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This article was originally written in Japanese by Iruka Umino and translated into English by NOGI. Visit Iruka's original site 
这篇文章最初是由 Iruka Umino 用日语写成,并由 NOGI 翻译成英文。访问 Iruka 的原始网站here 这里.

This month,as there are three different meditations have been planned,our attention span is narrowing and trends don't last as long.


Let me remind you that the main event is the Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 which will be on the 30th.


The Booster Meditation on Sunday the 21st is just for the benefit of 30th.


So don't burn out with booster


The most important mass meditation is the Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 on 30th!So let's spread the information of the meditation on the 30th again.


Many people start to talk about the meditation as I see in Twitter,but It is not heating up like the last one on April 4th.

许多人开始谈论冥想,就像我在 Twitter 上看到的那样,但是它并没有像44日的最后一次那样升温

At that time,everyone wanted to bring end to COVID-19,so maybe that's why it was successful.


Maybe everyone is now wondering"Wait,what is the Age of Aquarius?What do you mean by'Part 2'?"It is understandable that what we are doing seem like a total stranger for the major part of future participants.


I feel that it was necessary to explain the age of Aquarius again to a certain extent.


About the Age of Aquarius(Japanese)


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Understanding the Age of Aquarius itself,I think,can make us understand the importance of the meditation on 30th and increase your energy when you explain and convey your feelings to the others.


Instead of spreading your words blindly,let's reaffirm the current situation and the meaning and importance of this meditation.


Everyone is groping around and getting tired of it.I know we have almost no idea of how to tell this all to the others who do not know anything.


If this meditation doesn't reach the critical mass of 144,000,there will be a lot of problems,and we do not want that!So please take great care of it.


With regard to the polar shift,I know it is important to know,but on the other hand,I received an opinion that it would be difficult to share this information because it would frighten people,and I thought it was true.


However,it is certain that the polar shift is not fake and the global situation is like that,so it was good information to report to awakened people.


If this meditation has any other intention,it's not only bringing the abundance and healing to all of us,but it's also incredibly important in order to stabilize the timeline to liberate the planet.


There is a plan for a positive future for all of us based on the premise that the mass meditation works(critical mass achieved).


By around 2018,the possibility of the EVENT had almost disappeared.We had no other hope but waiting for a polar shift and everything was washed away by huge tsunami.However,we managed to bring the timeline positive side in the beginning of 2019,and now we can foresee the possibility of the EVENT occurring by 2025.


This is the reason why Bill Gates is building a seed vault in Norway.At 64,we have no clear explanation but Bill Gates is preparing for something that will happen in the near future.


Storing seeds means that the whole earth is going to be washed away at some point in the future.


I don't think any of my readers think Bill Gates is just a philanthropist.


Bill Gates,with a few elites,basically want everyone to die.But he wants to keep some slaves for them.How could we think that he's going to do philanthropy stuff for the future of humanity?比尔·盖茨和一些精英基本上希望每个人都去死。但是他想为他们保留一些奴隶。我们怎么会认为他会为人类的未来做慈善事业呢?

By the way,it's not a distant future.He is doing this for his own survival,too.顺便说一下,这不是遥远的将来,他这么做也是为了自己的生存

Even if the earth is washed away by the pole shift,he wants to survive and become the god of the new world.


Please let me clarify


this is not a clever trick,but a true reality.


I've been working almost every day for the past six months.


For half a year,I've been responding to emails and working with COBRA almost every day,and yesterday COBRA told me that I need more rest and healings.


Well,but I will do my best for 10 days until June 30.


Astrologically speaking,the Age of Aquarius is a larger cycle solar system in which the energy of Aquarius plays a major role.


It lasts for some thousand years(2160 years?)and characterizes the spirituality and the direction of civilization of the time.


Until now,we were in the age of Pisces,the age of conflict and duality(Light vs Darkness).


In the age of Aquarius,which officially begins on the December 21st(winter solstice)in 2020,everyone can be active and shine in their own field of expertise.


Here is a detailed explanation in this article.


