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xekleidoma |2020-11-16:锡安有些事


First of all I want to share some more information on the governing body of the Black Nobility.It was formed in 1201 AD and is called NEPSO.That is short for Nostra Esigenza Politica Società Occulta(Our Exigent Politics Occult Society).Exigent means required/necessary/demanded(as in what they want to impose)and is not limited to legal and lawful methods.You will hardly find this name on internet,as it is for insiders only.Apart from a few spelling changes the name has remained unchanged since the inception of the central board of the Black Nobility over 8 centuries ago.

首先,我想分享一些关于黑色贵族管理机构的更多信息。它形成于公元1201年,被称为NEPSO。这是Nostra Esigenza Politica Societ a occurta(我们的紧急政治神秘社会)的简称。紧急是指要求的/必要的/强烈要求的(如他们想要施加的),不限于法律和合法的方法。你很难在网上找到这个名字,因为它只供内部人士使用。除了一些拼写上的变化外,这个名字自8个多世纪前黑人贵族中央委员会成立以来一直保持不变。

The Prieuré de Sion(Priory of Sion)is the worldwide headquarters of the Zionists in Sion,Switzerland.The main tasks of the Zionists are to create division among religions,to instigate war between the East and the West and to promote the divide and rule strategy of the Cabal.


The Octagon Group consists mainly of bankers and also has its headquarters in Sion,Switzerland.The main tasks of the Octagon Group are to control the Bank of International Settlements,the worldwide financial system and the international flows of money.


Novus Ordo Seclorum(New Order of the Ages)is the headquarters of the Order of the Black Sun and it is also located in Sion,Switzerland.The Order of the Black Sun consists of around 2250 members worldwide and is organized in 13 groups.These groups hold regular meetings once a month,and at times also have ad hoc meetings.But most of the time their members communicate through electronic means.Some of the members are embedded in governments,armies,multinationals and international organisations,but most of them don't hold conventional jobs.They have been engaged in adrenochrome harvesting,human trafficking,extortion and the SSPs(Secret Space Programs).The Order of the Black Sun would be in contact with the Draco fleet before it got cleared and is in contact with the Chimera fleet.The main task of the Order of the Black Sun is to guard and enforce the quarantine of planet Earth.If any spacecraft is detected approaching or entering low or medium Earth orbit that is not part of the club(as in Cabal dark fleets)they will notify the Chimera about it.Also they are involved in erasing traces of space observatory data and other evidence that points to the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials.

Novus Ordo Seclorum是黑太阳骑士团的总部,也位于瑞士锡安。黑日骑士团在全世界约有2250名成员,由13个团体组成。这些小组每月举行一次定期会议,有时还举行临时会议。但大多数时候他们的成员通过电子手段进行交流。其中一些成员是政府、军队、跨国公司和国际组织的成员,但大多数人不从事常规工作。他们从事肾上腺色素的采集、贩卖人口、敲诈和秘密太空计划。黑日骑士团将在德拉科舰队被清除之前与它联系,并与奇美拉舰队保持联系。黑日骑士团的主要任务是保卫和加强对地球的隔离。如果探测到任何航天器接近或进入不属于俱乐部一部分的中低地球轨道(如阴谋集团黑暗舰队),他们会通知奇美拉。此外,他们还参与抹去空间观测站数据的痕迹和其他表明仁慈的外星人存在的证据。

It was decided to locate the headquarters of these 3 key Cabal organisations in Sion as Switzerland is a neutral country,Sion is an inconspicuous location(not too big and not too small),Sion is located in the sunniest part of Switzerland,Sion has a long cultural history as a town/small city and Sion is located on an important planetary energy grid point.



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