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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

April 22,2021 2021422


The fountains of information making their way into the public eye and ear in the next few weeks and months will be life-changing.It's not an instant fix;there's no such thing,but it will be transformational.


If all you have time for is the breaking,exciting news,check out Whiplash347 on Telegram.They're posting about this…

如果你所有的时间是突发的,令人兴奋的消息,查看 Whiplash347在电报。他们发布关于这..

Deutsche Bank linked to Epstein Child Trafficking.This will be fun.


…and the stock drop today,the UK and other nations requesting Nuremburg Trials,tunnels under many airports,and other delicious updates—all in one place.Newest posts are on the bottom.


We are about to embark on a journey of great change,and even the stragglers will be tugged and pushed along on the waves that propel us upward into our Golden Age where the Light of Knowledge will transcend darkness and evil.The control structures will disintegrate and fall away and Humanity will begin to realize how utterly manipulated and deceived they have been by those shepherding the masses.



The US election fraud will be key in this.Stealing an election is no small crime and when billions of people worldwide learn they,too,have been cheated out of their votes for decades,they will not be pleased.Once you know,you cannot"un-know".


If they can accept they were duped in that arena,they will begin to see the scope of the controllers'web;how bribery,blackmail,theft,lies and trickery have created a nearly invisible system in which Satan's minions have ensnared us due to our tacit consent.


We,the sheep have been out to pasture for a long time,grazing with our heads down and ignoring the danger signs,but no more.We're back;heads up,teeth bared,and closing in on the wolves who sought to destroy us.



The gnashing of the pointy teeth we've grown during our research into reality is audible now in most every nation on the planet.A choking cloud of dust from the gathering souls circling and organizing for the takedown is rising and at times it's difficult to make out the specters lurking within it but we're wiser now.


The warriors are wondering how bad it will have to get;how frightened the masses will have to become to snap them out of their reverie and realize they are inches from the cliff of doom.Wise and benevolent guardians have decided a"scare event"is required,and we can only watch as our pleas to see the danger fall on deaf ears.


Is America ready to hear the truth?This came out Wednesday evening on Telegram from Patrick Byrne.Link to post.


The mother lode was found.We have cracked the code.


PART 1️https://rumble.com/vfwxeb-04212021-patrick-byrne-interview-steve-gruber-part-1-2020-election-fraud.html

1 something https://rumble.com/vfwxeb-04212021-patrick-byrne-interview-steve-gruber-PART-1-2020-election-fraud.html

PART 2️https://rumble.com/vfwymz-04212021-patrick-byrne-interview-steve-gruber-part-2-2020-election-fraud-mo.html

第二部分 https://rumble.com/vfwymz-04212021-patrick-byrne-interview-steve-gruber-PART-2-2020-election-fraud-mo.html

April 21,2021:Patrick Byrne Interview with Steve Gruber–2020 Election Fraud:The Mother Lode Was Found.We Have Cracked The Code.


Founder and Former CEO of Overstock,Patrick Byrne says,"The mother lode was found.We have cracked the code.There's massive data that will be coming out in the weeks ahead that will dramatically change the entire public's perception,and people will understand that we need to fix the system."They also discuss Patrick's#1 Best Selling Book,The Deep Rig,Mike Lindell's case against Dominion Voting Systems,and upcoming lawsuits.

Overstock 的创始人和前首席执行官,Patrick Byrne 说,"找到了主矿脉。我们破解了密码。未来几周将有大量数据出炉,这将极大地改变整个公众的看法,人们将理解我们需要修复这个系统。"他们还讨论了帕特里克的第一畅销书《深井钻机》,迈克·林德尔反对多明尼昂投票系统的案件,以及即将到来的诉讼。

The Deep Rig:How Election Fraud Cost Donald J.Trump the White House,By a Man Who did not Vote for Him(or what to send friends who ask,"Why do you doubt the integrity of the 2020 Election?")by@PatrickMByrne

深层次的谎言:唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)因选举舞弊入主白宫,作者是一个没有投票给他的人(或者问"你为什么怀疑2020年选举的诚信?"的朋友该送什么?)作者:@patrickmbyrne

BREAKING–IT'S HAPPENING:Maricopa County Is Moving Voting Machines to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the AZ Senate Election Audit Will Be Performed 

突发新闻:马里科帕县正在将投票机搬到退伍军人纪念体育馆,在那里进行 AZ 参议院选举审计

@Royal Mr.Bad News says…




Arizona will start the chain of events.


there will be a Constitutional Crisis.