Shifting from the Pisces age to the Aquarius age,there will be changes.


When the age changes,old things disappear and new things are born.


That's what is happening on planet Earth today.


Everyone is witnessing old values,old belief systems and old social systems are now collapsing.


The dark forces,being aware that they are going to be defeated and vanish,are now struggling to bring the confusions to our society as much as they can because Of course,they want to survive.


If there is no activity to make the transition period of the Earth peaceful and stable,All of us will need to live in accordance with the control plan of the dark lords.


Lately,Japanese TV commercial constantly reporting that"Get used to the new normal"under the name of the Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare,which means they are leading people to do the exact same way as the TV programs say.


It's a control plan of a dark power called the New World Order.


"new world order"="new normal"Isn't it?


It is not a active society where people meet physically,but a dead world where there is no actual contact with others...


A society where people meet only on the screen of a PC and actually hate each other...在这个社会里,人们只能在电脑屏幕上见面,实际上却互相憎恨.....

According to David Icke,one of the plans of the Illuminati is"non-reproductive sex".They are promoting test-tube-babies,well,it has already become such a world.


Dystopia movies reflect the world that the Illuminati desires to build.It's a society where AI and robots control humans.


There's already a biochip implanted that warns people to keep Social Distancing(Illuminati's words).


What was thought to be an urban legend is now becoming a reality one after another.


Coronavirus wasannounced 6666 days after 09/11/01.WHat is HR 6666 and WO/2020/060606 Patent?

冠状病毒在09/11/016666天被公布。HR 666 wo/2020/060606专利是什么?

Project Moonshot = Robotizing humans? 


Understanding what is really going on,we definitely need to share and anchor the positive energy to the ground,and pave the way up for a Golden Age.


This is the purpose of the Global Meditation"Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2"which will be held on June 30.


If the number of participants in the meditation exceeds the critical mass of 144000 participants,that can have a global healing chain effect.This is our goal.


In fact,the energy of this collective will can be utilized to make real changes to the quantum field so that we can stabilize our path of the positive future of the Earth.


Booster Meditation on June 21


The more participants we have,the more positive energy we generate,so ideally we should have about 1 million participants.


What is happening in the end of old universe is,let's say,the same as New Year's Eve.


We do a big cleaning before New Year(in Japan)


The same for Earth and universe.Before the new age arrives,we clean up the place we live in.


On a global scale,it is expressed in the form of a large tsunami caused by a polar shift.


It's like the Earth taking a bath to refresh its body.


It is predicted to happen around 2025.


By then,we have to get rid of the dark forces from this planet(Many people now realize that the Corona Pandemic is not a natural occurrence but is a"Plandemic".The most of the shocking historical events in the United States such as 9/11 was inside job involving those elites in international governmental level).


Or else,Humanity itself cannot escape from the Earth.


So we need to get rid of them as soon as possible.


On June 30th we meditate to help Light Forces remove the dark forces.


What the Light Forces need is our energy of love and light.


Our collective positive energy for the society,that we all can have access to a peaceful life and abundance,actually brings healing energy to the society worldwide and gives it the positive power to counter the forces of negativity.


The battle between light and darkness in the invisible higher realms is,so to speak,the battle between the energy of beautiful light and the energy of distorted darkness.


If we can spread enough many beautiful love and light to this world,light will be victorious.


The dark forces on the other hand,have built massive facilities in places like Switzerland and the United States to cause quantum anomalies in order to spread their anomaly and distortion.


Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider ( LHC) is the world's largest and highest-energy particle collider and the largest machine in the world. It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and hundreds of universities and laboratories, as well as more than 100 countries.

The well-known and one of the main occultists of the dark forces,Michael Aquino,has developed a ritual named"the ceremony of the nine angles"to enforce trapezoidal non-sacred geometries in negative occult rituals such as child abuse and rape aiming to spread dark energy on the planet.


A Facebook Posting All About Satanist Michael Aquino

Exposing the Truth Tuesday, February 11, 2014 The Case Against Michael Aquino - Satanic Pedophile For those who don't know, Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco.

