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Three pieces of intel that prove the Alliance is in full control.
Firstly, the Supreme Court has over-turned [B]iden's jab mandates for large businesses. 
Secondly, Prince Andrew has been stripped of all his military titles and patronages. BOOM. How's that deodorant working for you now, Andy...???
其次,安德鲁王子被剥夺了所有的军衔和资助。繁荣。你的除臭剂现在怎么样了 Andy... ? ?
Thirdly, the UK government is ending jab mandates on 29th January. Add this to the US Supreme Court decision, and you can see how this Scamdemic could be over before the end of the month.
In his latest email newsletter, Rockwell described the current extraordinary military movement in USA, far exceeding normal military operations. The National Guard even arrived at the hospital where he works. Here is an excerpt... 
在他最新的电子邮件通讯中,罗克韦尔描述了目前美国非同寻常的军事行动,远远超过正常的军事行动。国民警卫队甚至赶到了他工作的医院。下面是一段摘录... ..。
Events are taking place that indicate we are truly in the last moments of the s'show.   Objective verifiable facts.   MonkeyWerx said there is a huge increase in supply planes moving across the entire country, way more than normal including activity this past weekend.  He said at one point there were 30 in air refueling planes in flight coast to coast.   He has never seen this before, and no current events justify this.  The east coast was blanketed in military craft from fighter jets, supply ships, helicopters, etc.  Huge cargo ships, namely C-17s and C-130's were taking off and landing all across the country.  Not just that, he said there was a massive amount of troop movement.   For their protection, MW never discloses where the troops are going to, but he said it was a massive amount of troops.  
正在发生的事件表明,我们确实正处于世纪年代表演的最后时刻。客观可证实的事实。MonkeyWerx 表示,在全国范围内运送补给飞机的数量大幅增加,远远超过了上周末的正常活动。他说,一度有30架空中加油机从东海岸飞到西海岸。他以前从未见过这种情况,目前没有任何事件可以证明这一点。东海岸被战斗机、补给船、直升机等的军用飞机覆盖。巨大的货船,即 c-17和 c-130在全国各地起飞和降落。不仅如此,他说还有大量的军队调动。为了保护他们,MW 从未透露部队将前往何处,但他表示,这是一支庞大的部队。
He showed us the officially posted activities scheduled at Gitmo, and according to their official site, all activity has been cancelled.  Despite this, he is seeing near record traffic into Gitmo.   Anyone surprised to learn Adam Piece of Schiff just called AGAIN for the closure of Gitmo, the place where he will be sent to be judged in the after life?  
他向我们展示了预定在 Gitmo 举行的官方活动,根据他们的官方网站,所有活动都被取消了。尽管如此,他看到进入 Gitmo 的流量接近创纪录水平。有没有人惊讶地得知亚当 · 皮斯希夫刚刚又打电话来要求关闭 Gitmo,他将在那里被送去接受来生的审判?
Then another anon did his own investigating, and what he found is astonishing.   ALL command centers for all national guard in ALL fifty states and four US territories have been ACTIVATED.   He said he has never seen this before, especially outside of war time, and it is even unusual for war time.  Other anons are verifying this is true.   Remember, my hospital was visited by a huge contingent of NG troops this weekend and told they needed immediate testing to be ready for "operations".  Nat'l Guard fighters and even Coast Guard auxiliary have been activated.  Here's the reality.   This means there is a major military op about to take place, and all we are left to do is figure out what it is.   Not just that, it looks to be a DOMESTIC operation.   Q has told us the military is the ONLY way, and I am going to assume this is THE moment. (Rockwell)
然后另一个无名氏自己进行了调查,他的发现令人震惊。所有五十个州和四个美国领土的所有国民警卫队指挥中心已经启动。他说,他以前从未见过这种情况,尤其是在战争时期以外,在战争时期,这种情况甚至很少见。其他无名氏正在验证这一点。记住,我的医院本周末接待了一支庞大的国民军特遣队,他们被告知需要立即进行检测,以便为“行动”做好准备。国家警卫队的战斗机甚至海岸警卫队的辅助部队已经被激活。现实是这样的。这意味着一场重大的军事行动即将发生,而我们要做的就是搞清楚这是什么。不仅如此,这似乎是一次国内行动。Q 告诉我们军队是唯一的出路,我认为现在是时候了。(洛克威尔)
I will keep this post brief. It's been a busy day - a fun day - and I have not had much time for research. 
As I said in the previous post, be prepared. When the first big domino falls, it will still catch us Light Warriors by surprise, even though we have been waiting for it for years! That's why it pays to keep up to date with food supplies, chores around the house, anything that would distract you when you most need to be clear and focused.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 

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