2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

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 June 23, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年6月23日

2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

We were warned that we should expect an increasing amount of disinformation, lies, and information war tactics and it seems that is now a reality. The cabal still believes they can manipulate us and control the world stage with information. The difference is, there are a lot more of us aware of the war on Humanity now. We’re a lot wiser, far more discerning and we know their playbook.


It’s fascinating to watch this Great Awakening and The Shift evolve.


The Great Awakening is about learning where to look; about recalibrating our moral compass and deciding who we really are if left to our own devices; that as sovereign Beings we have a choice.

大觉醒是关于学习到哪里去看; 关于重新校准我们的道德指南针和决定我们到底是谁,如果留给我们自己的设备; 作为主权存在,我们有一个选择。

Until we’re awake, we believe we don’t have choice—not really. We are presented with the illusion of choice, but our free will is fettered and negated by lies and misconceptions.


The world we live in grew increasingly unpleasant and dark, and until it approached the precipice, most didn’t realize anything was wrong. When Trump and the Alliance showed us what the dark ones planned for us, we hated it, recoiled in disgust, and vowed we would stop them.


Left alone, we were as malleable as clay in the hands of the advanced predators that enslaved us. Those of us who see the deception for what it is and innerstand that life can and should be different take no pleasure in watching hate, murder, war, cruelty, or the desecration of nature. It’s really hard to review the evidence of the crimes and what life on Earth/Terra has come to be—

在奴役我们的高级掠食者手中,我们就像粘土一样具有可塑性。我们这些看到了欺骗的本质,并且内心深处明白生活可以而且应该是不同的人,看到仇恨、谋杀、战争、残忍或者对自然的亵渎并不感到快乐。真的很难回顾这些罪行的证据,以及地球/Terra 上的生命是什么样的ー

—but look at it we must. For too long Humanity tuned out what they couldn’t face, and merely hoped it would get better. The apathy our captors bred into us ensured very few would feel the urge to speak out or make change.


2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

As long as there were the carrots dangled out front and a few neat little toys to keep us distracted and feeling like life just may show promise, we made do with what we had and grew complacent. The ones who saw the writing on the wall, experienced the sting of the devil and could not remain silent tried to warn the rest but in most cases, they were dispensed with before they could do too much damage.


We still don’t enjoy the revelations about the crimes and degradation of our civilization, but it must be shown and addressed. To simply turn away is not going to put us on the same page with those who have yet to wake up.


Sure, we could go up into the mountains and live a quiet life of going within for hours each day, unruffled by the chaos and evil the rest of the world is experiencing, but that isn’t being of service to Humanity unless it’s very powerful work being done in that time that rips apart the threads of the enemy’s matrix and dispenses with the evil.


There are specially evolved souls who can see beyond this realm and do difficult battle with entities beyond the veil but most of us are not equipped to do so. Our job, our reason for being here is to educate ourselves so we can help the rest when the time comes to deal with the trauma and the painful reality.


Is it our passion and excitement to dig for facts like six million children with venereal disease were rescued from the tunnels? No. Does it make our heart sing to hear what Hillary Clinton and her aide did to a fifteen year-old girl in the “frazzledrip” video?

挖掘事实真相是我们的激情和兴奋吗比如六百万患有性传播疾病的孩子被从隧道里救出来?没有。听到希拉里 · 克林顿和她的助手在“疲惫不堪”的视频中对一个15岁的女孩所做的事情,我们的心是否为之动容?

Knowing what I know, I would not relish living a life of enjoyment and turning my back on the war. I would rather subject myself to the pain and disgust every day to help bring it into focus for those who are on their journey to enlightenment as we travel the road together toward our ascension.


The Plan involves exposing the unspeakable evil in our corrupted reality because it must be faced, acknowledged, processed, and have a bearing on where we go from here. Humanity must know what happened, how it happened, and why, so we can ensure it never happens again. Most people have to be shown, as the Q team pointed out, and walked through it.

这个计划包括揭露我们堕落的现实中无法言说的邪恶,因为它必须被面对、承认、处理,并且对我们今后的发展产生影响。人类必须知道发生了什么,怎么发生的,为什么发生,这样我们才能确保它不会再发生。正如 Q 小组指出的那样,大多数人必须被展示出来,然后走过去。

2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

White Hats have been making coded productions in the form of entertainment for awhile now and much of the material available to us has hidden messages. The triggers in movies, books, television shows, etc. reach through the mists of our minds, beyond the haze of the hypnotic trance and subconsciously communicate with our psyches. The subject material may not always be pleasant, but it does have purpose. It helps us connect the dots.

一段时间以来,White Hats 一直在以娱乐的形式制作编码产品,我们可以获得的大部分材料都有隐藏的信息。电影、书籍、电视节目等等中的触发点穿过我们头脑的迷雾,超越催眠恍惚的迷雾,潜意识地与我们的心灵交流。主题材料可能不总是令人愉快的,但它确实是有目的的。这能帮助我们把线索联系起来。

We don’t have all the answers, but the big picture will gradually emerge if we don’t shut it out. We don’t see things as they truly are. Formulating a more realistic understanding is a big ask, but we can do it. By accepting responsibility for our curriculum, we learn who we are, and that the answers are inside if we are not deceived.


