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May 15, 2022 2022年5月15日

Brilliant summary of the Plandemic by Dr Reiner Feullmich (1' 25" video). Pass it on.

Reiner feulimich 博士对流行病的精彩总结(1’25”视频)。传下去。


Excellent article about spike proteins, how they affect the jabbed and un-jabbed, and what to do about it. Recommended.



Cool quick-fire Q and A with Kash Patel. A few truths confirmed at a cracking pace. Enjoy.

和卡什 · 帕特尔一起来个快速的问答游戏。一些真相已经被证实了。享受吧。


Pepe Lives Matter with a message that you may resonate with - I certain do.



When people tell me that justice has taken too long or that it's too late I understand their frustration and anguish but I cannot agree at the same time.


Hypothetically if Trump had initiated the storm pre Biden 2020 we would have seen riots across the land, we would have seen perhaps even a civil war. To be frank: The world was not ready. The sheep were not even close to being red pilled. With Biden purposely dropping red pills for 2 straight years now, so obvious, that even some of the most dense can feel and see the truth...the world inches closer to the day when we can birth the true justice phase. Everything is being set up for a beautiful new world if you look in the right places. Yes it does appear very bad in many ways but the system was always doomed to fail. We are actually being rebirthed. We are not dying.

假设如果特朗普在拜登2020年之前发起了这场风暴,我们会看到全国各地的骚乱,我们甚至会看到一场内战。坦率地说,这个世界还没有准备好。那些绵羊根本没有被剥去红皮。随着拜登故意连续两年服用红色药丸,如此明显,甚至一些最稠密的人也能感觉和看到真相... ... 世界离我们能够诞生真正正义阶段的那一天越来越近了。如果你找对了地方,一切都是为了一个美丽的新世界而准备的。是的,从许多方面来看,它确实非常糟糕,但这个体系注定要失败。我们实际上正在重生。我们不会死的。
You have to understand that and make sure to focus on these things in order to stay sane in this transition. Cause that's exactly what we are going through. A cleansing transition into a world without the satanic cabal. Where their power is suddenly taken away. Lastly, none of the clandestine operations could have been carried out under Trump. Putin could not have stopped the biolabs, the financial system could not have prepared for transition, and normal sane people had to see how bad the future could have been underneath the leadership of deep state puppets. Take heart knowing that the Great Awakening is far from over and our future has a season of justice in it. Kash knows this. And more importantly, God has planned it.


Finally, an elderly protester at an Aussie freedom rally took the opportunity to multi-task. Love it...!



How are you feeling? This weekend is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The energies are off the charts - intense, challenging, time for profound reflection and re-grouping. We Light Warriors are ascending consciously. These powerful energetic portals are gateways to accelerated soul growth. Use the opportunity wisely. 


Spend time with other Light Warriors. I enjoyed social time with like-minded friends yesterday and today. Thank you Rhonnie and Lance...! Get plenty of rest. And mini-detoxes from devices are a welcome respite. I  often switch off my laptop and phone for the evening to relax in quiet space.

与其他光之战士共度时光。昨天和今天,我很享受与志同道合的朋友的社交时间。谢谢罗尼和兰斯...! 得到充分的休息。从设备上进行小型排毒是一个值得欢迎的喘息机会。我经常在晚上关掉我的笔记本电脑和电话,在安静的空间里放松。



Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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