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spioradalachd a tha ann an cridhe


Spirituality is nourishment for the soul the way food and drinks are nourishment for the body.Spirituality starts with the notion that we are spirits in a body and not merely a body;on the contrary,the body is a temporary vessel for the soul,a tool to play around and gain experiences in the physical world.I don't need to tell that to lightworkers and spiritual people,but it is amazing how many people just see themselves as a body and identify fully with it.There are quite a lot of spiritual traditions and practices,and equally many if not more gurus and spiritual teachers.They all have valuable insights to share,and as long as the teachings they share are not being carved into stone as the absolute rules of life they can serve as inspiration and guidance.In a balanced and fully functional world where there is no primary anomaly that would suffice to answer the questions of life that people have and to show them what works and what doesn't.But that is not the kind of world we live in,on planet Earth everything is upside down and inside out.What is lowest gets the highest esteem and praise,and what is highest is often looked down on.What should come from inside is derived from outside and the outside values get to replace the ones inside.In such a twisted world the normal teachings of spirituality fall short,in a way they don't apply anymore the same as the laws of physics don't apply anymore in a singularity


When the original creator-helper angels fell from grace by becoming caught up in the primary anomaly,the primary anomaly only deepened.They lost power over themselves and were unable to stop the pain they were experiencing.Neither did Source have a solution at hand ready to apply on the spot.That's why they sought to desensitize themselves to the point that they ultimately were stripped from any feeling,but with the energetic imprint of powerlessness and wrath.They compensated for that by seeking power over other life forms and became the Chimera;thus they have been acting out their trauma and the blueprint of the dark forces and the physical Cabal was born.It was and is fundamentally anti-life,because it renounces and belies the inner power and life force and implies that it must be taken and stolen from outside,in other words from other life forms,and that's how the multidimensional energy harvesting system came into being.There is no justification for what the dark forces have done and neither did it serve any spiritual purpose,but it did happen and it could not be prevented,otherwise it would have been prevented.The light forces will have to show people why it couldn't be prevented and how it all came into being in the first place.


Now in such a setting when you forgive your slave master for enslaving you and harvesting that which is rightfully yours,the slave master says"thank you"and continues his practice undisturbed.So that's not going to change anything at all and the abuse is unhampered.When you delude yourself by declaring you are the sole master of your life when that is factually incorrect,the slave master says"but within the boundaries I have set"and continues to enforce his rule and your boundaries.So where does that leave the freedom of spirit,the spiritual impulse to go where no one has gone before and do what no one has done before and be a unique part of Creation?It is stunted,because the true freedom has been lost and the balance of giving and receiving has been upset.It's as if we are all being cast from the same mold,having to meet the same standards as everyone else.Does nature work that way?I don't think so.That is why freedom is not a luxury or something exchangeable,it is a must.It is what life needs as a non-negotiable condition to thrive,to develop and grow.And balance needs to be restored for the contextual setting to become functional again,so that the natural order of things can resume and the universal laws are applied once more.


Everything is ultimately an expression of love?Really?An innocent child starving to death because food transports are deliberately being blocked,is that love?People on Earth have forgotten what love is and they need to be reeducated.They should see for themselves what the Chimera have done and they need to experience real love,so that they can tell the fundamental difference.Thou shallt not steal?Forget about that,you should take back all that was taken from you against your will,first of all your autonomy and sovereignty,and you don't need anyone's permission for that.You should avoid being swept by emotions and control them instead?Forget about that as well,the fact that you have emotions indicates there is a discomfort and imbalance.Why else would you be angry or over the moon with joy,if you would have balance in your life and would already have what you really desire deep down?See no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil?It's way too late for that,bro.Things have gotten so far out of hand in this world that the truth of the matter must be said,whether people like it or not and whether people accept it or not.The most apt application of spirituality in our circumstances is to be very honest with ourselves and with the world we interact with about how we feel and think about things and to act with integrity the best the circumstances allow.This is the only way out of the mess of duality,slavery and oppression that we inherited from what has gone before us.





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