ECETI 新闻|索罗斯的眼睛,原力,当指控者变成侵犯者–詹姆斯•吉利兰

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ECETI 新闻|索罗斯的眼睛,原力,当指控者变成侵犯者–詹姆斯•吉利兰




There is a common theme being played out within the collective consciousness most are missing.There has been a shift in roles,we are living in a world of opposites and the polarities are increasing.There are time old spiritual truths which are as true today as they were in the past.What see I am I,whenever you point the finger at someone there are three pointing back.Personal responsibility,self-observation especially concerning one's emotional state has gone out the window along with self-mastery.Einstein said doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insanity.This insanity is playing out exponentially,lessons are not being learned,the wisdom from the experiences are not being gained,and the lessons are becoming harder and harder.There is so much resistance in some cases the lesson becomes more of a wrecking ball.


"This is the age of the wrecking ball."


The biggest lesson of all is the realization that each situation has to be resolved internally not externally.The more external pressure to solve the situation the more things escalate.Resistance to going within,taking personal responsibility for the cocreation and trying to force your will on another will be equally met with an escalation of the problem until everything goes nuclear.You are seeing the macrocosm of the microcosm being played out today.The reason things end up going nuclear is ignoring the warnings.The obvious mirrors,personal agendas taking precedence over service to the greater good.Personal problems come from ego and attachments.Our personalities saying this is the way it should be ignoring social programing and our personal unresolved wounds and traumas.We should all over ourselves.Our power,love,joy and happiness are placed outside of ourselves dependent on the behavior of others and material objects in an everchanging world.Our world is unstable going through extreme change creating chaos thus the external world is not where you will find security or happiness.When you find peace within,love and accept yourself only then will you find stability and security.Secure within your own God/Goddess self.Do not think you will not be tested on the path,even after you reach that state.


There is another factor escalating the problems humanity is now facing and that is unseen negative influences.


"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places."


This is also as true today as it was in the past.Enlightenment means to be"In knowledge of".This knowledge contains the good/evil,positive/negative,both sides of the coin and the shades of grey in between.Enlightenment is not about sitting on a rock,eating gogi berries,turning yourself into a pretzel,spreading Facebook aphorisms and spiritual quotes.It is owning your dark side,being authentic and the end of seeking love,joy,acceptance and approval externally.It is when you find it within.It is when you transcend social consciousness,"engineering"and align with your own unique soul purpose.This demands authenticity.It is not about being PC correct that is another social engineering trap.What if all humanity went within and realized they were a soul,their soul came from Creator and in that we were all family?What if they realized they were unique,gifted and tapped into those gifts,their own creative drive?What if we dropped the separation game,stopped identifying with our multicolored,multicultural meat suit with the realization we are a soul and that soul is eternal?What if you have been almost every race,black,red,yellow,white and a few off-world colors?False identity with the meat suit and personality is one of the main causes of all of our problems.We identify with our story but that story is as limited as we allow it to be and determined by how attached we are to our story.In many cases our story is filled pain,suffering,separation,rejections,fears,jealousies wounds and traumas from past experiences.Many fear releasing the past because if they do it will happen again.We don't have to release the wisdom from the past to be happy and secure within ourselves.We can release the emotional charge that recreates the same unwanted reoccurring experiences,allow the wisdom to settle in the soul and move on.Again this is done internally.You have all you need within.Having the courage and self-discipline to do it is another challenge most are not ready to accept.Unfortunately denial is not an option in the days to come.


Because of these wounds,traumas and wrong conclusions,allowing the external to define us we can be easily manipulated through social engineering.Do not doubt for a minute this is not being done.It is a plan that has been operating for hundreds of years,implemented in our educational system and through the main stream media.When you know the plan,who is behind it only then can you see clearly the driving forces behind the unfolding events.Many are going to find out they have been socially engineered,useful idiots in a plan that ends with their total enslavement and demise.A plan being carried out by soulless beings that care nothing of your wellbeing no matter what color or culture.They also care nothing for the Earth's wellbeing.These elitist icons pose as champions,humanitarians,environmentalists while pitting everyone against each other.They do not speak of unity because their power comes from division.They are double speakers with hidden agendas and they come in every color,gender and belief.The only way to see behind the curtain is to know their agenda,their modus operandi,then you will know who serves the beast.


Many are now coming into understanding of the deep state.They know the deep state is carrying out an agenda.But who's agenda is it?If you are thinking the global elite there are levels above them.The global elite in most cases are soulless entities,that have been taken over,some due to lineage and ritual,some due to their own lust for power and wealth.The nature of these dark forces has been depicted in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars the outline of which is very close to the truth.The real puppet masters are unseen negative entities and influences coming from the lower 4th dimension.They are Satanic/Luciferian,Serpent Beings,Reptilian,tall Greys,and they all share in a total disregard for human life and creation.In fact,they are at war with Creator and all Creation.This is the major contributing force as to why there is so much inhumanity,they are not human and they have a great distain for humanity.They are also extremely threatened by the awakened.


