瑞典银河真理报|第371期 心连心

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瑞典银河真理报|第371期 心连心18th June 2021


vDear Friends

 瑞典银河真理报|第371期 心连心 亲爱的朋友们

At present I am experiencing a very emotional time of repair and healing that is at times somewhat scary because the emotions are so strong.All kinds of impressions bring tears to the surface unexpectedly on a daily basis right now.


Today was one very strong emotional journey during and after the time that I read Cobra's latest update.Tears for all of those unhappy souls still lost after brutal battles that raged,some of them hundreds of years ago.Tears for those hostages still not rescued.


Yes we are getting there…yes,progress is being made fast now…and we–you and I need to be aligned with the soft and loving and caring Goddess Energy when its all'on the table'…we need to be the voices of peace during the time of transition.We need to be among those pointing out the absolute waste of time and effort it would be to use more violence as a solution to dealing with forthcoming information.


We are each of us developing and growing into those peace spreading individuals that Gaia so needs now.We are learning now to accept those new roles;we are developing new sides to ourselves.


We are learning about our true power–the power of the Goddess which is vulnerable and soft and caring.


We need now at all times to believe in this powerful Goddess energy that is being so freely showered upon us right now.


When any type of negativity arises within us such as believing that efforts that we might make are pointless,then we lose contact with the Goddess power that is growing within us.


What we choose to believe creates our world!!!


Believe me when I say that our every step forward in becoming Goddess like is Monitored–Guided.


Its perfectly fine to be–to feel inexperienced in these new roles–its perfectly fine to be vulnerable–this is all about Goddess Energy taking form.


We each of us need to now release the need to plan each detail of our days.We are learning about following the Flow of the Collective Force without any focus upon specific desires.The less desires we have the better this Flow will be.


We simply put cannot go astray.


We have ENDLESS support on this journey.


We are so Loved,and we are developing emotionally by the hour.


We simply will not know what the next step ahead is at all!Let's allow ourselves to be surprised.


We are being tutored about the softer,loving,caring and vulnerable sides of the Goddess Energies.


We KNOW that Love can,and Love has moved mountains.


There is always a peaceful solution to any problems that arise.Sometimes we have to wait for the perfect moment to be shown the peaceful solution to a specific problem.


As we are at all times working alongside the Council of Love and we will be Guided when that moment arises.


There is so much…there is no end to the injustices that have/are taking place on this planet where sadness has prevailed so so long…


I myself am trusting that the right people will heed the call from the Light Forces in the planting of cintamani stones in areas where battles have raged to bring much needed healing to humanity.


This is urgently needed NOW.



Let's also send our loving energy to those hostages still being held below surface in the Eastern Congo Rwanda and Burundi area until they can be rescued by the Light Forces as described in the above message from Cobra.


This type of generosity will strengthen the Light for the whole and bring us ever closer to liberation.


Every step that we make in the right direction will be reciprocated in much greater measure by the Grace of the Goddess.


Sending much Love to all of you Therese Z

给你们所有人带去无限的爱,Therese z



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