2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

June 17,2021 2021617

2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

It's Thursday already.How did that happen?Why don't we just skip to Friday every week and not bother with the rest?Fri,Sat,and Sunday X 4 every month.Works for me.

已经是星期四了。这是怎么发生的?我们为什么不每周跳到星期五而不去管其他的事情呢?每月星期五、星期六及星期日 x 4。对我很有用。

But what are these wack-jobs up to this weekend?There must be an ulterior motive,right?Like a banking holiday?For a new QFS?Just shut'er down.


Or is it really about an"Independence Day"event?


Federal government to observe Juneteenth holiday on Friday 


There are ongoing suggestions that the original NWO plan to execute a"fake alien invasion"may be attempted.Again yesterday they reported…

目前有迹象表明,最初的 NWO 计划可能会实施"假外星人入侵"。昨天他们再次报道..

(and I don't believe that is Adam Schiff in the picture)

(我认为照片中的人不是亚当希夫[Adam Schiff])

UFOs could threaten US security,pols say after Capitol Hill briefing 


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

Are they hinting of an"independence day-style"revelation to the world?Close encounters?Another'scare event'?


If they're going to do it,they better make it good.I'm tired of this pussy-footing around and pretending like we don't know anything,and the"anomalies'are a mystery.Just rip the Band-aid off,for godssake.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

The military have been engaging other races forever.Here's a saucer crash at White Sands,New Mexico from many years ago.We heard the cabal's military purposely jammed the ships'navigation so they could reverse-engineer crashed craft.


U F O Crash

U F O Crash in New Mexico 1997

How far have they come over the years?Here's a revealing look at some of the technology the military have at their disposal.It's fascinating,and used for good,would be fine.But anything can also be used for evil intent.If you saw the video coverage of the Merapi volcano in Indonesia and the"meteor"from Mr.MBB recently,this is a followup.It's very interesting reading from Dr.Joseph Farrell at the Giza Death Star blog.No confirmation from any official source yet on what that"meteor"was.You can see the images discussed at this link.

这些年来他们取得了多大的进步?这里有一些关于军方可以使用的技术的发人深省的观点。它很吸引人,并且用于好的方面,这样就可以了。但是任何东西都可能被用于邪恶的目的。如果你看过印度尼西亚默拉皮火山的视频报道和 MBB 先生最近的"流星",这是一个后续报道。约瑟夫·法雷尔博士在吉萨死星博客上发表的文章非常有趣。目前还没有任何官方消息来源证实这颗"流星"是什么。你可以在这个链接中看到讨论的图片。

Meteor Merapi 27 Mei 2021 by Gunarto Song

27 Mei 2021作者:Gunarto Song



There's also chatter about this potentiality,below.Article and video at the link from Mike Adams,the Health Ranger.

下面还有一些关于这种潜力的讨论,来自健康护林员 Mike Adams 的文章和视频。

LIGHTS OUT:Cyber strike against America's power grid and energy infrastructure seeks to take down the nation and sow chaos so that bad actors can cover their tracks 


It sounds like things may get a little wild and wooly in some places but it's not really a bad thing.If we prepared,as Trump requested and many since have recommended,we will probably not be inconvenienced much,regardless of what happens.And if there are problems,well,there is a war going on.We'll deal with it.We'll work together,help each other.We'll get through it and life will be different on the other side.


It makes sense that we need a break in service to get connected to the new Quantum Systems but all things said and done,I expect it will be almost seamless.They've got this.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

Tesla tower Russia 特斯拉塔高耸于俄罗斯

It's so much better with teamwork.Pulling together.All for one and one for all.When the governors have one vision and one goal,responsive to the People,it will be a different country.


America needs to secure its borders,particularly right now.We can't have unchecked numbers of potentially weaponized Humans streaming into the country.The US and Canadian military are managing the 49th parallel and the gaps in the wall at the Mexican border need to be addressed.