There is a saying,"The closer you get to Nirvana or enlightenment the more the demons rear their ugly heads.This also applies to their physical counterparts or puppets who will try everything to seduce or destroy the authentic light workers.Many think they are doing something wrong because they are being attacked,scorned,etc.,yet maybe they are doing something right.If your getting flack you are over the target and if you poke the dark side or expose it know there will be a backlash.The posers,the shills,those installed as planned opposition are all going to be threatened by those who are authentic.This is replete throughout every institution now including the spiritual,UFO and conspiracy communities.Let's not forget the Satanic/Luciferian infiltration as well.They will promise fame and fortune to those who will take down those who are authentic.They control the major networks.Their tactics are creating rumors,gossip,slander,hit pieces totally unfounded with no merit.They will use the victim mentality to make their points and sway those without discernment lacking heart and inner sensitivity.There is a spiritual war going on with a lot of heart centered authentic people paying the price who are truly dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.These youtube and facebook warriors aligned with these dark forces profess to be lightworkers.They are nothing more than trolls and again useful idiots serving unknowingly or knowingly the dark hearts agenda.They are projecting their own wounds and traumas,negative behavioral patterns on others in denial taking no personal responsibility.When you connect the dots you will see they are all tied into Satanic/Luciferian influences financially or through promise of fame and fortune through their network.Most have serious drug problems and wear Satanic/Luciferian tattoos for all to see.They profess to be light workers,they are not.Their actions define their characters.I have seen them go after David Wilcox,Corey Goode,Peter Slattery,Edge of Wonder,Mary Rodwell,Michael Tellinger,Michael Salla and a host of other authentic light workers.People who are truly awake,heart centered and have developed their inner sensitivity will see through the deception and nefarious agendas.


Now let's look at the dark hearts agenda.It has been stated very clearly.Their motto is order through chaos.The Hegelian Dialect.Problem,Reaction,Solution.They create the problem,wait for the reaction then offer a solution.That solution often will cost you monetarily or your freedom.Many have heard them say keep the masses poor,sick,stupid and divided.Divide and conquer,create separation between the white,black,red,yellow,all colors in between.This includes genders along with destroying the family unit.They want total domination over every aspect of your lives.Now that you know their agenda who is advancing that agenda?Follow the money.Who is funding Antifa,Black Lives Matter,the paid protestors,almost every separative group worldwide.Many of the funds are being traced back to accounts set up by Gates,Soros and the Rockefellers.Soros a Nazi,as a Jewish boy turned in his own people to the Nazis.He gained their trust,found out where they hid themselves and their valuables then turned them in to the Nazis.He said in his own words it was one of his fondest moments.He also said one of his greatest achievements will be taking down America.To top it off he said we will start with the blacks because they are easy to manipulate.Something the Democrats know all too well with a history of voting against equal rights and women's rights.Yes,the KKK were democrats and Lincoln was a republican.So why do democrats have the black vote?Did you know there were African Americans in the confederate army?Did you know there were Irish slaves,Chinese slaves,if you look at the big picture we are all slaves to one degree or another to the global elite.


The deep state is carrying out the dark hearts goals with their social engineering and psyops programs.The World Trade Center,Oklahoma bombing,Boston Marathon,Sandy Hook,and now Floyd along with the riots are all psyops.Demonize the conservatives and take away their guns was one agenda.Their next move is to do away with the police.There definitely needs to be changes made with law enforcement and the legal system yet without them there would be total anarchy.Which is the goal of the dark hearts.The original constitution needs to be the law of the land and all courts and enforcement agencies need to adhere to it.The hijacking of the original constitution by America where we lost our individual.rights and power.These psyops are all triggers distorted and blown out of proportion by the deep state owned corporate media with their feigned and fake outrage to create division and chaos to unfold their agendas.Remember their motto,"Order through Chaos".More white men are shot by police then black men,where is the outrage don't all lives matter.Look at the black on black statistics.If black lives matter why is this not being addressed?Could these ruling elite want blacks to reduce their own population?It seems to be a problem of epidemic proportions.Crime is directly related to poverty,the economy was doing great with more jobs for people of every race pulling millions out of poverty.What better way to topple the economy than a plandemic?


You can't have people prosperous,you can't control the masses if they are prosperous and they don't need you.The lockdowns,masks are all efforts to see how much they can control you.God forbid going to the beach because sunlight and salt water destroys the virus,"bacteria"immediately.How about filling the rest homes with infected people,the most susceptible?Is that to boost the death toll?Is it part of the depopulation program?Hard for most folks to entertain that idea or be lie ve someone would be so evil as to do such a thing,but it was done.Who's idea was it?They test people 20 times and if it is positive record them as 20 separate cases.Hospitals were given a bonus by declaring cov1984 in every case and a$39,000 dollar bonus for putting them on respirators.Countries that allowed it to take its course,herd immunity,are already up and running with very few deaths like Japan.Let's talk about the masks.


