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With loving greetings from all souls at this station,this is Matthew.Always the purpose of our messages has been to offer spiritual guidance,enlightenment and encouragement during this unique era in the universe.You are being pummeled with unsettling information about the coronavirus,so let us look first at the encouraging aspects of this situation.


You are seeing and demonstrating the best qualities of humankind—love,compassion,empathy,cooperation,kindness,thoughtfulness,helpfulness,courage,perseverance to overcome obstacles.

你看到并展示了人类最优秀的品质——爱、 怜悯、同情、合作、善良、体贴、乐于助人、勇气和克服障碍的毅力。

You are observing and participating in the outpouring of gratitude to all who are caring for the sick and helping others in need.


You are using the slowed-down pace of life for introspection,connecting with your godself,your higher consciousness,and appreciating the abundance of goodness and beauty in your world.


You are innovating ways to work,school children,study training and college courses at home;and,via telephone and computer,you are keeping in closer touch with family and friends.


The unified spirit of people around the world is bridging the chasm of divisiveness and highlighting the need to end systemic prejudice and heal the wound it has caused.


Those collective feelings and actions are generating a massive amount of light,which is evoking heightened awareness along with desire for enlightenment about aspects of the coronavirus that aren't being reported in"the news."


The larger society is joining individuals who already were questioning how that virus suddenly popped up in China.Why did speculation that it originated in a bat—and how was it traced to that bat anyway?—switch to an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan province?Why did a virus that can cause such a contagious disease come to be in a laboratory in the first place?


The populace has been programmed to believe that information labeled"conspiracy theory"is worthless,merely ideas springing from addled minds.But this question is logical:Why is the possibility that the coronavirus was made in a laboratory in the United States and taken to China simply dismissed as conspiracy theory instead of being investigated?


Society is questioning why"experts"say most people won't get COVID-19,most of those who do get it recover,most who die had preexisting health issues,and symptoms of the disease can be so mild that many people aren't aware they have it or have had it;yet those same experts claim Earth's entire population needs to be vaccinated.


That leads to this question:Why isn't there the same interest in ending preventable deaths due to malnourishment,diseases caused by substandard living conditions,opioid addiction and suicide when the number of those fatalities greatly exceeds the number of deaths due to COVID-19?


Questioning minds also are"following the money."Who benefits financially when millions of people around the world are being treated for a disease that requires purchasing tests,pharmaceuticals,hospital equipment and protective items for medical personnel?


The extent of that questioning is exactly the opposite of what was intended by the dark ones who designed and patented AIDS,SARS and all other viruses in a laboratory in the United States and several months ago released in China one called coronavirus.And its effects aren't what the dark ones intended,either.They wanted an authentic global pandemic with billions of deaths.They need the energy of survivors'grief and fear and a world in total chaos to produce the low vibrations they require for their very existence.

这些黑暗势力在美国的一个实验室里设计并注册了艾滋病、SARS 和其他所有病毒的专利,并在几个月前在天朝释放了一种冠状病毒。而且它的效果也不是黑暗势力想要的。他们想要一个真正的全球性流行病,造成数十亿人死亡。他们需要幸存者悲伤和恐惧的能量,需要一个完全混乱的世界来产生他们生存所需要的低频振动。

The failure to achieve that aim led to Plan B.That is why"experts"have been talking about the likelihood that a second wave of COVID-19 will come after the first ebbs,and that kind of rollercoaster can continue as long as three years or until every person in the world has been tested for antibodies and vaccinated.


Beyond enriching the companies that produce the tests and develop the vaccine,the intention—again—is a vaccine that will be lethal to most of the world's population.But also,inoculation will insert a programmed microchip that will interact with 5G emissions to cause physical and emotional trauma,damage brain cells and enable the tracking of individuals who survive.


The society is right to question what is underlying this"global pandemic"!


We don't see mandatory vaccinations materializing,but if it does,scientists in extraterrestrial special forces will reduce the vaccine's potency and erase the chips'programming.And,as vibratory rates on the planet rise,all viruses will lose viability.Nevertheless,please loudly protest vaccines until they are destroyed and protest 5G service until devices are modified so their frequencies are compatible with bodies'electrical systems.


