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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

April 29,2021 2021429


We're going to start off with a delicious giggle from Lin Wood.


What?Joe Biden's not at the White House?Who knew?


This is the Lin Wood who just stated,"Nothing can stop what is coming."


We don't know exactly what's coming,or when,or what it will look like,but it will be epic.



Also at the Capitol last evening(Washington,DC)we have reports and video of a large contingent of police,sirens,buses,blockades,troops,etc.See videos on Telegram.

同样在昨晚的国会大厦(华盛顿特区),我们有报道和视频显示,大批警察、警笛、公共汽车、封锁、军队等。请看 Telegram 上的视频。

More here as they mention NBC,CNN,etc.

更多内容请看他们提到的 NBCCNN 等等。

And more details here as to the magnitude of this.


The recent similar reports from last week led to confirmation that over 100 people had been arrested at the Federal Reserve for attempting to print money so I'm eager to hear the outcome of this operation.



You no doubt heard about the feds raiding Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's home and office.Looks like the rumour we heard yesterday was factual.Victoria Toensing had to cooperate with the feds in the raid.


Feds seize electronics from DC-area home of Rudy Giuliani-linked attorney 

联邦调查局没收鲁迪·朱利安尼律师在 dc 区的家中的电子产品

Joe DiGenova and law partner/spouse Victoria Toensing

Joe DiGenova 和法律合伙人/配偶 Victoria Toensing

They've been called a"power couple"and indeed they are.I wonder what the feds got from them…


We were warned the attacks would increase.This was another 3-year delta from the Q boards.The Q collective knows what will happen and when.



They knew Rudy had Hunter Biden's laptop,and Rudy's son suggested the feds planted evidence.


Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew makes a statement following a raid on his father's residence 


Rudy Giuliani's neighbor said she saw the feds'bringing out a lot of stuff'after raiding his Manhattan apartment 


MSM[DS]over drive on WHITE HOUSE(FF!!)CNN_Energy weapon attack.._giuliani story plastered through msm and hit european news/)DISTRACTION..(I told you last week.[THEY]will create FF….>>TERRORISM story) Source

在白宫超速驾驶(FF!!)能量武器攻击。.朱利安尼的故事在媒体上广为流传,欧洲新闻也纷纷报道。.(我上星期就告诉你了。[他们]将创建 FF...>>恐怖主义故事)来源

We know they save these"pre-dawn shit show"tactics for the Trump-friendly people they hope they can dig up dirt on but a lot of patriots are wondering why we haven't seen the following event in the news.



It's because she's already been dealt with.Enjoy the show,as Q says.There are plenty of actors out there.Justice has already been done in many cases but they have to wake the snoozers.See this fun little clip on Telegram for proof of some very convincing actors on the world stage.

那是因为她已经被处理了。就像 q 说的,享受这个节目吧。外面有很多演员。在许多案件中,正义已经得到伸张,但他们必须唤醒那些贪睡的人。看到这个有趣的小剪辑在电报证明了一些非常令人信服的演员在世界舞台上。

Of course we know if they don't have any dirt,they just make it up.




So they made a big production out of the raid and got lots of eyes on.What if it's not what it seems?What if it's the White Hats'way of getting publicity for THEIR agenda?Nothing can stop what is coming.


DOJ Hacks Left Hunter's Computer Hard Drives In Rudy's House,But TOOK EVERYTHING ELSE!WHY?


We can feel it amping up.


We were warned about this kind of activity as well.We told you gun violence would increase as the dark ones deploy their mind-controlled puppets.They're going after the police now,as well as our guns.A double-barrel strategy.



Two Sheriff's Deputies,One Gunman,and Two Relatives Dead in 13-Hour North Carolina Standoff 



Did you watch the train wreck of a fake president's speech to congress last night?Neither did I.It would be right up there with taking out the trash.I opted for the latter.It was painless and didn't stink half as much.


It seems CBS massaged the poll numbers they published concerning citizen response to the address.Everything's rigged,in case you hadn't yet figured that out.Learn more at The National Pulse where you can read or listen to the article.

