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June 25,2021 2021625


It happened again.It's Friday already.Didn't I just say that three days ago?


If it's Friday today,you know what that means.Tomorrow is Saturday AND Trump rally day.There have already been people in the chat room at Right Side Broadcasting's channel where we can watch,commercial free,without interruption tomorrow.


They start streaming hours before the President speaks so you can get a feel for the energy,the enthusiasm,the mindset,the opinions,and a sense for where America is headed now that The People are in charge.No censorship,no media trashing the patriots.


President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Wellington,OH–6/26/21 


Friday also means the final sentencing of police officer Derek Chauvin who was charged with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis,Minnesota.The media turned the entire world on its ear over that contrived event just as they did with the fake pandemic.It never was the way they said.


I think it should be fairly obvious by now how the media sets up their prey to create situations that serve the deep state agenda.i.e.The January 6 fiasco at the Capitol in Washington when a military patriot was shot dead and a police officer who died shortly afterward of natural causes was held up as a victim of Trump supporter violence.Nothing is what it seems and the lying,treasonous media is adept at spinning their tales for the gullible.


Everyone who is the slightest bit awake knew what they saw when the condo tower came down in Surfside,FLA yesterday.I didn't need to say anything.The video was worth a million words.This war is not over and General Flynn said as much.

每个稍微有点清醒的人都知道,当昨天 FLA 瑟夫赛德的公寓大楼倒塌时,他们看到了什么。我什么都不用说。这个视频值一百万字。这场战争还没有结束,弗林将军也说了很多。

Of course,those who believe the World Trade Centre and Building 7 came down on 9/11 because of a plane impact and fire won't see anything amiss here.It's wake-up time for the Americans in denial,however.


Simon Parkes reports the following on his blog.He didn't say a lot,but it was enough to confirm the collapse was intentional and not without repercussions.The attack was a message from the terrorists;the New World Order.We're waiting to learn why THAT location.I saw something about Trump family members living nearby.


The building collapse has had very serious consequences for key players living and working out of Miami.



Unfortunately,the updates tell us there were many casualties;159 unaccounted for as of today,and now 4 confirmed deaths.Of course the legacy media is all over it.Finally,a distraction from the election fraud.


Surfside condo collapse:How long can you survive under rubble?


There was also a fire in China that has some mysterious elements to it.Most information is being blocked and parents have not been allowed to visit surviving children.Any time it's a facility where children are the focus it makes me wonder…


Fire at China martial arts centre kills 18,mostly children 



Another key distraction in the war is John McAfee.They may pretend he was suicided but that makes no sense.The White Hats would have been well aware of John and his role in the IT community and the fact he was targeted.They would also know the potential for his future role in'The Plan'.IMO they are protecting him and his info will be used when it has the greatest impact—right along with Julian Assange and Jeffrey Epstein.The name Hillary Clinton has been bandied about with respect to computers and security so if we consider that"everything is connected"…

另一个分散战争注意力的关键因素是约翰·迈克菲。他们可能会假装他是自杀的,但这毫无意义。白帽子应该很清楚 John 和他在 IT 社区中的角色,以及他成为攻击目标的事实。他们也会知道他在《计划》中未来角色的潜力。在我看来,他们是在保护他,他的信息将在产生最大影响时得到使用ーー就像朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)和杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)一样。希拉里·克林顿这个名字在计算机和安全方面已经被广泛传播,所以如果我们认为"一切都是相互关联的"..

McAfee is much BIGGER than Assange…


Imagine how many computers had McAfee anti-Virus.Didn't Microsoft Windows contract McAfee or at least promoted it on each Windows platform?(Btw,where's Norton Antivirus owner?🧐🤷‍♂️)Think Election Software!!!

想象一下有多少台电脑有 McAfee 反病毒软件。难道微软 Windows 没有和 McAfee 签订合同,或者至少在每个 Windows 平台上推广它吗?(顺便说一句,诺顿防毒的主人在哪里?♂)想想选举软件!!

