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Some very kind IDC readers have reached out and wondered why I wasn't posting for a while.All is well with me,so no worries.Bless you for your gracious concerns.

一些非常友好的 IDC 读者联系我,想知道我为什么一段时间没有发帖。我一切都很好,所以不用担心。感谢你的关心。

I haven't managed to complete a big transcription blog because my mind's been scrambled with the HUGE light blasts we've been receiving all May long as measured on the Schuman Resonance chart.The best I can do is offer little posts on anonup.


But I wanted to give just a little summary of things because SO MUCH IS HAPPENING on Earth right now.Lordy.It's so exciting.So consider this a bunch of Bulletins from my side of things.


This is the Schumann chart from today,5-27-21



Schumann Resonance


White=More intense electromagnetic(EM)energy burst or ionospheric plasma excitations/lighting sprites.These blow out the system(much like a sun flare in photography).




Blue=low intensity

Blue=low intensity 蓝色=低强度


On 5-27-21 one EM blast measured 72Hz.5D+resonates between 40Hz and 100Hz.

5-27-21,一次电磁波测量72Hz.5D+共振频率在40Hz 100Hz 之间。

In a video recorded on 5-13-21 David Wilcock verified what Gene Decode described on 2-11-21 as the"Ascension Event."


Wilcock said,"Interplanetary climate change is the focal point for the evidentiary support of the SOLAR FLASH.We're looking at the entire solar System getting brighter.The Sun appears brighter.The light is more whitish.We have 100s of data points from NASA about different anomalies occurring throughout our Solar System.THE WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM IS CHARGING UP!!"



As a reminder,this is what Gene Decode described as the Ascension Event and the return of Christ Consciousness in 5D+:

作为提醒,这就是 Gene Decode 所描述的扬升事件和5D+中基督意识的回归:


53:19 Gene Decode:The energy coming into the Earth comes from the Sun…they lie to you…the Aurora Borealis is actually coming from the Sun inside the Earth…the Earth is hollow…and if you learn how plants form…that's why they call Pluto a planetoid cuz it doesn't have a Sun,it's too small…[Scientific discussion about Space and planets]…


57:12 All the planets are changing…Mars doesn't even have ice caps anymore,there's also a hurricane on Mars the size of Texas that hasn't dispelled at all for a decade…all the planets are getting global climate change…nothing to do with Humanity…where does our energy come from?The sun which gets its energy from the Central Sun…


57:20 There's this big energy grid flowing throughout all of Creation…as we come into that infrared barrier the energy of our Sun goes up and up and up…when it gets to a certain point it's like a resonation oscillator…when you get to a certain point where the field collapses it'll collapse to the core…that's what they call The Event…the Big Event…Nothing Can Stop What's Coming…


57:50 When it collapses to the core then it starts to resonate harder and harder till it jumps an octave…which in this case it's gonna jump 2 octaves[from 3D to 5D+]…it's already in the process of starting to go up octaves in the core…that's why the energy's going up…on Earth and all the other planets…and then it blows outward and it wraps around each planet causing it to lift up too…

57:50当它坍缩到核心时,它开始越来越强烈地共振,直到它跳跃到一个八度。在这种情况下,它会跳升2个八度[3D 5D+]...它的核心已经开始上升八度了。这就是能量上升的原因...在地球和其他所有行星上。然后它向外喷发,包裹着每一颗行星,导致它也被抬起来...58:11

53:19 Michael Jaco:Is this the Ascension event that we're talking about?This is what's causing it?


58:20 Gene Decode:Yes.This is it.This is the Ascension Event…and the cabal has known about it and they've been trying to hijack it to be a negative event…it's not a negative event…it's a positive event…it's a negative event of 3D 4D 5D negative Earth…58:36 NASA doesn't even show it…they have pictures from the Space Station,I got sent pictures in an Email from a couple in India.You can see it…there's 4D 5D Earth in orbit behind us…it's already forming,the separation has already happened between negative and positive timelines…

Gene Decode:是的。就是这个。这是升空事件,阴谋集团已经知道了,他们一直试图劫持它成为一个负面事件,这不是一个负面事件,这是一个正面事件,这是一个3D 4D 5D 负面地球的负面事件58:36美国宇航局甚至没有显示它,他们有空间站的照片,我收到了一对印度夫妇发来的电子邮件中的照片。你可以看到,在我们身后的轨道上有4D 5D 地球,它已经形成了,正负时间线之间的分离已经发生了。


"Charlie Ward and Gene Decode:Horrifying D.C.D.U.M.B.s,Amazing Ascension,Miraculous Health and Wealth Incoming(Part 2)"by Kat–2.14.21

《查理·沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 d.u.b.s,惊人的升天,奇迹般的健康和财富()Kat-2.14.21


Juan O Savin recorded a video with David Nino Rodriguez on 5-25-21.

胡安·奥萨文(Juan o Savin)与大卫·尼诺·罗德里格斯(David Nino Rodriguez)5-25-21录制了一段视频。

Juan O Savin The Shocking Arrest?Buckle Up.

Juan o Savin 突然被捕?系好安全带。

Juan said that some intense things are coming down the pike.Likely a gut-punch.And David worried that President Trump would be arrested.


I do not believe in that scenario.What are you going to arrest President Trump for?Winning the 2020 election?


But keep in mind,whatever happens,it is for the purpose of awakening those still sound asleep.Charlie Ward said the White Hats had NO IDEA how mesmerized by the MK Ultra MSM many still are.