哥伦比亚广播公司篡改了他们公布的有关公民对演讲反应的民意调查数据。万一你还没发现,一切都被操纵了。更多信息请访问 The National Pulse,在那里你可以阅读或者听到这篇文章。

A stunning CBS poll which claimed 85 percent of Americans embraced Joe Biden's joint address speech last night has turned out to be a fraud,with pollster YouGov surveying just 169 Republicans as part of the broader 943 people polled.

哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)一项惊人的民意调查显示,85%的美国人支持乔·拜登(Joe Biden)昨晚的联合演讲,结果证明这是一场骗局。民调机构 YouGov 943名民众中的169名共和党人进行了调查

This is said to be a capture from the address last night posted on Telegram.What do you make of it?

据说这是从昨晚发布在 Telegram 上的地址截取的图像。你怎么看?


Here's more fake news.No one who knows anything about what's going on is going to tell CNN.CNN is the CIA and concocts propaganda.They're not about"news"OR journalism,as we all know.

下面是更多的假新闻。没有一个知道事情真相的人会告诉 CNN。美国有线电视新闻网是中央情报局和捏造的宣传。我们都知道,它们与"新闻"或新闻无关。


These sub-humans are trying to destroy our civilization via our children.Adults stripping for kids…these people are sick.Dutch TV reveals the horrific agenda of the ruling"elite"pedophiles in this Telegram video clip.



More charming news.They know.


Report:Pfizer and Moderna COVID"Vaccines"Could Trigger Alzheimer's,ALS,and Other Neurological Degenerative Diseases 


And that speaks to the"Zombie Nation"angle.Yesterday we talked about the zombies who are"asleep at the wheel" and suddenly causing an inordinate number of auto wrecks.The crew shared the following,from the CDC–Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;their tagline…


"CDC 24/7:Saving Lives,Protecting People"


Isn't that rich?I hope by now everyone knows the CDC is not a government agency.They are a private,for profit company and they engage in researching,creating,and distributing VACCINES.Toxic cocktails they know ruin lives.They always do the opposite of what they claim in their eloquent and convincing literature.

这不是很有趣吗?我希望现在每个人都知道 CDC 不是一个政府机构。他们是一个私营的,营利性的公司,他们从事研究,创造和分发疫苗。他们知道有毒的鸡尾酒会毁了生活。他们总是与他们在雄辩和令人信服的文学作品中所宣称的相反。

At what point to we say,WTF,and LOCK THEM UP!?This is THEIR web page.They're laughing at us—all the way to the bank.Do you find this offensive?



Zombie Preparedness


FYI,we understand this guy is gone,too.



These well-known doctors have had enough and are speaking out about the alarming situation on our planet.This is a round table discussion with Dr.Christiane Northrup,Dr.Carrie Madej,Dr.Lee Merritt,Dr.Sherri Tenpenny,and Dr.Larry Palevsky.Video at the link;so far with almost 93K views.


URGENT!5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It


Have they not caused enough tragedy and heartache in India with their murderous vaccines?They used Bill Gates'polio vaccines to kill and maim hundreds and thousands of children which led to a lawsuit by the Indian government.



The vaccine is the pandemic:Biden to dump 60 million blood clotting Covid-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca on India 


Do you see the agenda,folks?Do you see why it is not a"pandemic"?There are many cures.They just pretend there aren't and use fake statistics to make it sound like a lot of people are"positive"when almost no one is sick.It's a hoax!


But now that the gullible world believes there's a horrible,out-of-control pandemic with scads of"variants"they can convince them to get vaccinated—which was the ultimate goal.People asked for it.And we're just conspiracy theorists.



Once the psychological damage is done,people are easily manipulated and convinced to do things they wouldn't ordinarily.That's partly what 9/11 was about,and look at us now.People are in denial as they march toward the cliff with teeth chattering and knees knocking."I'll do anything—just don't let me die!"It's not pretty,and this is the kind of vaccine damage you can't sue for.


Below is the latest situation update from LT at And We Know.Amazing intro.I believe Kerry was dealt with long ago,as there are at least two different photos.Masks make things so much easier,don't they?50 min.