In order to create an Anti-Virus software you have to be an Expert at understanding the System and it's vulnerabilities.


John McAfee has it ALL in this Deadman Switch!Government info,politicians,MSM,CEOs,etc.Basically everyone.


Expect Assange,Snowden and others to follow?🙃


What else is coming?Somehow,some way,some day,they have to sever Mike Pence because he is a child murderer.Is he in self-destruct mode now?




Here's some theatre that should draw in the lackadaisical public.The US military has certainly been under the microscope lately.Infiltration.


"Milley Got the Job Because He Knows How to Suck Up…He's Not Just a Pig,He's Stupid"–Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Gen.Mark Milley(VIDEO)"


Whoa!He had us fooled,didn't he?Did we ever think we'd see the day when the US Military would be mentioned in the same sentence as the concepts of wokeness,socialism,communism,Marxism,etc?The public are going to realize that they truly were snatched from the jaws of the monster just before they were swallowed.The degree of infiltration is astonishing and Colonel Wendy Rogers(Arizona Senator)is calling for Milley to resign.


I find it interesting to see how many[former]members of the military entered politics and are on our side;Dr.Ronny Jackson,Ron DeSantis,Col.Wendy Rogers,and even Sidney Powell is involved in the military to some degree as she can facilitate military tribunals.There are others,but these folks are in play at the moment.



They must be desperate for distractions because this lame report just came out.Please—140 sightings?James Gilliland sees that at the ECETI Ranch in one week.


US intel report confirms more than 140 UFO sightings 

美国情报报告证实超过140 UFO 目击事件


I came across a video of Tucker Carlson interviewing Maxime Bernier about his recent arrest in Manitoba.I'm glad to hear that it wasn't because Maxime is wanted for treason.He doesn't seem like a bad guy and has put himself out there.He speaks a lot of truth and goes to quite a few freedom rallies.

我偶然看到一段塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)采访马克西姆·贝尼尔(Maxime Bernier)的视频,内容是他最近在马尼托巴被捕。我很高兴听到这不是因为马克西姆因叛国罪被通缉。他看起来不像是个坏人,而且已经把自己摆在那里了。他说了很多真话,参加了不少自由集会。

I feel like if Max had been involved in some light crime because of undue threats to his family from the deep state,that the White Hats would cut him some slack,especially if he stepped up now when the People need his leadership so desperately.


Since Canada and the USA are working together in this Alliance,it's really great to see the US media coverage of what is unfolding in the Great White Gulag because it ain't gonna happen in the north forty bought-and-paid-for news.





Looks like they're jerking the People's chains in Oz again.Why are people getting tested?Or perhaps they're just lying about the cases.


Just stop the nonsense.We still have climate lockdowns coming and want to make sure we can fit them all in.



As far as the Arizona Audit and election fraud goes,Boris Epshteyn reveals…


There's a Nuclear Earthquake Coming Out Of AZ 



There are 23 state audit chats set up now on Telegram.That's over half the states in the Union—and growing.Why not just have a new election with paper ballots requiring US citizenship ID?

目前在 Telegram 上有23个国家审计聊天室。这个数字超过了美国一半的州,而且还在增长。为什么不举行一次新的选举,用纸质选票要求出示美国公民身份证?

Can you imagine how all this bad news is going to come out?It's going to be shock and awe,that's for sure.Scott Kesterson of BardsFM says he believes the American People should have to endure a full 4-year term of a Biden presidency because they haven't suffered enough.Sheesh.People are in pain and dying in this predatory system.How many lifetimes do we have to suffer?

你能想象所有这些坏消息会如何传出去吗?毫无疑问,这将是震撼和敬畏。BardsFM 的斯科特·凯斯特森说,他认为美国人民应该忍受拜登的整整四年任期,因为他们受的苦还不够多。。在这个掠夺性的系统中,人们正在痛苦和死亡中。我们要忍受多少世的痛苦?