Anyone who has researched"conspiracy theories"or exposed truth may wonders why those elites of the dark forces love these dark occult rituals.


This is because dark occult rituals and occult knowledge are the source of energy for the dark forces.It's not a fantasy,but real.That's the higher reality.


Flower of Life

In the last few months since mid-April, planet Earth was fluctuating between the gamma timeline (Light Intervention) and delta timeline (Planetary Annihilation). All intel about this was strictly classified as too much focus on negative timeline would increase the probability of its manifestation.

But what can we do to spread light?


It is the energy of love between men and women at the soul level.And there are also high-vibration minerals,harmonious frequencies of music.


Beautiful paintings,works of art,and sacred geometry like the Flower of Life.


Spreading the truth is spreading the light.


Individual meditation is powerful,but mass meditation generates incomparably strong positive energy.


On June 30,Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct,so we will use this power of a rare celestial event which create powerful positive effects through global meditation during that time.630日,


COVID-19,Bill Gates,Vaccination,5G,Smart City,implanting microchip,digital currencies,mass surveillance,GMO...


(When it comes the term"Smart",it is basically the Illuminati agenda.Smartphones are being popularized to prevent people from seeing each other and blocking interaction with family and friends.)


Unfortunately,the plan for this kind of dark forces are progressing steadily.


Some"spiritual"people say"all is well as long as we have fun."


No matter how much you enjoy your own life,vaccines are being developed and 5G areas are expanding right now.


Some people say mass arrests and secret prosecutions are happening behind the scenes,but Bill Gates is still very alive.


Even if you go vote in an election,it may not reflect your opinion.


If you want it to be reflected,demonstrating your own power of our consciousness is the most effective.


We can actually change global society by bringing together our desire to experience a positive world.


That's the law of creation,the law of manifestation,in this world.(Three steps:decisioninvocationaction)


Again,this is not a fantasy,but a scientifically proven fact.


One example that we can see the change mass meditation can make is,when 1.1 million people from around the world participated in the End of Coronavirus meditation,it created the spikes in the Earth's geomagnetc field.


Global Mass Meditation Coincides With Spike In The Earth's Geomagnetic Field

By Luke Miller / Truth Theory From the 4th to 5th of April there was a spike in the Earth's geomagnetic field, bringing the Schumann Resonance power to the highest point of 76. What is interesting to note, is this spike coincided with the global mass meditation which took place on this date.

it's becoming a common sense that it is scientifically proven that mass meditation can actually reduce crime and suicide rates in our society.


Studies Show Group Meditation Lowers Crime, Suicide, & Deaths In Surrounding Areas

There is a lot of talk about meditation as being an essential practice to cultivate overall wellness. But meeditation is not just a way to cope with stress and seek inner knowledge. It literally has the potential to literally transform the world. By transform the world, I don't just mean transform individuals who meditate.

Washington crime reduced by 23% by TM group in four weeks

A two-month national demonstration project conducted in Washington, D.C., showed how a coherence-creating group of TM-Sidhas can reduce crime and social stress and improve the effectiveness of government. This was a carefully controlled scientific demonstration carried out between June 7 and July 30, 1993.

Here,I would like to emphasize that this is not a joke,it is not a religion,it is not an activity with a hidden negative agenda or so,but it is a purely positive action to protect our future.


From 14:48 on June 30,just for 20 minutes,


all you have to do is just follow the instructions and imagining a simple things and making a simple declaration.


An audio guide will be made by the day,so you can just listen to the audio guide and do as guided.


No special technique is required.Beginners are welcome.


You can participate even if you did not participate in part 1.


Anyone can participate even if it is the first time.


You don't need to register or report to join.


You can join from home.你可以在家里加入

The number of participants is automatically counted,and their energy is automatically flowing as well.


Therefore,it is a safe activity with no particular risks and it is super-beneficial for everyone on Earth.


So please let's continue to invite more people to this global meditation seriously.


Thank you in advance!


Written by Iruka Umino

作者:Iruka Umino

Translated by NOGI



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