So there's a heads up for you.We can do this.Anything that happens will be well worth it when we come out the other side.There is no other way and freedom isn't free,as they say.


I hear on Telegram that in DC they arrested over 100 cabal agents who were printing money at the Federal Reserve so they could continue their Kung Flu agenda.Link to post.

我在 Telegram 上听说,他们在华盛顿逮捕了100多名阴谋集团特工,他们在美联储印钞票,以便继续他们的功夫流感议程。链接到文章。

We have been reporting about the extensive coverage by police in the past couple of days despite DC being a ghost town.

我们一直在报道警方在过去几天的广泛报道,尽管 DC 是一个鬼城。


Are Americans ready to learn they were also deceived and manipulated by the mass media?They're naming names.Are the rest of the world going to accept the same in their nation?A simple but effective way to control the People is to control the information they get.The cabal(6 individuals,we hear)controls 95 per cent or better of the media and therefore controls our perceptions,and thus our reality.


NAMED&SHAMED:The"Journalists"Who Went on C*e Co*nist Party Junkets,Then Delivered"Favorable Coverage."


How evil are they?I bet you won't see this in the mainstream fake news.



Since we have no Trump,Canada is far worse than America."Becoming"???


What's next?Taking"at risk"children from their parents for the satanic regime's child sex trafficking gangs?



So what are we watching unfold?




Ha!We were expecting this.Brilliant.


This is a new video with Charlie Ward,Mel K,David Nino Rodrigues and Simon Parkes in a discussion about a number or current topics.

这是一个新的视频查理沃德,梅尔 k,大卫尼诺罗德里格斯和西蒙帕克斯在讨论一个数字或当前的主题。



Here's some good news.


North Carolina moves to lift COVID restrictions 

北卡罗来纳州取消对 Covid 的限制

Dan Scavino Tweeted the following.How long will parents allow these crimes to continue?


Meanwhile in Canada,health officials are outright lying to the public about Vitamin D.All along the psychopaths have covered up the fact that the sun and hence Vitamin D,ultraviolet light,Hydroxychloroquine/Zinc/Azithromycin,Ivermectin,Budesonide and other remedies that support the immune system can bolster our natural immunity and easily eliminate the flu-like symptoms people are so afraid of.


Real doctors tell us most people,even those in sunny climates,are Vitamin D deficient.We need a min.of 20 minutes of sunshine on our skin daily,with no filters or sun blocks.


Our lifestyles are contributing to our pathetically weak immune systems and the New World Order soldiers told us to do the exact opposite of what we have always done and should be doing to stay healthy and avoid contracting a pathogen.Off with their heads!


Hajdu says Vitamin-D COVID-19 protection is"fake news"说维生素D对2019冠状病毒疾病的保护是假新闻

Is the medical community incompetent or do they really have an agenda to kill as many of us as possible?The public have no idea how many people die from"expert errors"or iatrogenesis ever year.Since the advent of the Wu Flu,the numbers are climbing dramatically.Coincidence?The problem is,we don't believe in coincidences.



The medical industrial complex is a massive scam.Oooops!Sorry.We made a mistake.Our bad.We'll never do it again,trust us!


They have been operating an organized crime syndicate for a long time and pulling off outrageous heists to line their own pockets.


Humana health plan overcharged Medicare by nearly$200 million,federal audit finds 联邦审计发现,Humana 医疗保险计划向医疗保险多收了近2亿美元

As long as real experts are sharing their advice and FACTS we will continue to share the truth.