The Human trafficking stories are daily now.Clearly,the treatment of Humans as a commodity is at least feasible to the public now.


Human trafficking racket busted in Assam's Baksa,31 people including seven minor girls rescued 


Macaulay Culkin has been brave about coming forward about the truth of Hollywood.



If you're on Telegram you get steamy news they don't put elsewhere.Like these visuals.They're going after Matt Hancock big time.Link to Telegram.

如果你在 Telegram 上,你会得到他们在其他地方没有的潮湿的新闻。就像这些视觉效果。他们正在追杀马特·汉考克。链接到 Telegram

NEW–The brother of Matt Hancock's lover is director of a private health company which has won several NHS contacts with Matt Hancock's department.


It's so easy to catch these hypocrites up.Either we enjoy free speech or we don't.It's not selective.


So the negligent VP Harris has agreed to visit the southern border?Que pasa,Kamal[a]?


Trump said wait till we see what he's fixin'to do about Big Tech next week.I can't wait.In the mean time,we have this"decode".


You probably can't read this but you can see a better version on Telegram.This is why I don't spend much time trying to re-created what is on other websites.That is what links are for;so you can see the original.

你可能看不懂这个,但是你可以在 Telegram 上看到更好的版本。这就是为什么我不会花太多时间去重建其他网站上的内容。这就是链接的作用,所以你可以看到原文。


Charlie Ward and Ann Vandersteel discuss the RV/GCR in Iraq,etc.as far as this wild time we're experiencing and will experience.Bumps in the road,but not as bad as the end of a civilization,eh?

查理·沃德和安·范德斯蒂尔讨论了 RV/GCR 在伊拉克等等,直到我们正在经历和将要经历的这段疯狂时期。路上有些颠簸,但没有一个文明的终结那么糟糕,对吧?

The Great Revelation 



The following is a hoot;an article and audio from Halifax Today attacking the Queen(Romana)and Q.Obviously these people don't do any research they just echo the narrative of the evil media in the USA who talk about the violence incited by"QAnon"—which doesn't exist.Anti-hate network?Give me a break.

下面是一个很有趣的故事,一篇来自《今日哈利法克斯》的文章和音频攻击女王(罗马娜) q。显然,这些人没有做任何研究,他们只是附和了美国邪恶媒体的叙述,这些媒体谈论"QAnon"煽动的暴力ーー这是不存在的。反仇恨网络?饶了我吧。

Nova Scotia is one of the worst provinces for corruption in the scamdemic lockdowns.And let's not forget the biggest mass murder in recent Canadian history still has not been put to rest by the authorities over a year later.I've heard some serious Human trafficking crimes have taken place there,as well.It's prime territory for submarines and tunnels.



If Romana is a LARP like Q then why expend these man-hours and precious air time talking about them?They're linking the Yellow Vests and anti-lockdown groups and Trump to this,of course.Anyone who thinks for themselves and criticizes the government or talks about an elite cabal is going to be painted with the same brush.It's all just a bad joke,isn't it?

如果罗马纳是一个类似 q LARP,那么为什么要花费这么多人力和宝贵的广播时间来谈论他们呢?当然,他们把黄背心、反封锁组织和特朗普与此联系起来。任何为自己着想、批评政府或谈论精英阴谋集团的人都将被同样地描绘。这一切都只是一个糟糕的笑话,不是吗?

Of course they don't tell you that the same sort of Cease and Desist orders have been delivered to governments in other countries,as well.It's called"putting them on notice".If we make the government officials and enterprises aware that they are involved in activities unacceptable to the People and according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or even local by-laws and ordinances and they do not stop,they set themselves up for lawsuits or perhaps citizen's arrest—or worse.


Romana suggesting death sentences or"lead in the head"is perhaps not a good way to speak about the outcomes but we'll see how it goes.


