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It has been said that humanity's greatest fear is that it will find its own power.We will agree with this assessment.And let us explain to you why.Why would you fear your own power?There are many reasons.We will discuss some of them.


One of the greatest is that,if each of man were to truly allow the knowledge of his powerful self to surface,he would immediately need to assume responsibility for what he had created,and he has no problem seeing the great mess he lives in.But if he is powerless,he cannot change it,nor can he be accountable,at least in his mind.


And so he decides to avoid the issue by blaming'them'.'They'let that happen.'They'did it.And what can I do,after all?This gives all power to'them'.And we tell you,this makes of'them'false gods.AND it keeps one safe from blame and responsibility.


Now,blame is a lie.It is a lie.There is no benefit in assigning blame anywhere in the universe,except to those that would gain power over another in assigning it.And power over another is also a lie.All true power is of the self and only over the self.


Now,let us suppose that one has seen through all of that.What else might one fear.Pssssst!Fear is also a lie.


Well,one could fear that widespread knowledge of one's abilities would bring pain and suffering.This is very common.Many of you were caught up in past witch hunts and inquisitions.That time is over.We do not burn,drown,or draw and quarter folks for their beliefs anymore.You know that,but perhaps your subconscious does not.


One might be afraid that such widespread knowledge would bring throngs of people to one's doorstep.You do not want the responsibility.


The possibilities are almost endless.And all of them mean that staying unaware of one's power,or keeping it hidden,keeps one safe in some manner.It can also keep one from having to face the presence of Divine power that one has been taught,however mistakenly,is likely to damn one to hellfire.


Now,some of your comedians and social commenters have pointed out the inconsistency–we will try to be gentle here–of saying that you have an all loving God who will fry you for the slightest infraction or misinterpretation.We would pick no arguments here,but we would ask that humanity ask itself just exactly what it chooses to believe.You do not allow such contradictions in your fellows.One of your favorite retorts is,"You cannot have it both ways Well,you cannot have it both ways.Do you really want a God to fear?


Let's return to the discussion of personal power.Even if one interprets that in the most conventional manner,one can see that nothing can be accomplished that one does not take responsibility for.But our real purpose is to help you to understand that humanity is a being,a consciousness of which you are a part.Humanity creates worlds.Humanity can change worlds.And waiting for someone else to arrive and change things will not get it done.It is yet another instance of giving power away.


Creator sees the world through billions of pairs of eyes.Creator created billions of pairs of hands and billions of pairs of feet.And it will offend no one if we say that Creator,whatever you wish to call that force,lives within each of you.And each of you asks,"But what can I do?"The answer,dear humans,is that you can do whatever is placed before you this day to do,in the very best way you know how.No one expects any more from you than that.You have THE hands.You have THE feet.You are here.Do what is given you to do and support others to dom their parts,as well.


Everything that is needed was given to you.But you must learn to own up to who you are,because the answers are where they have always been,inside of you.Is this news?Of course not.All teachers have brought you this message.Why would that have happened if it were not true?


Now,we will say that we meet you more than halfway when you begin to see hear,and accept truth.But do not expect your world to stand on its head overnight.Even if it did,many would be asking what took so long.So do what there is for you to do,and know that you are enough.You are enough.


Blessings to each.We will continue at another time.




通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan

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