Another great governor,Gregg Abbott,is in the middle of a game of Texas Hold'em.He is determined to secure the border of his state and is putting his money where his mouth is and I believe he will win this hand.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

Gov.Greg Abbott says Texas will build its own border wall,slams federal gov't for inaction 


The anticipation here in Arizona is palpable as we await the final news following the final analysis of the forensic audit.


CodeMonkeyZ brings us an important bit of dialogue from his Telegram post.So,Stacey was"helping"in Georgia AND Arizona?

CodeMonkeyZ 从他的 Telegram 帖子中给我们带来了一段重要的对话。那么,Stacey 是在"帮助"乔治亚州和亚利桑那州?

Herschel Fink,the director of the AZ Democrat Party,says Stacey Abrams helped the Dems"win"in Arizona.


And how did she do that,exactly?We're all ears.


Dave did another excellent analysis of key facets of the geopolitical scene,what is happening behind the scenes,and what we might expect to unfold.


Patriots Have The [DS] Panicking, Ready For The Offensive, Hold The Line - Ep. 2505

The [CB] plan is failing, a federal judge has granted an injunction to stop the leasing banning in Louisiana. As time goes on the D's states will become run down, crime will go up, people will see the difference. The Fed now says that inflation will be higher than they originally thought.

This nonsense still needs to be resolved,as well.The Affordable Care Act was never about providing"affordable care".These criminals always name things to hide what they really are.Think"opposite".


"Obamacare"was about wringing more money out of the public and impoverishing them even more while medical institutions and insurance companies profited grossly.The entire system should be abandoned and re-configured from the standpoint of all the new health maintenance and healing technology soon to be revealed and available that will actually restore the Human body at the cellular level,right down to our DNA.

"奥巴马医改"意味着在医疗机构和保险公司大幅盈利的同时,从公众手中榨取更多的钱财,使他们更加贫困。整个系统应该被抛弃和重新配置,从所有新的健康维护和治疗技术的角度来看,这些技术很快就会被揭示出来,并且能够在细胞水平上真正恢复人体,直到我们的 DNA

2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

With respect to the plandemic,Brasscheck TV reports on the appalling bribery that took place to gain the cooperation of hospitals and medical officials in fabricating a fake health crisis.

在计划行政方面,Brasscheck 电视台报道了一起骇人听闻的医院、医务人员受贿制造假健康危机的事件。

One aspect of it used astronomically inflated death figures to convince the public the flu was deadly and out of control with no way to curb it or treat it.Domestic terrorism in every nation.It's sad to think that obscene amounts of money can so easily get Humans to betray other Humans.Article and video at the link below.


Hospitals that booked 161"CoVid"admissions between January and June 2020 were given$77,000 per case for every case they manufactured.




Self-tests for the Wu Flu now have a warning issued.Not approved by the FDA.Imagine!

吴流感的自检现在有了警告。没有得到 FDA 的批准。想象一下!

Stop Using Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test:FDA Safety Communication 

停止使用 Innova SARS-CoV-2抗原快速定性试验:FDA 安全通讯

This is the still lingering,residual damage to the scamdemic that we're up against,folks.People talk about getting back to normal but the terrorist puppets said this is the new normal and they were actually right.For some it is,and they have no problem with it.It's like a security blanket.They need a sobering lesson in mask hygiene.These masks are toxic!in so many ways.


LT has been working hard.Here's another update from And We Know.

LT 一直在努力工作。这里是另一个更新从和我们知道。

6.16.21:How MUCH more TRUTH to LIGHT can we TAKE?FBI corruption exposed!Pray!6.16.21:


REPORT:More Than Half of Sex Trafficking Victims in the U.S.Last Year Were Recruited on Facebook…

报道:去年美国超过一半的性交易受害者是在 Facebook 上招募的.....

Agent A1 in Ontario,Canada is itching to take down some pedos and enablers.Newmarket is a small city north of Toronto.1 min.25 sec.