If you do happen to be intrigued by the Q movement and the Canadian proponent of ending the tyranny in Canada and wish to learn more about Romana Didulo and the Canada1st Party of Canada(which they failed to mention!)you can use these links to Telegram.

如果你碰巧被 q 运动和支持结束加拿大暴政的加拿大人所吸引,并希望了解更多关于 Romana Didulo 和加拿大第一党(他们没有提到!)你可以使用这些链接到 Telegram

Queen Elizabeth the Second was never a real queen,she preyed on Canada's children(look up Kamloops Indian Residential School mass grave)and she has been removed from Buckingham Palace by the Earth Alliance,as has the rest of the Windsor family.The"royals"of Europe are involved in highly criminal activities involving Jeffrey Epstein,and worse so these"journalists"apparently don't know how to do research and/or are New World Order mouthpieces.

伊丽莎白二世女王从来都不是一个真正的女王,她掠夺加拿大的孩子们(查找 Kamloops 印第安人寄宿学校的万人坑),她已经被地球联盟从加拿大白金汉宫移除,就像温莎家族的其他成员一样。欧洲的"皇室"参与了涉及杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的高度犯罪活动,更糟糕的是,这些"记者"显然不知道如何做研究,或者成为新世界秩序的代言人。

In this audio they're talking about"Ramona"and"QAnon"—neither of which are even accurate!It's Romana,and Q,and the Anons who research the information Q leaves on the message boards(or used to).

在这段音频中,他们谈论的是"Ramona""QAnon"——这两个词都不准确!是 Romana q,以及研究 q 留在留言板上的信息的 Anons

So…serving someone with a legal document notifying them of an unwanted situation is"harassment",now?Yes,we mustn't speak up or question or take action to see the country is run according to the constitution.Sounds like a lot of lawyers and process servers are going to be out of jobs if these guys have their way.


Actually,we are complicit in the destruction of our nation if we see illegal or treasonous activities and do nothing.That makes us liable for the same penalties as the perpetrators.It is our DUTY to do what we can to stop the crimes and make them known to those who can and will.


This hour has 22 minutes.


QAnon's"Queen of Canada"is organizing harassment on streets across the country 

QAnon "加拿大女王"正在组织全国各地的街头骚扰

It is time for the People to step up,get involved,engage in their communities,and do what they can to put things right.Yes!They need to put these control freaks on notice.


Sheriffs disperse school board meeting after hundreds of parents attempt to protest critical race theory

OAN Newsroom UPDATED 1:17 PM PT - Thursday, June 24, 2021 Chaos erupted after the Loudoun County, Virginia School Board unexpectedly cut their meeting short after allowing comments from only 50 of the 250 parents who were slated to speak. On Tuesday night, hundreds of parents flooded the end of the year school board meeting in protest of their curriculum.

This struck me as humorous.You know,F-15s…AR-15s,easy to confuse them.The"big guns".Great protection against a tyrannical government,but we're gonna need a bigger garage.


There's a great new article on Operation:Disclosure from GMan757 whom you may recognize from the comments that you might want to read.What do you think?Are you feeling a more spiritual vibe these days?Investing in a little meditation time?Putting your intentions to good use?

关于 Operation:Disclosure,有一篇很棒的新文章,来自 GMan757,你可能会从你可能想要阅读的评论中认出它。你觉得怎么样?这些天你是否感受到更多的精神共鸣?投资一点冥想时间?把你的意图用在好的地方?

Now is the Time for We The People to Trigger our Ascension 


So now we're just wondering when the Alliance is going to play the Q card.How much do you want to bet Divine Timing is involved?



And with that,I'm outta here.The posts are coming out a little later as I spend time outside in the morning,when it's cooler and quiet,except for the mosquito that had me for breakfast.I heard the biting/stinging insects will not be part of our new world.Hallelujah!


Thanks to the crew for their unique finds,perspectives,and support.I see the same people"liking"the posts every day.So loyal.Love you guys.~BP




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