Now then,the economic aftermath of COVID-19 will be somewhat rocky,but far,far from what the dark ones want:a completely collapsed global economy,rampant impoverishment,hunger and desperation.Then they would pull together the fragments of their control and achieve their goal of world domination.


That will not happen.Their long reign is over.


Good will,cooperation,generosity and bartering—trading goods for services and vice versa—will serve you well until an honest global economic system replaces the corruption and greed that created the billionaires who are running and ruining everything on Earth.Dear ones,do not fear what is ahead—once past temporary confusion and brief hardship,the civilization will be on its way to justness and prosperity for all.


We have been asked to comment on the raft of information available on the Internet wherein researchers,medical professionals and other scientists are giving evidence of situations you described as"shocking,""unconscionable,""diabolical"or"atrocious."Those descriptions do indeed fit the activities of the secret society known as the Illuminati,cabal,One World Order,shadow government or,more recently,Deep State.


The coronavirus scourge is their waterloo.A powerful light force behind the scenes is charging them with crimes against humanity.The people who keep trying to kill billions of you,conduct satanic rituals,control mainstream media and adversely impact all other aspects of life on Earth include widely known and admired individuals.Their arrests will come as a shock to most of the populace.


Those at the peak of darkness conceive heinous plans,others are eagerly complicit,most are minions who participate because of bribes,blackmail or threats against their families.In some cases,charges are based on fabricated information,photos and videos,but the truth about every person indicted will come forth in time.


As for spiritual guidance,dear family,we thank the reader whose question is,"What can lightworkers do other than'BE the light'to help end all darkness on the planet?"Stay positive,calm,balanced and optimistic.Meditation imparts the peace of mind and heart that keeps your energy flowing smoothly and radiating the high vibrations that are manifesting benevolent change.


Visualization is powerful.Envision Earth revolving in golden white light.Envision people of all ages,colors and cultures smiling,laughing,hugging and dancing in the midst of animals,including those you call wild.Visualizing whatever gives you joy or lets you feel loved will send forth the high vibrations that literally are lighting up your world.


This question pertains to NESARA/GESARA."How can we request help from the heavenly forces if there is no reasonable structure to install in replacement of what we have?"For readers who aren't familiar with those acronyms,NESARA is the United States legislation National Economic Security and Reformation Act.GESARA is the same,but Global replaces National so the Act is applicable worldwide.

这个问题涉及NESARA/GESARA"如果没有合理的结构来替代我们所拥有的,我们怎么能要求天兵天将的帮助呢?"对于那些不熟悉这些缩写的读者,NESARA 是美国立法国家经济安全和改革法案。Gesara 是相同的,但全球取代国家,因此该法案是适用于全世界。

There has been"help from heavenly forces"from the onset.The very concept of NESARA came from the Highest Universal Council planners of Earth's Golden Age,and St.Germaine was one of the principals who composed the Act,which was signed into law about 20 years ago.

从一开始就有"来自天堂力量的帮助" NESARA的概念来自于地球黄金时代的最高国际理事会规划者,圣哲曼是该法案的制定者之一,该法案在20年前签署成为法律。

It is a legal document,so its provisions can be only political and economic,but its purpose is no less than world transformation.As an indication of the Act's vital significance,the Illuminati prevented its scheduled announcement September 12,2001,by staging the terrorism you know as"9/11."


Because subsequent efforts to announce NESARA also were futile,its aspects have been implemented incrementally thanks to the perseverance of volunteer lightworkers from other civilizations.

由于随后宣布 NESARA 的努力也是徒劳的,由于来自其他文明的光之志愿工作者的不懈努力,其方面已逐步得到实施。

In short,the structure to replace malevolent control of your world has been in place from the beginning,and souls with spiritual and moral integrity will continue moving this divine plan forward.[Many messages archived on www.matthewbooks.com contain comprehensive information about the Act.Typing NESARA in the search blank on the menu will access those messages.]

简而言之,取代对你们世界恶意控制的结构从一开始就已经到位,灵魂与灵性和道德完整将继续推进这个神圣计划。[许多存档在 www.matthewbooks.com 上的信息包含了关于该法案的全面信息。在菜单上的空白搜索中键入 NESARA 将访问这些消息

Beloved brothers and sisters,we honor your steadfastness in helping Earth's civilization manifest the Golden Age and we support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.





Suzanne Ward


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