加拿大安大略省的特工 A1正在寻找机会扳倒一些叛徒和纵容者。纽马克特是多伦多北部的一个小城市。1分钟。25秒。



Oh,this isn't over.We're just getting started.


London Police to Review Allegations Epstein,Maxwell Abused Girls in UK 


And because of the bottomless evil these sub-Humans espouse,we find small comfort in reading an account like the one below concerning former Clown in America,John Brennan.It may or may not be true,but if not yet,at some point it will come to pass.What determines the method used to deliver them back to Satan?Personal choice?


We heard John McCain took two to the back of the head.Of Biden,Trump hinted when he told us,"He's shot"but does that mean firing squad or lethal injection?Probably the former.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球



Public hangings and guillotines would probably go a long way toward discouraging a life of crime.Some may consider it barbaric,but when the public learn what these monsters have done,they would hopefully find it a most fitting end for those we can only describe as"pure evil".Let's not forget they did install guillotines at the FEMA camps for us,after all.It would be a shame to see them go to waste.


Failing that,perhaps we could revive the trebuchet and turn deserving degenerates into space junk.It's an environmentally friendly option requiring no fuel,minimum maintenance,and producing no nasty emissions;just the jetsam produced by the offending cargo.I'm sure the Solar Warden fleet could easily vapourize them to prevent clutter.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

Perhaps the heat has short circuited my over-active imagination,(it's 112F at noon)or maybe I'm hopped up on Irish breakfast but I'm envisioning sending-off parties like they did for travellers about to embark on a cruise,with music and streamers and much celebration.It would help to alleviate the stress for the survivors.Bon voyage,John.You're a waste of oxygen.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

John Brennan Hanged At GITMO


This Telegram has a video,1 hr.50 min.about the darkness on our planet.It comes with a'graphic and disturbing'warning.I have not yet watched.


Deepest Dark 2021 Documentary 


This article is about darkness,too.The darkness that obscures truth and transparency.How many are not yet aware that Obama's partner"Michelle"is a man?Yup.Big Mike.Some say they don't care.That it doesn't matter.


The deception doesn't end there,however.Would it matter to know that"Michelle"was actually the senior CIA clown SENIOR in standing to Barack?One of our best sources told us that as a result of the intel he was given from his high-level sources.It's not a"conspiracy theory".It's fact.


We don't really care what people do in their bedrooms,but does it not matter that the President of the United States was gay,and his"wife"was a tranny,and their children borrowed?When is it okay to deceive the public?What were they honest about?Anything?Do they have the values Americans hold dear?Article below.


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球


Michelle Obama Is a Man:Michael LaVaughn Robinson(video)


Does anyone believe anything that comes out of the CCP?Talk about psychopaths.


If you commit a major crime and are doing time you do lose freedoms,such as the right to vote,but no one loses the right to keep their body parts intact.Most of the prisoners in China probably shouldn't be incarcerated,as is the case in America.The return to natural law will mean no punishment like that for victimless crimes.The punishment will suit the crime.



Justice is mandatory in Creation.It's coming."Thy will be done on Earth,as it is in Heaven."


2021年6月17日: 今天是seventhーa幸运日|星际飞船地球

I'm going to close with some fantastic news for those living in the good ol'USA.It's about a source for products you maybe wanted to get from an alternate retailer so you no longer support the greedy corporations who don't care about quality or being of service to others.Like Amazon.


Corey wrote an article explaining this patriot shopping club and the kinds of outstanding American-made products they provide.This will make it easier to buy American and get the safe,healthy products we need.Spread by word-of-mouth only and join with a phone call.


BIG SOLUTION:Well-Established Patriot Shop with Over 450 USA-Made Products with no Poisonous Chemicals,No Debt,and No Buyout–Ditch Big Box Stores Now!


Closing down for now with thanks from the crew for helping keep us all current and positive.Until next time.~BP




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