Uncovering the deception is the task for Humanity en masse. The horrors, like a bad infection, must be revealed under the bandage, treated with antiseptic, and healing salves applied.


If we leave the bandage on longterm without air and cleansing the wounds will fester, gangrene will set in, we’ll grow septic, and soon our entire organism is infected beyond salvation. We are currently in the exposure phase of ‘The Plan’. Everything available to us is geared for that—except the manipulation and lies created by the enemy. The truth will overcome that, and Humanity will one day recognize their own Divinity.


2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

The following came from the Laura Aboli channel on Telegram.

以下内容来自劳拉 · 阿波利电报频道。

We live in a world that’s been purposefully inverted, they have methodically tried to brainwash everyone to think that right is wrong and wrong is right, that good is bad and bad is good, that traditional values are archaic and wokeness makes sense, that men can be women and women can be men, that women can choose to murder their unborn child and that’s ok, that there is no Creator and there was simply a bang, that we are not sovereign, powerful beings with a soul, but rather weak, useless, flawed animals easily replaced by machines.


In a world that’s upside down you need to go against the flow in order to see things for what they are. The truth can only be glimpsed when you are prepared to look at things from every angle but most of all when you are prepared to look inside.


If the world was silenced for a moment, if everyone stopped making noise, if we all took the time to listen to our souls, we would instantly have the answers.


We would know that we all share the same provenance and that we are here to learn, through a physical experience, that which our soul already knows.


We would know that life is sacred in every shape and form, we would know that there is a perfect design and intention in every molecule that makes up this universe and we would know that we are all part of a monumental web of energy that feeds and informs everything; a sacred symphony of life that vibrates to God’s frequency.

我们会知道生命在每一种形状和形式中都是神圣的,我们会知道构成这个宇宙的每一个分子都有一个完美的设计和意图,我们会知道我们都是一个巨大的能量网络的一部分,它为一切提供食物和信息; 一个神圣的生命交响乐,随着上帝的频率振动。

We would know that we were stupid to look outside of ourselves when the answers were always inside.


Look up, look down, look everywhere and back, but never forget that the answers lie inside.


2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

We have learned a tremendous amount of truth in the past few years. We are not the same people we once were. We cannot look at the insidious evil attacks that took place on our planet and remain as we were.


It’s a healing journey. Suppressing the truth will come back to bite us. We have to be willing to look evil squarely in the face, stick out our tongue, and give it a razzberry. We have to tell it we see it, it can’t hide, and to bring in what we do want to create for our new reality.


We are going to have a big leg up to our new world. We don’t have to start from scratch because despite what history tries to tell us, we had an advanced civilization not long ago. The building blocks to our brave new world are here, waiting for us to call upon them.


The future is exciting to contemplate, but we can’t go in blind because vestiges of that evil will be lurking under rocks and behind trees for awhile. We must be fully versed in the potential of that evil to experience a resurgence if it can get a foot in the door.


When we face the very worst scenarios possible at the hands of the monsters who sought to destroy us, we will have a clear innerstanding of how we want our future to be.


We must leave no stone unturned, because the perverse nature of the devil is everywhere. Link to Telegram.


Popular Social Media Site Found To Be A Hub For Child Sexual Exploitation



Those we trusted are the ones most susceptible to coercion and the enemy made sure their infiltration was complete.


The Vindman Vindictive: The Destruction of Readiness by Military Betrayal

文德曼的报复: 军事背叛对准备状态的破坏

SG Anon’s File 54 is ready. 45 min.

SG Anon 的54号文件准备好了。45分钟。

RED-RED Confirmed | South Africa/WW Blackouts Coming | China to Dump US Treasury Bonds | The Storm

红色-红色确认 | 南非/WW 大停电即将来临 | 中国抛售美国国债 | 风暴


We don’t always see what’s around the curve in the road, and we’re still waiting to learn what the OceanGate story is really all about. It has many tentacles.  Link to Telegram.


BREAKING: President and CEO of HydroSpace Group William Kohnen says the Titanic submersible would not have been allowed to operate in US or Canadian waters, the company cut corners by operating in international waters only using uncertified equipment

最新消息: 水文空间集团总裁兼首席执行官 William Kohnen 表示,泰坦尼克号潜水器不会被允许在美国或加拿大水域作业,该公司只在国际水域使用未经认证的设备进行作业,从而偷工减料

2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球
 Arizona/Mexico “border wall”.

