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大天使麦克|2020狮子门Beloved Ones,once again it is the time of the Lions Gate and the Planetary New Year.Another Diamond Spiral of Time is being birthed through the Leo Gateway of the 8/8.The Royal Lion Guardians of"Yesterday"and"Tomorrow"stand posted at the Gateway,ready to admit those who are balanced in their hearts to the Sacred Spiral of Masterful Co-Creation on Planet Earth.


This begins on the 22nd July when the Sun moves into the Constellation of Leo,and then gathers momentum through the"Day out of Time"on the 25th July and the Planetary New Year on the 26th July.This is when the Royal Lions of Regulus and Sirius assist in the birthing of a new time line,or more correctly,a new time spiral for the New Earth.Time is a Diamantine spiral of Creative Power that allows Beings of Light and Spirit to manifest and create in a material or physical setting.It is the creative energy of the original desire for knowledge and experience that initiated the dawn of creation,and which continues to power the ongoing Ascension/Creation process.

这始于722日,当太阳进入狮子座的时候,然后聚集势头通过725日的"Day out of Time"726日的行星新年。这是狮子座和天狼星的皇室狮子协助带来新时间线的时间,或更准确地说,一个新的时间螺旋,为了新地球。时间是一个富有创造力的钻石螺旋,会让光之存有和精神在一个物质或物理环境中显化以及创造。这是对知识和体验的原始渴望的创造性能量,开启了创造的黎明,会继续促进不间断的扬升/创造进程

In recent past years,the Lions Gate has been relatively powerful,with Full Moons and Eclipses falling within the Gateway period.This year,it is quiet,for you have already passed through the Triple Eclipse Portal between the 5th of June and the 5th of July,and this prepared you for the Lions Gate.So,this year,you begin the transit as in the Sun moves into Leo,and as the Sun rises conjunct with the Blue Star Sirius in the Dawn sky in the Northern Hemisphere.The 25th July,the Day out of Time,allows you to let go and release the past year's time spiral and to make space to activate the New Time Spiral.Be mindful on the 25th and release what you do not want to take with you into the next Galactic cycle.Then,on the 26th,you will be ready to set intentions for the next cycle of life and evolution,both for yourself and for the Planet.

在最近几年,狮子门伴随着同时期的满月和日月食相当强大。今年,它是安静的,因为你已经通过65日到75日之间的三重日月食门户,这让你为狮子门做好了准备。所以,今年,你从太阳进入狮子座,从太阳伴随着蓝色的恒星天狼星在黎明的时候从北半球升起就开始了"过境"725日,the Day out of Time,会让你放下并释放过去一年的时间螺旋,为激活新的时间螺旋腾出空间。在25日留心,释放你不希望带到下一个银河周期的东西。然后,在26日,你会准备好为下一个生命和进化周期设置意图,为了你自己和地球

We ask you to be aware that this will,nevertheless,be a powerful transit,not least because Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto are gathering,in retrograde,in the 10th house of Capricorn,while on the 8/8 which is the apex of the Gate period,the Moon and Mars will be in Aries.This suggests,Beloved Ones,that the current collective energies of dis-ease and dissension will continue as old energies are released,and the emotions and responses of people continue to be aggressive and confrontational.Those who are wise will use this energy to stand in their power in a firm yet gentle way and to be creative even if the energy is unstable at times.You can be sure,dearest ones,that these difficult energies will continue at least until the end of the year.So,resolve to find your Inner Peace and Stability to support your path forward.


Your Heart is the Center of Peace and Light


Beloved Ones,it is only within your Sacred Heart that you will find a Space of Peace and Balance.There is so much in your outer reality that is chaotic and out of balance.This flow of"chaos"is the result of the collapse of the structures or"containers"that held the old ways in places for so long.As they collapse,the energy they contain is released into a powerful and turbulent flow of chaos.


While chaos is always a creative energy,seeding new ideas and new ways of being,it can be exhausting to be continually swept up in the maelstrom of energy and emotion.Within this cauldron,many people are fixating on ideas and ways of thinking that seem to explain things for them.They have difficulty in letting go of the idea of narratives within narratives,and their busy minds keep"hopping"from one rabbit hole to the next.To be a Master of Energy right now is to be outside of the narratives,and simply within that place of infinite Quiet and Peace that is the Temple of the Heart.


Beloved Masters,as you meditate and go into Silence,you access the Diamond Light Body and draw the Diamond Light particles and codes into your Heart.There,you can balance Heaven and Earth,Masculine an d Feminine,in the One Spiral off Crystalline Light that is the Consciousness of One.


The more you can rest in this Consciousness of One,the more you will move into the Present,the NOW,and the more easily you will transit through this Lions Gate on the 8/8.


The Search for Sacred Wisdom:Sophia and the Feminine Divine Light


In this new Golden Age that is arising,you will be led forward by the power of the Divine Feminine energy of Sophia.In Gnostic tradition,she is the Hidden Wisdom of the Feminine Aspect of the Divine.


Sophia is the veiled Divinity who is always hidden.She cannot be found in the outer reality,but only by going deep within and coming to know yourself.It is here that you will encounter your"hidden"Mastery and Power.It is here that you will confront chaos and learn how to be the wing of the butterfly that shapes destiny within the chaos.


The deep instinctual wisdom of Sophia will aid you to become the rising archetype for the next cycle of experience,the World Dancer.


The World Dancer is the Feminine power of Sophia in her form of Shakti,who dances and shapes reality in her steps.


No matter how powerful the storms,She dances with absolute Grace and Skill.Her story arises not from words but from her Graceful Movement through Time and Space within Many Dimensions.You will feel her dance as she creates a path of Beauty and Love that is beyond words and exists in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness and which is anchored in the 5th Dimensional New Earth by you as Master Dancers of the New Reality.……and the Royal Lions are Here!


Always present at the Lions Gate are the Powerful and Regal Beings who are the Guardians of the 8/8 Portal and Teachers of the High Wisdom of Sirius and Regulus(Alpha Leonis).


As the Sun advances through Leo towards Virgo/Regulus,the very high frequency blue white light of Regulus accelerates the Diamantine Time Crystals and creates the conditions for each soul to accelerate their time line and begin a new cycle,at the other side of the Lions Gate,and at a Higher Frequency of Consciousness.This can only be achieved by a meditative focus on the Lions Gate transit,and by not being distracted into lower frequencies at this crucial time.


The Royal Lions will walk with you and work with you to assist you to stay on purpose and achieve such Mastery.But,as we have said,you can only achieve this if you are balanced in your heart and your inner wisdom,and you have the skill to"dance"with the new frequencies in absolute mastery.


This means that your time can not be taken up in duality and conflict,which will slow you down and cause you to lose your rhythm and flow.In this period you must be in clear intention and clear focus as to what you will create through your Dance of Diamond Light in the New Earth.


Chaos there may be,Beloved Ones,but you are learning the inner wisdom to ride the waves and create Harmonic Patterns of Light,Love and Joy.Do not allow yourself to be distracted or to fall in frequency.Be mindful of those who are here to support you–your Soul Families and tribes in physical incarnation as well as your Angelic and Galactic Families of Light!


They will not allow you to fall.


They will hold you in their Love,Beloved Masters.


We wish you Joy and Creation


At this Lions Gate 2020.




传导:Celia Fenn

翻译:Nick Chan

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