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In yesterday's post I linked a tweet from ENoCH(retweeted by Lisa Mei Crowley).It told the story of Paul Revere and two lanterns in a clock tower that were used to alert the patriots that the British were coming.This event marked the turning point in the American Revolutionary War.

在昨天的帖子中,我链接了 ENoCH 的一条推文( Lisa Mei Crowley 转发)。它讲述了保罗·里维尔和钟楼上的两盏灯笼的故事,这两盏灯是用来警告爱国者英国人要来了。这一事件标志着美国独立战争的转折点

Today Q posted one drop-a picture of two unlit candles inside lanterns,sitting in the window of a clock tower.




This is truly amazing.Congratulations to ENoCH for reading it so well,and Lisa Mei Crowley for re-tweeting the tweet.I am pleased that I felt instinctively drawn to ENoCH's tweet-and overcame overwhelming tiredness last night to write the post.

这真是太神奇了。祝贺 ENoCH 读得这么好,也祝贺 Lisa Mei Crowley 转发了这条推文。我很高兴自己本能地被 ENoCH 的推特所吸引——克服了昨晚极度的疲惫,写下了这篇文章

Here is an excellent Twitter thread with more information.

这里有一个很棒的 Twitter 帖子,里面有更多的信息



Scroll down the Twitter thread until you see an image of a painting.This iconic painting has featured in Q drops.It shows a boat being rowed through swamp by a group of Patriots.President Trump is standing on the boat,facing forward,holding up TWO LIGHTED LANTERNS.The boat is a Durham boat-the same kind used by George Washington to cross the Delaware and fight the British.

向下滚动推特线程,直到你看到一幅画的图片。这幅标志性的画作以 Q drops 为特色。它显示了一群爱国者划着小船穿过沼泽。特朗普总统站在船上,面向前方,举着两盏点着的灯笼。这艘船是达勒姆号——就是乔治·华盛顿用来穿越特拉华河与英国人作战的那种。


Oh,and to add a little controversy,I STILL maintain that is JFK Jr in the front of the boat,paddle in hand.Tee hee.


Regarding the Durham boat-Who is in charge of opening indictments and starting the arrest process?Attorney General John Durham.It seems the'shot heard around the world'is about to announce the PUBLIC Second American Revolution.The Alliance has been fighting the Deep State behind the scenes for decades.


The same Twitter feed features tweets about a Holy lamp being carried off a plane,to mark Orthodox Easter.BBT tweets...


'Orthodox Easter historically is the true Easter and it's no coincidence that it falls on Patriots Day(20th April this year).The light at the end of the tunnel is the Holy Fire...'


In the picture,a gold lantern is being carried from the plane.Note the man behind.He is carrying two lanterns-one red and one blue.Anons are speculating that those lanterns might represent the Red Pill(awakening humanity)and the Blue Pill(sleeping humanity).Maybe the two will be JOINED during Orthodox Easter because of the Alliance public offensive.


Finally,here is a tweet by starcrossed_af...

最后,这里有一条来自 starcrossed af..

'Watching history unfold is exhilarating!And exhausting!Take care of yourselves,Patriots.'


I totally agree about the exhilarating/exhausting part.I am riding an intense emotional roller coaster every day-huge highs from the exciting intel followed by big waves of exhaustion at the enormity of it all.Often I take a break and walk along the beach to process everything that is happening.


It seems our time has finally arrived,World Patriots.Stay calm and centered.All is well.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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