但请记住,无论发生什么,都是为了唤醒那些仍在熟睡的人。查理·沃德(Charlie Ward)说,白帽子们根本不知道 MK Ultra MSM 的魅力有多大。

Anyway,I posted a bit of what Juan had to say on anonup so here it is:

不管怎样,我发布了一些 Juan 在匿名会上说的话,所以在这里:


BTW,Juan O Savin isn't the only one who's suggesting we're in for some chop.(Q)The Storm Rider has said as much and I posted that.Here is a page from his 5-25-21 Tweet:



Please know,I'm not worried.


Whatever the White Hats have cooked up,if you're on the same page as Q-team,if you're awake and Digital Warrioring.If you've been following Charlie Ward since March 2020,and listening to all the marvelous folks who are bringing truth in videos and podcasts.If you're connected with other Anons,and Lord knows,if you're a Starseed or Lightworker,you've been awake most of your life,and likely holding Currency for years,and you know all about NESARA/GESARA and Tesla and Med Beds,and are one with All There Is,Source,God,or however you call the Lord—then you already know,there is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

不管白帽子想出了什么如果你和 q 小队站在同一战线上如果你醒着,参与了数字战争。如果你从20203月就开始关注查理·沃德,倾听那些在视频和播客中带来真实的人们。如果你和其他匿名者有联系,而且上帝知道,如果你是一个 Starseed 或者 Lightworker,你一生中大部分时间都是清醒的,而且很可能持有货币多年,你知道 NESARA/GESARATesla Med Beds 的一切,你是一个与一切,源头,上帝,或者不管你怎么称呼上帝——那么你已经知道,没有什么可担心的。

Yes,there may be dire events,but not for Angels.Only for the devil and his depraved army.


Earth,Humanity,Galaxy and Solar System are firmly on the way to 5D+.The deep state demons are going another direction or to oblivion or,as I like to think of their destination—SpaceDust.


And BTW,the deep state demons are PANICKED BIG TIME.They are losing on ALL fronts.


President Trump issued this statement today about the numbers of dead people voting in the 2020 Election:



On 5-22-21 President Trump posted another statement:"Where's Durham?"




On May 24,2021,a great poster on anonup,Jimbo_66,posted a summation of what's going on across the globe with"Defender Europe 21."I pulled his series of posts together and offer them here for those who wish to know what's up with the Global Military Operation:

2021524日,一个很棒的匿名海报 Jimbo_66"Defender Europe 21"上总结了全球正在发生的事情我把他的一系列文章集中在一起,在这里提供给那些想知道全球军事行动的人:


I apologize for this all over the place post,but Patrick thought you might want to know what's been going on in my world.The above is some of it.

我很抱歉,但是 Patrick 觉得你可能想知道我的世界发生了什么。以上就是其中的一部分。

What I know in my bones is that this war is won.God won.We may still have a long road ahead with the reveals and transition,but the hard work has been done and was done a long time ago.As Gene Decode said last year,"All the upper handlers are gone."

我从骨子里知道的是,这场战争已经赢了。上帝赢了。我们可能还有很长的路要走,但是艰苦的工作已经完成了,而且很久以前就完成了。正如 Gene Decode 去年所说,"所有的上层管理者都已经不在了。"

We know now that Gene Decode meant what Charlie Ward had first reported in April 2020:In March'20 the heads of the 13 demon bloodline families,the Pope,the cardinals,the Mafia/Jesuits and the Vatican were over.Then Buckingham Palace and the Queen,then the City of London and now Washington D.C.,both kaput.The Federal Reserve,kaput.The IRS kaput.The US Corp.kaput.The SWIFT system kaput,hundreds of thousands of arrests,MILLIONS of children rescued,thousands of D.U.M.B.S being blown up,governments collapsing,CEOs resigning,etc.

我们现在知道,Gene Decode意味着什么,查理沃德在20204月首次报道:320日,13个恶魔血统家族的首脑,教皇,红衣主教,黑手党/耶稣会和梵蒂冈结束。然后是白金汉宫和女王,然后是伦敦城,现在是华盛顿特区,都完蛋了。美联储,破产了。美国国税局也完蛋了。美国公司倒闭了。环球银行金融电信协会的系统崩溃了,数十万人被捕,数百万儿童获救,数千个 du.m.b.s 被炸毁,政府垮台,首席执行官辞职,等等。

In other words,the White Hats are demolishing the entire demon matrix.It's MIRACULOUS.


The beautiful,amazing,wondrous 5D+Earth is here already,vibrationally speaking.And bless Ron Giles for his marvelous posts.I agree with him 100%and can't WAIT for the Quantum world to officially launch.So exciting.

美丽的,惊人的,神奇的5D+地球已经在这里,振动地说。感谢 Ron Giles 发表的精彩文章。我完全同意他的观点,我迫不及待地想看到量子世界正式发布。太令人兴奋了。

God bless the genius Q-Team and their Divine plan.Godspeed to all White Hats.

上帝保佑天才 q 小组和他们的神圣计划。祝所有的白帽子成功。

With blessings unceasing,




P.S.Pepe Lives Matter on Telegram posted my absolute FAVORITE line today or any day:

Pepe Lives Matter on Telegram 今天或任何一天我最喜欢的一句话:

"Every time Rachel Maddow panics,an anon gets his wings."


P.P.S.This came in late 5-27-21:



This is Kat,


over and out.






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