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(ECETI 新闻) : 坚持住|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Spring ECETI Events

春季 ECETI 活动

Hang on another full Moon and the Ides of March.
Buckle up!


March 17, 2022


Many do not believe in astrology yet personally I cannot deny the effects of a full Moon. Lunatic derived its meaning from full moon cycles. Vedic medicine factors in the Moon cycles as to dosages and we cannot deny the tides, the power to move oceans. I find it hard to sleep during a full moon, especially about 3 days before. Friday the 18, usually three days before and after the Moon will be having its effect. Things are really reeving up. There is a lot of fear and anger in the air. Don’t worry WW3 was cancelled due to popular demand. Russia is taking out the garbage despite what the lame stream media is telling you. It is a war against the deep state and a Nazi regime. Putin has always been at war with the Satanic/Luciferian global elite. They are also taking out the bioweapons labs funded by the Obama and now the Bidum Admin. Find alternative news sources if you really want to know what is unfolding.

许多人不相信占星术,但就我个人而言,我不能否认满月的影响。Lunatic的意思来自满月周期。吠陀医学把月亮周期作为剂量的因素,我们不能否认潮汐,移动海洋的力量。我发现在满月时很难入睡,尤其是前三天。18号星期五,通常是月亮前后三天会有影响。事情确实越来越糟了。空气中弥漫着恐惧和愤怒。别担心,WW3因为大众的需求而被取消了。不管蹩脚的流媒体告诉你什么,俄罗斯正在倒垃圾。这是一场反对深层国家和纳粹政权的战争。普京一直在与撒旦/路西法的全球精英作战。他们还摧毁了由奥巴马政府资助的生化武器实验室,现在是Bidum Admin。如果你真的想知道正在发生的事情,就去寻找其他的新闻来源。

On to another topic. Many are playing out the Don Quixote roll conquering their wind mills and fictitious dragons projecting them on others. All they have to do is relax, trust the universe is blessing them abundantly yet not in the way they expect. I love that song you always don’t get what you want, you get what you need. We often are our own worst enemies yet seldom can get out of the way and observe how our egos keep tricking us. Laying out false narratives other than seeing the gifts bestowed upon us. This is keeping us from our greater good and the abundance of the universe.


While exploring the property in Hawaii and seeing the abundance and plant medicine available I am completely blown away. It is like Creators personal garden with everything you need to heal and find balance. Not only do the fruits have healing properties the exotic tastes are mind blowing. It is like chocolate eclairs, ice cream, banana cream pies growing on trees. Then there is the Noni tree, hold your nose when you drink Noni juice despite its healing properties. Many fruits have mind altering, calming properties, put you at ease, clean the blood, help you sleep deeply, relieve muscle and joint pain, balance out your blood sugars and over all just make you feel good. No, I am not talking about hallucinogenic plants and the multiple hitch hikers and attachments that often follow. I am sure I will get a lot of heat from that comment yet if one is clairvoyant, they can see the cords and connections as well as how they are knowingly and in ignorance cording others through those who have been corded.


When people tell me about all the psychotropics they have done and plant medicine trips it usually corresponds with the number of attachments. Eventually if continued one cannot access or maintain connection with the higher realms. Most of the experiences are within the astral level. The same with people claiming how powerful they are. This usually stems from abuse and unhealed trauma. The ones wielding the most power are the silent and humble ones who know God is love and love empowers, heals and serves. There are many be lie ving power over others is power, vanquishing your enemies is power, forcing the situations rather than allowing things to unfold naturally. This is not power this is still operating from the ego.


There are brilliant books speaking about power verses force and how the heart has the most power, it is connected to Creator. The mind is a terrible master, it must serve the heart. Your emotional bodies and spiritual bodies are vastly superior. The intellect is a drop in the sea of consciousness. Way too much stinking thinking and living in the past as my friend Alex would say.


