getting ready.The mission is moving forward.Indictments are being unsealed and arrests are being made.


Berman was fired from the SDNY(South District of New York).Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.Trump continues to clean up the paid mercenary army here in the US,tracking the'handlers,'during this Great Awakening.She is arrested for conspiracy to entice,to transport minors,to transport minors to engage in illegal sex acts,and perjury.

伯曼被 SDNY(纽约南区)解雇。吉斯兰·麦克斯韦尔被捕了。在这次大觉醒期间,特朗普继续清理美国的雇佣军,追踪"操纵者"。她因密谋引诱、运送未成年人、运送未成年人从事非法性行为以及作伪证而被捕。

The Grand Jury returned the indictment on 6/29/20.She had 15+bank accounts with some holding more than 20 million dollars;transfers of millions of dollars to and from Epstein.Her arrest leads to the Clinton Foundation,the Weiner Laptop,Epstein,Ukraine.


Federal Agents have also arrested councilmen of Toledo City after a two-year bribery investigation.This brings the total of Democratic officials arrested up to six.


Two Democrat councilmen were charged with voter fraud while 3 others have been placed into Federal Custody.They allegedly received payments between$500–$5,000 for'YES'votes on zoning requests to internet cafés.In the UK,more than 700 criminals were arrested for phone network organized crime.


Gen.Flynn's Lawyer,Sidney Powell,is saying the DOJ is going to hand over more documents.Could these docs be the original 302?Once released,all the other 302's were rewritten from the original and this will let people know,once again,they've been lied to.


The media reported Trump is urging people to wear masks.This is not true.He is leaving it up to the local leaders.This is how the founding fathers wanted it.He is not a dictator unlike the media reports.


When the riots and mayhem took place in the streets,the media reported that this slowed the spread of the virus.But,during this 4th of July weekend,they discourage get-togethers because we will spread it.Do they really think people will believe this?


The New York Times is attacking Mt.Rushmore because Trump wants to have a fireworks display there on the 4th of July.This is what they tweeted out.X22视频解读|起诉书公开,逮捕正在进行

《纽约时报》攻击 Mt.Rushmore 是因为川普想在74日在那里举行焰火表演。这是他们在推特上发布的。

"Mt.Rushmore was built on land that belonged to the Lakota Tribe and sculpted by a man who had strong bonds with the Ku Klux Klan.It features the faces of U.S.Presidents who were slave holders.'

"Mt.Rushmore 建立在属于拉科塔部落的土地上,由一个与三 k 党有着牢固联系的人雕刻而成。它以奴隶主美国总统的面孔为特色。"

Praeger U responded to the NYT,'In 1851 at New York Times,founding editor Henry Jarvis Raymond published an editorial in which he supported a slaveowner's legal right to recover his escaped slaves.'


Using their measuring stick,New York Times ought to be shut down.Additionally,Pelosi needs to go because her father helped dedicate a Confederate monument.


Trump's stance on following the rule of law is a position of strength.Feds arrested Jason Charter,ANTIFA member and thug who attacked the Andrew Jackson statue by the White House.BLM rioters are being arrested.The White Hats have been tracking each BLM individual.If they committed a crime,they will be arrested.

特朗普在遵守法治方面的立场是一种强势立场。联邦调查局逮捕了杰森·查尔特,他是 ANTIFA 的成员,也是袭击白宫旁安德鲁·杰克逊雕像的暴徒。BLM 骚乱者正在被逮捕。白帽子已经跟踪每个 BLM 的个人。如果他们犯了罪,他们就会被逮捕。

X22视频解读|起诉书公开,逮捕正在进行The DS is being exposed.Their empire is about to come crashing down.Who can take the pressure?We may see resignations and sadly,suicides.

DS 正在被曝光。他们的帝国即将崩溃。谁能承受这样的压力?我们可能会看到辞职和不幸的自杀。

Land of the Free,Home of the Brave.We-The-People are Patriots.Law and order are returning to the United States of America and she will be beautiful once again.



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