Today, Lewis Herms’ premiere of “Cages” went live and exposed the broad topic of Human Trafficking, including child sex trafficking, drugs, the tunnels, organ trafficking, Human smuggling, cartels, the “elites”, the corrupt judicial system, the betrayal by Child Protective Services, and the war of attrition taking out good attorneys and parents and more. It’s focusing on Arizona to circumvent the fact-checkers, but of course we know it’s a world-wide problem and it’s obscene that we allow these crimes to continue.

今天,刘易斯 · 赫尔姆斯的《笼子》首映式正式上映,揭露了广泛的人口贩卖主题,包括儿童性交易、毒品、隧道、器官交易、人口走私、卡特尔、“精英”、腐败的司法系统、儿童保护服务的背叛,以及埃以消耗战争杀害好律师和父母等等。他们把重点放在亚利桑那州以规避事实核查,但我们当然知道这是一个全球性的问题,我们让这些罪行继续下去是可耻的。

Crimes against Humanity. It’s almost becoming mainstream, isn’t it? And that’s a good thing, but we don’t know everything and there is plenty left to learn about how the corrupt systems work because the tentacles reach out to so many components and destroy so many innocent lives. I’m glad I watched this comprehensive exposé and was surprised at some of the revelations. Who knew that flights from Mexico could land at the Mesa Gateway airport without going through customs?! Elections aren’t the only thing rigged against us, but there is positive news, as well. 2 hr. 15 min.

反人类罪。这几乎成为主流了,不是吗?这是一件好事,但是我们并不知道所有的事情,还有很多关于腐败系统如何运作的事情需要去了解,因为这些触角伸向了很多组件,摧毁了很多无辜的生命。我很高兴我看了这个全面的揭露,并对其中的一些启示感到惊讶。谁知道从墨西哥起飞的航班可以不通过海关就降落在 Mesa Gateway 机场? !选举不是唯一对我们不利的因素,但也有积极的消息。2小时。15分钟。

Cages – Epic Human Trafficking Truth


Many of us are freeing our minds from the cages and thinking more critically while remaining open-minded.


The crazy OceanGate mini-sub story is quite a distraction, full of disinformation and conflicting facts, with intention. Lots of eyes on. What’s the ultimate goal? Is it strictly a deflection so no one will pay attention to the crimes being exposed? It smacks of a military op, if you ask me. Biden doesn’t have the power to forbid the Navy from disclosing the implosion of the sub.



OceanGate received $450K in pandemic PPP loans to cover payroll costs https://t.co/coWVQoH1Iz pic.twitter.com/VqnogCyzH3

We may as well continue tracking this story in a limited way since we’ve invested so much already.


BREAKING: James Cameron calls the prolonged search for the Titanic sub a 'nightmarish charade' pic.twitter.com/BEunnnnj49

What if the “elite” people aboard wanted to “disappear”? They are well versed in operating beneath the waves to hide their activities. Now the blame game starts and they want to prevent anyone else from going anywhere near the Titanic/Olympic.


NEW: Deborah Grattan's Facebook post from 2013 goes viral for haunting dream resemblance to Titanic tragedyhttps://t.co/VP2tj1Y7S4

I just came across the video below on Twitter. Bishop Larry Gaiters has some interesting information to impart about the OceanGate sub which is different from what most are saying. He says it’s a deep, deep rabbit hole, mentions a bomb, and there are links to the East Palestine train derailment which he says was an experiment to poison that community. He will have a full show on Tuesday to go down the rabbit holes based on his government insider intel.


Titanic sub implosion Have a listen to this . pic.twitter.com/B9qh3pduKW

Did you see this? Terramar came onto our radar in the past year or so.

你看到这个了吗? Terramar 在过去一年左右出现在我们的雷达上。

Viewer discretion is advised!THE REAL OCEANGATE Would you believe us if we told you the Truth? What if we show you?Are we still capable of differentiating truth from fiction?PROTECT THE CHILDREN The children are worth 1 click. Share. pic.twitter.com/tPR2AzNcUM

Meanwhile, a lot of people are doing what is necessary to expose the Biden Crime Family. It’s time for Law of the Land.


The financial reports from various banks continue to appear on social media like this one from Tore Says.

来自各家银行的财务报告继续出现在社交媒体上,比如这个来自 Tore 说的报告。

SAFE CREDIT UNION direct deposits all failed to post today. Embers fanned!


What happened to Louis Farrakhan? He’s suddenly a fountain of truth. Video at the link on Gab.

- Louis Farrakhan 怎么了?-他突然成了真理之泉,加布链接上有视频。


2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

The latest excitement is the situation in Moscow. We’re watching.


BREAKING: Russian state media confirms that forces in Moscow have been placed on high alert, security of important locations in the capital beefed up after Wagner threats https://t.co/V3urazQV0v

The criminals are under the microscope. How do they like being tracked and surveilled?


No Description

That is all I can squeeze in today. Check out the comments for more great info from the crew.


Be ready for anything, stay calm, and we’ll see what the weekend brings.  ~ BP


2023年6月23日: 滑下兔子洞|星际飞船地球

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