Becoming empty, releasing the past, practicing loving detachment and observing with a fresh mind, the Buddha mind is a much more advantageous path. Followed by gratitude for what the universe has given you. Many times, what we believe is a nightmare is a blessing. When you see the big picture, you don’t sweat the small stuff even when your ego makes a mountain out of a mole hill. We are manifesting and magnetizing people and events to us “exponentially now” according to our attitudes and be lie fs. We are facing our greatest challenges. Remember there is always a lie in belief. It is time to release the past, heal the wounds traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, be brutally honest with ourselves and stop trying to control the universe. It always has a better idea. If you are experiencing discord there are often two reasons. One it is a lesson in holding a frequency and finding your center. Two it is a projection and someone is acting out, “Exactly What You Are Projecting On Them.”


In the days to come we will not be able to depend on the status quo for information especially the compromised and corrupt mainstream or social media. We will not be able to depend on the supply chains. We will not be able to depend on politicians, agencies or leaders other than to do what they always do. We will not be able to depend on the religious institutions. What we will be able to depend on is internal and how well we have prepared listening to our inner guidance. We need to make our own personal connection to Creator, receive our own inner guidance, become sovereign. We need to get close to nature, take care of the land and she will take care of you. It is time to get grounded, grow your gardens, if possible, raise your own food and share it with others. Nature is abundant. Know where your water comes from, know what is in the air you breathe. Know what they want to inject into your body and your family’s bodies. There is a long history of harmful effects concerning big pharma and the institutions they control. Most important is know yourself. Know what you allow others to put in your mind seen and unseen. There are many master manipulators even in the spiritual and UFO community. Know their agendas and do not fall for flattery or promises of fame and fortune. There will be a price later and that price is your soul.

在未来的日子里,我们将不能依靠现状获取信息,尤其是那些被破坏和腐败的主流或社会媒体。我们将不能依赖供应链。我们不能指望政客、机构或领导人做他们一直在做的事。我们将不能依赖宗教机构。我们能够依赖的是内在的,以及我们准备好倾听内在指引的程度。我们需要与造物主建立我们自己的个人联系,接受我们自己内在的指导,成为至高无上的主宰。我们需要接近大自然,照顾土地,她会照顾你。现在是时候脚踏实地,种植你的花园,如果可能的话,种植你自己的食物并与他人分享。自然是丰富的。知道你的水从哪里来,知道你呼吸的空气中有什么。知道他们想要注射什么到你的身体和你的家人的身体。对大型制药公司及其控制的机构造成有害影响的历史由来已久。最重要的是了解你自己。知道你允许别人在你的脑海中看到和看不到的东西。甚至在精神界和 UFO 界也有许多大师级的操纵者。了解他们的日程安排,不要沉迷于奉承或者名利的承诺。以后会有代价,这个代价就是你的灵魂。

There are three types of people who fall victim to flattery, men, women and children. There are three kinds of people who fall victim to fear, men women and children. Fear of being victimized is one of the keys false saviors use to control the people. Both are ways of hijacking one’s personal unique soul purpose and making the controllers agenda first and foremost. Look behind the mask the façade. The ones who tell you how special you are, you should be very afraid of others and they and only they can save you or know the truth are the ones to be most wary of.


When you become nobody, you can see it all. When you choose service to others over self-service you can see very clearly those is service to self. Their predatory nature and how they use flattery and fear to control you. What kind of energies do you think are flowing through them? What is controlling them? The mind with which you seek is the mind with which you connect. Unhealthy traumatized minds with hidden agendas connect with unhealthy spirits also with hidden agendas. Monitor how you feel around others. Are they uplifting, do you feel energized if not pull your energies back in. Unless of course you allow it all in, agree to it. If so eventually the you, you once were, will be no more. And that unfortunately is what we are now dealing with. Lost souls who took a wrong turn willingly or in ignorance due to fear, deception, false promises, manipulation or flattery who can’t get back. Totally trapped and embroiled in a very sick social consciousness. Sadly, there is a point of no return where all you can do is set boundaries with those on the downward spiral and practice loving detachment. It is up to them to cut the cords, clear themselves of unseen negative influences, change direction and get back on track with Universal Law and service to the Creator in all Creation.