以下是来自 LT 的最新情况,我们知道。精彩的介绍。我相信克里在很久以前就被处理过了,因为至少有两张不同的照片。面具让事情变得简单多了,不是吗?50分钟。



It's time to cease being sheep—er…buffalo.Just take them off.We don't need permission.Maybe if people weren't so oxygen-deprived they could see the absurdity.


How much more ridiculous does it have to get for the masses to wake up—feeling very sheepish?The satire hits home for us,but for them?


We are our own authority and should not seek it outside ourselves.The government works for us—and are supposed to take direction from us,and their paycheques are from us—so let's take our power back,people.It is time,but we have to act en masse to call the shots.


That's one reason they don't want us communicating on social media.Certain patriot gigs have been organized via Facebook,etc.and they can't lose control so try to censor us.

这是他们不想让我们在社交媒体上交流的原因之一。某些爱国者的演出是通过 Facebook 等组织的,他们不能失去控制,所以试着审查我们。


The people of Arizona are not taking any more crap from the globalists.


A friend sent this example of the People unifying and effecting change in Vail,AZ.Outstanding!


Mai,[4 240 views,Apr 28,2021 at 9:21:27 PM]:


Vail School Board Flees,Parents Elect New Board,Vote To End Mask Mandate|KNST AM 790|Garret Lewis

维尔学校董事会逃跑,家长选举新董事会,投票结束面具命令|KNST AM 790|Garret Lewis

This is how it's done.The Vail School Board fled the meeting before it began because hundreds of parents wanted to be heard to end the mask requirement.So,the parents voted in a completely new school board that voted to end mask requirements.This needs to happen at every school district…


That's what I'm talking about!!



Here's another report on that event.


We heard interesting intel from Scott McKay's update yesterday,including that Proton Mail is not secure—at least not at the moment.I switched to Proton Mail from Gmail expecting it was not secure.Encrypted doesn't mean secure.Nothing is,in my opinion,but it's better than Gmail.I still haven't had responses from two people in Canada that I contacted recently.One uses Gmail,the other,Cogeco.

昨天我们从斯科特·麦凯的更新中听到了一些有趣的情报,包括质子邮件不安全ー至少目前不安全。我从 Gmail 切换到 Proton Mail,期望它不安全。加密并不意味着安全。在我看来,没有什么比 Gmail 更好了。我最近联系的两个加拿大人还没有给我回复。一个使用 Gmail,另一个使用 Cogeco

Good news continues.


See this link on Telegram on the update FROM Telegram about bypassing Apple censorship on your gadget.Great news!



Pope Francis,Jorge Bergoglio


And what else can we expect in May?A reminder suggests it is possible the Poop may be in the news.Even the mighty poop-mobile's Lexan can't save the satanic sicko from the People.



[Pope]will be having a terrible May.

Those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT>

Dark to LIGHT.




The drug-running is off the charts and they are blocked again.It's remarkable how much activity of all kinds takes place beneath the waves.It's the ideal hideout from the satellites.This is a semi-submersible.Interesting craft.


2.76 Tons of Cocaine Seized from Sub near Puerto Rico 


I see a lot of chatter surfacing again about the long-promised"fake alien invasion".I don't believe they will ever allow that hoax to materialize because we cannot afford for Humanity to have a fear of our galactic brethren.


It's time Humanity realized the invasion took place thousands of years ago and the predators have been feasting on us ever since and are attempting to extinguish our race from the planet.The star nations working on our behalf now will not show themselves until the right time and we will welcome them.No fear.They've been caring for us and protecting us and without them we would have been annihilated long ago.


Any"space ships"they might use to pull off a hoax are earth-made technology,not alien,in origin.


Canadian Lightworker Brad Johnson addresses the false flag threat.7 min.


Brad's Vlog:Hoax Alien Invasion?Don't fall for it…


A friend sent this,for the open-minded,for some possible prognostications we may soon see manifest.She asks excellent questions and regardless of who the information is coming from,it does ring true.


You will hear that the"scare"event that this vaccine issue is,involves a spicy twist at the end,which we expected because we can't see how the White Hats would ever allow Humanity to be put in serious danger if they know what the future holds—which they do.40 min.




And that's our show for today,my friends.Next month will be a blockbuster of a show so I hope you're not running low on popcorn.~BP




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