A man from OSHA took an oxygen meter.OSHA says to work in a room you need oxygen level of at least 19%.He measured his own oxygen 20.6.He wore a mask and his oxygen dropped to 17.The carbon dioxide spike in his mask started sounding an alarm letting him know he was receiving dangerously low levels of oxygen.The same levels as if you had dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in your house where you'd have to evacuate your house.


When the oxygen drops to 17 it makes you weak,gives you headaches,lowers your immune system and creates hypertension amongst other symptoms.Carbon monoxide similar to dioxide levels lowered by wearing a mask are about the same danger equivalent to leaving your car running in a closed garage.When you breath out,you exude carbon dioxide and contaminated air purging from your body.The mask becomes a mobile toxic environment a veritable petri dish so wearing a mask actually makes you sick.So why would they pass laws demanding you wear a mask,what is their agenda.Here is a little conflict of interest,the governor of California just made masks mandatory and secretly made a deal with China for a billion dollars for masks.


Are you figuring it out yet?The real agenda and who is behind it?Who stands to make billions off the vaccines and why is the patent for the virus in their names or in the names of companies they own?Who paid for the banned research in the Muhan Lab where the cov1984 originated?How does the epidemic,the riots,looting,pain,suffering and death,"chaos"fit into their agenda?Did they not say they were going to take down America?Have they not spent millions funding every anti American,divisive group including gender wars?Did they not say the blacks are easy to control in the take down America plan?The race wars were fueled by lies and deceptions,feigned outrage by the media owned by the global elite with one psyops after another?They even refer to the military as cannon fodder,the brute squad to enforce their global agendas.Divide and conquer,out of the chaos comes order,keep them sick poor and stupid,create the problem let the people react,become the solution are their bylaws.Millions of people have been socially engineered to carry out their agendas even though it means their own eventual demise.Why do you think democratic states are standing down,telling the police to stand down,catch and release with no consequences for all the death and destruction?


"Your being played and their being paid."


Let's say they are successful.Now what?No police,no protection,no food deliveries,no gas,the truck drivers are already refusing to deliver to some of these areas,burned out buildings,no utilities for heat and cooking,starvation,dead bodies everywhere,total anarchy.This is where this is going.Sound like Utopia?Sounds like a scene from Road Warrior.Looks like someone did not use a little critical thinking,forethought and where this will all take us.Especially the Democrats drunk on the lust for power and wealth which will do anything no matter how decadent to regain power.Democrat run states and cities where there is high crime,high taxes and extreme suppression of your rights and freedoms are a total fail.They fight tooth and nail against anyone trying to educate and free the people,improve their standard of living.Just ask a black person who is,"Woke",another term they hijacked.What happens to African Americans that want to leave the plantation and try something different?These corrupt and compromised leaders and their lame stream media have a completely opposite agenda,they are masters at double speak.


When you see the youth,screaming,yelling becoming violent,defecating on police cars,one has to ask what have they aligned themselves with?What is channeling through them?How did they get this way?Why were they not taught common decency,the basic principles necessary for a healthy society?What were they taught and who taught them?Was there a socialist agenda and do they know the history of socialism?What happens when you take away the power and wealth from the people,centralize it in the hands of a few?What happens when you take away the right and the power to defend oneself?History has proven socialism evolves into communism,followed by a genocidal dictator.The genocidal dictator in most cases gets his or her orders from the global elite,now they have total control the end goal.


Now let's talk about Earth changes.When looking at the records every time there was extreme distress on Earth the Sun responded.The great wars were followed by extreme solar activity,the worst storms ever were during the world wars.Extreme Gama ray bursts are hitting the Earth,the Schuman Resonance recently whited out off the scale.This creates change on every level.Social,economic and physical Earth changes.Something is building,we feel it,something big.Is it a reaction to the actions of the collective?There is a feed back loop between the Sun and the Earth.There are also pulses coming from deep space other systems and from the Great Central Sun,a cosmic cycle.Nature is slow to react but thorough.We are driving the changes.If we cannot clean up our consciousness Nature will do it for us.She is speaking,it is getting louder.Some are listening,some are not.Those that listen and act will fare well.Those that live according to Universal Law,those that are kind and loving to each other and the Earth will also fare well.Those who own their dark side,heal and raise their frequencies will also fare well.Those who live in denial,those who continue to bring harm to humanity and the Earth,those who lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and nature will not fare well.The Earth is ascending,if we cannot match her rising frequencies we will not continue on this plane of existence.We have to become frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process.The action/reaction what some call karma is accelerating.Some call it the year of the boomerang.It is going to get crazy,but in the end the light wins.Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all will reign supreme.We will join the rest of the multiverse in peace.Did you really think you were alone?Extremely spiritual and technologically advanced off world visitors,Masters,Saints and Sages are all part of this planetary liberation.They have their ground crew.WWG1WGA.That all is beyond your imagination.


Be well and be at peace,


James Gilliland


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