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很难找到任何关于一个”Hendricus g.Loos”的信息,尽管他已经申请了多项专利,并且成功申请了通过电脑屏幕或电视显示器操纵人类神经系统的仪器。在理论上,他解释了以下几点:


It's hard to find any information at all on a one"Hendricus G.Loos,"despite the fact that he's filed multiple patent applications,with success,for apparatuses that deal with the manipulation of the human nervous system via a computer screen or a television monitor.In the abstract,he explains the following,

很难找到任何关于一个"Hendricus g.Loos"的信息,尽管他已经申请了多项专利,并且成功申请了通过电脑屏幕或电视显示器操纵人类神经系统的仪器。在理论上,他解释了以下几点:

"Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near½Hz or 2.4 Hz,such as to excite a sensory resonance.Many computer monitors and TV tubes,when displaying pulsed images,emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation.It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.For the latter,the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material,or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream,either as an RF signal or as a video signal.The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program.For certain monitors,pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity."


The concerning thing about this,as the patent application explains,is that even a very weak pulse can have adverse affects on the human nervous system.


He then goes on to describe that pulse variability and strength can be controlled through software,and explains how,with regards to a computer monitor,DVDs,video tapes and more,and also how it can be remotely controlled from another location.


Perhaps the most concerning part is this,


"Certain monitors can emit electromagnetic field pulses that excite a sensory resonance in a nearby subject,through image pulses that are so weak as to be subliminal.This is unfortunate since it opens a way for mischievous application of the invention,whereby people are exposed unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous systems for someone else's purposes.Such application would be unethical and is of course not advocated.It is mentioned here in order to alert the public to the possibility of covert abuse that may occur while being online,or while watching TV,a video,or a DVD."

"某些显示器可以发射电磁场脉冲,通过微弱到潜意识的图像脉冲,激发附近受试者的感官共振。这是不幸的,因为它打开了一个恶作剧的应用的发明,即人们不知不觉地暴露在操纵他们的神经系统为他人的目的。这样的应用是不道德的,当然也不提倡。这里提到它是为了提醒公众注意在网上或者在看电视、视频或 DVD 时可能发生的隐蔽性虐待。"


The application is full of cited examples that the"nervous system of a subject can be manipulated through electromagnetic field pulses emitted by a nearby CRT or LCD monitor which displays images with pulsed intensity."

这个应用程序充满了引用的例子,"受试者的神经系统可以通过附近的 CRT LCD 显示器发出的电磁场脉冲来控制,这种显示器可以显示脉冲强度的图像。"

Our nervous system basically controls everything in our body,including the brain.It's a network of nerves and cells that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body,and it's no secret that the United States government,among others,have a long history of experimenting on human beings for mind control purposes.Could television be a mind-control tactic?It would explain why so many people believe stories and explanations of events presented to them by mainstream media,instantaneously,without even questioning.


In some cases,we are made to idolize what we see on T.V,like celebrities,and imitate behaviour and wants.


Sometimes,a perspective that's backed by evidence,which completely counters the story and information we receive from mainstream media,is thrown into the"conspiracy realm."This is dangerous,have we reached a point where our televisions are doing the thinking for us?Could they be using pulse techniques described above to influence our thoughts,behaviours and perceptions?


Given what we know about our governments and the unethical actions they've taken throughout history,it's really not out of the question.


There is a reason why airplanes and hospitals ban the use of cell phones,it's because their electromagnetic transmissions interfere with critical electrical devices.The brain is no different,it's a bioelectric organ that's extremely complex and generates electric fields.Scientists can actually control brain function with transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS),a technique that uses powerful pulses of electromagnetic radiation beamed into a person's brain to jam or excite particular brain circuits.


This is the same type of thing described in the patent,so to what extent are our computer monitors and television screens doing this?This is why,for example,when somebody turns on their Sony Playstation,the screen warns them to read the important health information before playing.Research has also shown that simple cell phone transmissions can affect a person's brainwaves quite significantly,which in turn leads to effects on their behaviour as well.

这与专利中描述的是同一类型的东西,那么我们的电脑显示器和电视屏幕在多大程度上做到了这一点呢?这就是为什么,例如,当某人打开他们的 PlayStation,屏幕警告他们在玩之前阅读重要的健康信息。研究还表明,简单的手机信号传输可以非常显著地影响一个人的脑电波,这反过来又会影响他们的行为。

"Electromagnetic radiation can have an effect on mental behaviour when transmitting at the proper frequency."–James Horne,from the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre(source)

"当以适当的频率传播时,电磁辐射会对心理行为产生影响。"来自罗浮堡大学睡眠研究中心的 James Horne

Not only this,but hundreds of scientists have come together,and are currently creating awareness on and petitioning the United Nations about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.They've been linked to cancer,and have been shown to manipulate our DNA.You can read more about that here.

