X22报告|第2736集: 黄金将摧毁美联储,房屋清理正在进行,最后阶段

2022年3月29日16:34:57最新动态X22报告|第2736集: 黄金将摧毁美联储,房屋清理正在进行,最后阶段已关闭评论7541字数 1228阅读4分5秒阅读模式

世界正在经历一场大规模的家庭大扫除。纳粹、生物实验室、洗钱和[DS] 玩家正在被清除,[DS] 正在全世界面前被曝光。

X22报告|第2736集: 黄金将摧毁美联储,房屋清理正在进行,最后阶段

Ep. 2736a – Gold Will Destroy The [CB], The Process Has Begun

Ep. 2736a-黄金将摧毁[ CB ] ,进程已经开始

Ep. 2736b – House Cleaning In Progress, Final Stage, The Entire World Is Watching

Ep. 2736b-房屋清理在进行中,最后阶段,整个世界都在看着

X22 报告发表于2022年3月28日


Inflation is not the same as in 70s, people are not seeing their wages increase which helps during these periods of times. The peoples wages are not keeping up this time around. Russia makes a move, will now start pegging their currency to gold.



The world is now going through a major house cleaning. The nazis, biolabs, money laundering and [DS] players are being removed, the [DS] is being exposed right in front of the entire world. The world is watching the destruction of the old guard. The evidence is being brought out into the open, it will start tying all of these players together and it will show just how evil they truly are. We are now in the final stage. 

世界正在经历一场大规模的家庭大扫除。纳粹、生物实验室、洗钱和[DS] 玩家正在被清除,[DS] 正在全世界面前被曝光。全世界都在看着旧势力的毁灭。证据已经被公开,它将开始把所有这些球员联系在一起,这将表明他们是多么的邪恶。我们现在处于最后阶段。


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