Microbiologist Says Vaccines will Decimate World's Population


Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi,an American-trained micro-biologist now living in Germany,says the Covid-19 pandemic is a fraud because it is based on case and death statistics that are 99%false.He also says that mRNA vaccines,not only are loaded with poisons,they alter the natural immune system in such a way that it will greatly overreact when the victims are exposed later to almost any pathogen including the common flu.They will be attacked by their own immune system,a process known as autoimmune disorder.These attacks are more deadly than the disease itself.Dr.Bhakdi begs people not to take the vaccine,especially if they already have taken a first shot.If they do,he says,they will contribute to the decimation of the world's population.

博士是一位在美国接受培训的微生物学家,现居住在德国。他说,2019冠状病毒疾病流感大流行是一场骗局,因为它基于的案例和死亡统计数据99%是错误的。他还说,mRNA 疫苗不仅含有毒素,而且会改变自然的免疫系统,当受害者接触到几乎所有的病原体,包括普通流感时,免疫系统会产生过度反应。它们会受到自身免疫系统的攻击,这一过程被称为自身免疫性疾病。这些攻击比疾病本身更致命。巴克迪博士请求人们不要接种疫苗,特别是如果他们已经接种了第一针。他说,如果他们这样做,他们将有助于世界人口的大量减少

Watch the video referenced above here.点击这里观看上面提到的视频

This is today's update from LT at And We Know.

这是今天的更新来自 LT 在我们知道。

The psychopaths are not stuck like the Ever Given.They are going full steam ahead with their dastardly plans to control us all.We,the"useless eaters"won't be able to blink without them knowing—if they get their way.


The endless surveillance on our homes,in our pockets,our bank accounts,our vehicles,our streets,stores,schools,the workplace,transportation…and for those who get the vaccines and continue to do so,there will be nowhere they can hide.


The implanted technology unleashed in the next compounding phases of vaccines will usher in a whole new world of existence.It won't be"living",it will be merely existing—or,if things don't go well—ceasing to exist.Unless you're off the grid,you'll be living on display in a fish bowl and if you don't conform and behave,they can simply unplug you from everything you own.There might even be a"kill switch"to eliminate problem citizens.


I don't know about where you live,but in my neighbourhood the takeover is obvious.An Amazon truck stops to make a delivery in front of one house,the driver hops back in and goes three houses down for the next drop,then further down the street for another.We live in Amazona.It's a monopoly they were well-prepared to enjoy in the months BEFORE the Kung Flu outbreak.Coincidence?Try searching for anything online without Amazon and eBay coming up on top of the search engine rankings.They've got it all figured out.

我不知道你住在什么地方,但在我家附近,这种接管是显而易见的。一辆亚马逊卡车停在一栋房子前面送货,司机跳回来,走了三栋房子才到达下一个目的地,然后沿着这条街再走一个。我们住在 Amazona。这是一个垄断,他们已经做好了充分准备,享受在几个月前的功夫流感爆发。巧合?试着在网上搜索任何东西,不要把亚马逊和 eBay 放在搜索引擎排名的前面。他们都想好了。


AMAZON'S IMPENDING TAKEOVER:The One-Stop Shop for Smart Cities with Digital Currency Control 



Still Believe Digital Vaccine Passports Are Something Made Up By Conspiracy Theorists?


The sheep believe vaccine passports are ideal and they can't wait to rush out and get one.They are willing to give up their birth right to freedom of travel for a fake pandemic.They think everything will be just fine if they have one of these.They think they can travel freely if they have one.Wait and see what happens next.Rather than standing up and fighting for their constitutional rights,they kneel and lick the boots of their oppressors.


Fortunately,there are a few good elected officials who are fighting for the People.


South Dakota's Noem Bans Vaccine Passports 


It's time to close this down for today.Stay positive,stay informed,and remain unified.Don't let anyone divide.Trust yourself.~BP




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