不仅如此,还有数百名科学家聚集在一起,目前正在提高人们对电磁辐射对健康影响的认识,并向联合国请愿。它们与癌症有关,并且已经被证明可以操纵我们的 DNA。你可以在这里了解更多。

The initiative was started by Dr.Martin Blank,Ph.D.,from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University,who has joined a group of scientists from around the world making an international appeal to the United Nations regarding the dangers associated with the use of various electromagnetic emitting devices,like cells phones and WiFi.

这项倡议是由哥伦比亚大学生理学和细胞生物物理学系的博士马丁·布兰克(Martin Blank)发起的,他加入了一群来自世界各地的科学家的行列,就使用手机和 WiFi 等各种电磁发射设备的危险性向联合国发出国际呼吁。

"Putting it bluntly they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely,"said Dr.Martin Blank,from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University,in a video message.

哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)生理学与细胞生物物理学系的马丁·布兰克(Martin Blank)博士在一段视频中说,"坦率地说,它们正在破坏我们体内的活细胞,并过早地杀死我们中的许多人。"

"We have created something that is harming us,and it is getting out of control.Before Edison's light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment.The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels,and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation."


This information is a separate effect on the body from mind control,but it's still important to mention and bring light to.


Not only are our electronic devices monitoring,watching,and recording everything we do,they may also be influencing our behaviour,perceptions,thoughts and feelings on a large-scale as well,but who really knows if"the powers that be"are using these devices for mind control,in the same way they use them for surveillance.


Don't get me wrong,it's not hard to see how corporations use television to influence our behaviour and perceptions,but perhaps they,and other authorities,are changing things around,as mentioned above,and manipulating our nervous systems purposefully for their own personal gain,and knowingly do so.


Chamath Palihapitiya,the vice-president for user growth at Facebook prior to leaving the company in 2011,said,"The short-term,dopamine-driven feedback loops that we created are destroying how society works....No civil discourse,no cooperation,misinformation,mistruth."So,we are seeing a similar type of thing there as well."

2011年离开 Facebook 之前,Facebook 负责用户增长的副总裁查马斯帕里哈皮蒂亚(Chamath Palihapitiya)表示:"我们创造的由多巴胺驱动的短期反馈循环,正在摧毁社会运转的方式.....。没有文明的言论,没有合作,没有错误的信息,没有信任。"因此,我们也看到了类似的情况。"

When it comes to mind control,project MK ultra was the CIA's baby.It's commonly believed that it was only LSD that was used on human test subjects,but that was just one program.As the US Supreme Court brought to light in 1985,MK ultra consisted of 162 different secret projects that were indirectly financed by the CIA,and contracted out to several universities,research foundations and similar institutions."The majority of the MK Ultra records were actually destroyed,and have never been seen.

说到精神控制,MK 超级计划是中情局的宝贝。人们普遍认为,只有 LSD 被用于人体试验,但那只是一个程序。1985年,美国最高法院(US Supreme Court)曝光了 MK 极端计划,该计划由162个不同的秘密项目组成,这些项目由中央情报局(CIA)间接资助,外包给几所大学、研究基金会和类似机构。"大多数 MK Ultra 的记录实际上已经被销毁了,而且从未被发现。

Perhaps television programming was a part of the MK Ultra program?

也许电视节目是 MK Ultra 计划的一部分?

Concluding Comments


It's hard to fathom the idea that we could be manipulated and used so much,for the purposes of profit,control,and other agendas,but it's a reality we have to face.There are limitless examples of this throughout history all the way up to the modern-day,and all aspects of human life seem to be controlled by a select group of very few people from health,to finance,education,entertainment,big food and more.We've become tools for their use,and our thoughts,behaviours,and perceptions,for the most part,seem to be the same.If they're a little different,or don't really fit the frame,one can instantly be labelled,or become a'social outcast.'


There is no doubt in my mind that our Television,and other electronic devices has detrimental health effects,and that they do/can effect our nervous system in several different ways.The science on this is clear,but what is not so clear is the idea that there are others using these techniques,knowingly,to control our minds.


Based on all of my research into mind control,and the actions our governments have taken and to what extent they've taken them to,I would be surprised if Television was not apart of the MK ultra program.

基于我对精神控制的所有研究,以及我们的政府已经采取的行动和他们已经采取的行动的程度,如果电视没有成为 MK 极端计划的一部分,我会感到惊讶。

All and all,it's another great reason to spend less time in-front of your screen,and more time with a book or spending time outside,or with family and friends.If there is one thing that's for sure,our screens are detrimental to our health in several different ways.




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