当你成为无名小卒,你可以看到一切。当你选择为他人服务而不是自我服务时,你可以很清楚地看到这些都是为自己服务。他们的掠夺本性以及他们如何使用奉承和恐惧来控制你。你认为是什么样的能量流经他们?是什么在控制它们?你所寻求的心灵就是你所连接的心灵。心灵受到创伤的不健康的想法和不健康的精神状态有着不可告人的联系。关注你在别人身边的感受。它们是令人振奋的吗? 如果不把你的能量收回,你会感到精力充沛吗。当然,除非你全盘接受,否则就同意吧。如果这样,最终你,你曾经是,将不复存在。不幸的是,这正是我们现在面临的问题。由于恐惧、欺骗、虚假的承诺、操纵或无法回头的奉承而自愿或无知地走错路的迷失的灵魂。完全陷入困境,陷入病态的社会意识之中。可悲的是,有一个无法回头的时刻,你所能做的就是与那些处于恶性循环的人划清界限,练习爱的超然。这取决于他们去剪断绳索,清除他们自己看不见的负面影响,改变方向,回到宇宙法则的轨道上,在所有的造物中为造物主服务。

It is an As You Wish Universe. Again, we manifest and magnetize people and events to us according to our consciousness. Yet don’t beat yourself up, the world was messed up before you incarnated. Some raised their hands, jumped right in, said I’ll do it then once incarnating asked themselves what the F was I thinking? To late, can’t go back, can bring home here however and teach by example.


In days to come the masks will come down, you will see who people really are, what is their real agenda and what is attached to them. The physical masks were a test to see how controllable the masses were. It was more of an IQ test. The global elite have many tests to come as far as intelligence, courage and integrity.


Back to masks as a splendid example. We affectionately say they are about as efficient as a chain link fence stopping a fart. Anyone read the box? It says will not protect you against covid. Have you researched the harmful effects of wearing masks? What are the oxygen levels behind the mask? What happens when you rebreathe virus, bacteria, toxins expelled by the body? Did you know the masks are the source of bacterial pneumonia? That is what killed the majority of the people during the Spanish flu. Dr. flip flop “Farcey” wrote a paper on that very subject. What are they doing to our children? Are we teaching them compliance without question? We need to stop giving our power away to “politically profit driven doctors and scientists, so called experts and do our own research. Be the solution do not succumb or be consumed by the chaos and division. Trust the Universal Plan. You are right where you are supposed to be and the universe is providing exactly what you need. All you have to do is reframe it and rise to the challenges. Only then can you see the love and brilliance of the Creator.

回到面具作为一个极好的例子。我们亲切地说,它们的效率就像铁丝网围栏阻止屁一样。有人看过这个盒子吗?它说不会保护你免受考维德的伤害。你研究过戴口罩的有害影响吗?面罩后面的氧气含量是多少?当你重新呼吸被身体排出的病毒、细菌、毒素时会发生什么?你知道面具是细菌性肺炎的来源吗?这就是在西班牙流感期间杀死大多数人的原因。人字拖“ Farcey”博士就这个主题写了一篇论文。他们对我们的孩子做了什么?我们是在毫无疑问地教他们服从吗?我们需要停止把我们的权力交给“政治利益驱动的医生和科学家,所谓的专家,做我们自己的研究。作为解决方案,不要屈服于或被混乱和分裂所消耗。相信全球计划。你正在你应该在的地方,宇宙正在提供你所需要的东西。你所要做的就是重新构建它,迎接挑战。只有这样,你才能看到造物主的爱和光辉。

James Gilliland

詹姆斯 · 吉利兰


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