昴宿星 20190705 事件–第五维度的显化

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昴宿星 20190705 事件–第五维度的显化

great ones,


as you continue to integrate the new 5d energies coming in from the galactic core,you are creating an opportunity to transcend all the lower laws and enter the corridors of time,where worlds and realities have more variety and flexibility your task is to re-unite with all your other selves,reaching across time-space and locking arms finally in acceptance and peace with the other yous.


we have shared many keys with you about all of this and left as many unannounced until the appointed hour.you must transform yourselves as the sum total of the force of existence,poised in your moment of the ever-expanding now we speak to you as evolving humans–as ambassadors of light we applaud you in your great intention to re-create the next highest and most grand version of you that you can conceive.


though most beings above the 5th dimensional state of consciousness rely soley on etheric communications and do not use words to communicate because of their limitations,in the outer atmosphere of 5d we often use'quantum language'(language that speaks in the now here time-space)for dna to respond instantly..things work different in this density and the technology must be understood to make it useful.we suggest you re-write your new 5d galactic dictionary and the use a 5d new language that you have never spoken completely.this is the language of the heart and exactness the universe is a literal interpreter of this internal code and it listens to every letter,phrase and even the tone of feeling you put with it the universe is the quantum computer and you are the programmer of it all the output is what shows up on the holographic screen call your sensed reality and world


in 5d you transcend all the lower laws of:








~and even meta-physics


you must speak,feel,but quickly release a thing at the 5d level then remove all of your energy from it at once and we tell you that will come through into your world at once.


this is the 5d way of using your creator god power and as you transmit the code with word tones the universe interprets this code literally and specifically and runs it at once.


you must remember that the only reality is now and here and the only place a thing can manifest is now and here.nothing can manifest in realities that are not real such as the past or future.everything is only now and here.this is our time-space.remember too there are unlimited perceptions of now here we call our outer world.


instead of saying,"i will start doing what i love"or"i will do what i love",say"i am doing what i love now"then simply align with it meaning be as if it is so this alignment means being the thing now in every way sense it feel it be it live it and do it in bliss.the e-motion is the power catalyst.the question is how deep can you feel on a steady basis about all things in your life?.


the whole purpose of life is to be in the highest state of joy you can be all the time you need no thing to do this just do it play feel-good music,sing,dance,laugh,play like a child and oh my,love with all your heart mind and soul this is the way


do you want to be in heaven now?just be in it align with it you can't bring all the old programs in and u already know it so we say when you are ready to drop all that then you will find what you seek you can't have the new until you make peace and let the old go ditch it fast.


put yourself first,as this is the greatest act of required self-love.re-create you this very day get pen and paper out,get alone,be abstract and start dreaming and creating on the paper using imagination feel it,live it,know it then let it go and know it's already yours now and be in bliss no matter what is going on.what is going on has nothing to do with this process unless you allow it to interfere by being drawn down into the energy of it all!observe it and do not be drawn down into it still laugh and sing right in front of it all it is what it is and who cares.you are on your own journey on a different time-line.


"i am"is the most concise piece of quantum code that exists so use it constantly!


here are some perfect examples of now-here quantum language:


•i am god


•i am archangel michael(replace with personal avatar here if you like)


•i am love


•i am abundance


•i am freedom


•i am health


•i am peace


•i am bliss and happiness


•i am awesome


•i am creating a new earth now


•i am immortal


•i can fly


•i can teleport


a note about the last three in the list:you must be a fully aware 5d being before you can do these things.at the time of this writing,this author and 3 billion other star beings on the earth are only in the outer atmosphere of 5d but the data of remembering the proper construct of dna program is coming faster and faster as we advance!you will do all of these super-human things when you become aware that you already can and this requires a full integration of 5d energy in the body!


one important tip:if you do not release the thing you are wanting to manifest(meaning stop putting energy-effort towards it)at once,it cannot come to you,ever)in 5d observing(outputting energy)towards a thing makes it disappear.


classic quantum physics is inverted in 5d vs 3d


in 3d you can only manifest by applying energy effort observance but in 5d it holds all the quantum possibilities in super suspension including the choice you made and because you are observing-holding-on,nothing comes at all,not even the opposite!until you let it all go meaning removing your energy-effort from it,it will never let go and come to you!the second you take your focus off of it,it will come flying towards you!.


here is how you do this:


set forth the intention but then completely let it go with no thought or energy-effort at all,re-shift focus to another thing that you love and do something else that creates a bliss feeling and the thing you wanted to manifest will show up right away.


we do this every day and it works in every case instantly and with anything


we call it 5d magic!


though we still exist in 3d and we enjoy the thing in 3d with our 5 senses,we use 5d magic to bring the thing into this world this also works in activating all your super-human abilities?always be simply the observer as normal in 3d and let things be what and where they are with no judgment,labels or reactions it is what it is and it is perfectly ok cause its 3d.


you exist in all dimensions at once regardless of your awareness of this.one dimension is not related to the other in anyway and the laws of each dimension behave differently so it is important to understand how 5d works differently than 3d or 4d.


can you imagine being aware of 6d as a first wave being in early 2017?


the new data coming through is incredibly advanced but much easier to understand now as we evolve.


make 5d your current now here reality and be able to decode it correctly using your language.


god-speed great beings of light,



通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan

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