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You are the EVENT you've been waiting for.Ascension comes in stages,it's a gradual DNA upgrade.We are currently in the preparation stage.The shift is a gradual higher state of consciousness.

你就是你一直在等待的事件扬升分阶段进行,这是一个逐步的 DNA 升级。我们目前正处于准备阶段。这种转变是意识的一种逐渐提升的状态。

It is you that has the key,it is you that hold the codes and it's up to you to activate them.You decide your perception of your reality through the experiences you allow in.There is an intuitive"Knowing"we all are born with and you must activate that by releasing all beliefs and fear.Fear is your worst enemy!


The language we are all born with is"Light Language"it holds the codes to your remembrance of your past,present and future lives and all knowing.There is a task and a particular mission you are here at this time in our history to fulfill and it's all in those codes.You must dismantle your programs and remember you are never alone…They are closer then your breath...



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