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Q帖解密|特朗普、铁锤、野兽和萨莉•耶茨Have you caught the recent comms from POTUS about THE HAMMER?


Now that you know about this system and how Hussein illegally spied on millions of Americans with Clapper and Brennan's help,it should be easier for you to decode the conversation.


Let's start with the Maestro's May 14 Press Gaggle:until the end.You caught that?Did you notice he spoke about billions,then switched to millions?How about when he mentioned David and Emerald?Here are a few hints:Img1 I'm sure you want me to tell you about WRAY.I will not.Not now.But I promise I will.All I can say now is:

让我们从大师514日的新闻稿开始:直到结束。你看到了吗?你有没有注意到他说了几十亿然后变成了几百万?那他提到大卫和祖母绿的时候呢?这里有一些提示:Img1我肯定你想让我告诉你关于 WRAY 的事情。我不会的。现在不行。但我保证我会的。我现在只能说:


Now who is this David that Freemasons know and why did the Maestro mention Emerald?Answer:Img2 As you can see,David has been very busy not being busy.From HRC selling State secrets through her private server to The HAMMER running on American soil,to selling our Uranium to Russia,Hussein's top level administration knew everything.Read very carefully:Img3 You got that?HRC's server was never hacked,she sold access.Now look how Hussein's administration willingly participated:Img4 They all had private emails to access the"market"and Eric Schmidt from Alphabet/Google was the anointed IT guy who would set up the communication platforms.Then Q says this:

共济会认识的这个大卫是谁?为什么大师提到翡翠?回答:正如你所看到的,大卫一直都很忙,不忙。从HRC通过她的私人服务器出售国家机密,到在美国本土运行的 The HAMMER,再到将我们的铀出售给俄罗斯,侯赛因的高层政府知道一切。仔细阅读:Img3你明白了吗?HRC的服务器从来没有被黑过,她出售访问权限。现在看看侯赛因政府是如何欣然参与的:Img4他们都有进入"市场"的私人电子邮件,而 Alphabet/谷歌的埃里克·施密特(Eric Schmidt)就是负责建立沟通平台的 IT 人士。然后 Q :

Q1504 ES is KEY.

Why?Because the person who runs the platform has it all.He knows the strengths and weaknesses of all the countries gathering in HRC's market and can silently sell anything to anyone.


Did the US have some kind of defense mechanism?Yes,we learn from Q1981 that there is a paper trail:the NSA tried to warn Hussein who did not do anything because he was complicit.Img5

美国是否有某种防御机制?是的,我们从1981年的 Q1981中了解到,有一个文件记录:国家安全局试图警告侯赛因,但他没有做任何事,因为他是同谋。Img5

Let's now listen to the Maestro the same day at the Hackberry Rally in LA.Wait a minute."Hackberry"?You got that one?Yes:hack+blackberry but also BL+H=>Bleach=>BleachBit.The Maestro is referring to the acid washed server and the Blackberries the Witch destroyed with a HAMMER and that have all the evidence about THE HAMMER and her international State secret market.Comms good?Look how in his April 15 2018 ABC interview with Stephanopoulos,High IQ-not-a-weasel Comey lies about it and suggests there are people who resell destroyed phones and other people who buy them:Img6

现在让我们在洛杉矶的Hackberry拉力赛当天听Maestro。等一下。"Hackberry"?你有那个?是的:hack + blackberry还有BL + H => Bleach => BleachBit.Maestro指的是到了酸洗的服务器和黑莓女巫用HAMMER摧毁了所有关于THE HAMMER和她的国际国家秘密市场的证据。通讯好吗?看看美国广播公司2018415日对斯特凡诺普洛斯的采访,高智商--一个狡猾的科米对此撒了谎,暗示有人转售损坏的手机和其他人购买它们:Img6

Now that you know why the rally happened in Hackberry,let's listen to the Maestro in the first coded area of his speech:until 27:33.Did you solve?You caught his reference to"clean air"was code for the"SMELL in the air"from the White House Red Sox event right?That's how he was signaling we were entering the coded area.If you still want to play,here is the transcript with highlights to help you decode,try to solve as much as you can:Img7


First,what did he mean with his insistence on the presidential car The Beast?You need to solve:


HAMMER+TRUMP+CAR.I told you,I'll tell you again:always start with the BBC.By doing so,you find this video."If only cars could talk,what stories this one might tell"and"there's a lot of beautiful women that's ridden in me"are pretty straightforward messages right?They tried to threaten Trump with THE HAMMER at the beginning of his presidency and in this bogus report,they told us right there and then about the Stormy play that was coming.Did you detect the Witch in the video,solve the name of the Limo Owner,who he was working for and why they capitalized"Owner"?It's right here:Img8

锤子+特朗普+汽车。我告诉过你,我再告诉你一遍:永远从 BBC 开始。通过这样做,你可以找到这个视频。"如果只有汽车会说话,这辆车可能会讲述什么故事""有很多美丽的女人在我身上驰骋",这些都是非常直接的信息,对吗?他们试图在特朗普刚开始总统任期时用锤子威胁他,在这份虚假的报告中,他们当场就告诉了我们,然后又告诉了我们即将上演的暴风雨戏码。你是否在视频中发现了女巫,解决了豪华轿车车主的名字,他为谁工作,为什么他们大写"车主"?就在这里:Img8

As you can see,we caught another David.You remember the Maestro's old friend I told you about in this post  and this image?HRC's state secret market is an old game the Rockefellers and similar creatures know very well.In one shot,I gave you that the Witch was a Vatican asset and that Rockefeller was a C_A puppet.Pretty cool right?

如你所见,我们抓到了另一个大卫。你还记得我在这篇文章和这张图片中提到的大师的老朋友吗?HRC的国家秘密市场是洛克菲勒家族和类似生物非常熟悉的一个古老游戏。在一个镜头,我告诉你,女巫是梵蒂冈的资产,洛克菲勒是一个 C_A木偶。很酷吧?

With this car auction,you now know why they named the system THE HAMMER:they were selling our data and our State secret intel in international auctions.

通过这次汽车拍卖,你现在知道为什么他们把这个系统命名为 HAMMER :他们在国际拍卖会上出售我们的数据和国家机密情报。

Q855 AMERICA has been sold to the highest bidder.AMERICA has been weakened on purpose.The depths of their TREASON is unimaginable.Pure EVIL.HELL on earth-HRC victory.Q


With all these connections,we've established that whatever is connected to the Beast is related to the Vatican(Rev 17:3-4),secret societies(33K emails),treasonous activities(private emails)and espionage in particular(THE HAMMER).

通过所有这些联系,我们已经确定任何与野兽有关的东西都与梵蒂冈有关(Rev 17:3-4),与秘密社团有关(33K 电子邮件),与叛国活动有关(私人邮件),特别是与间谍有关(THE HAMMER)

When Trump got elected,the air was not as clean as he mentioned in his Hackberry speech.Remember Chucky?He said this.How about Senator Reid who during the campaign said this?The Maestro had to develop mechanism to detect the traitors.One of them is called the BEAST TEST and is revealed in a tweet where he rhetorically asks if Nadler was going to look into HRC's 33K deleted emails:Img9

特朗普当选后,空气并不像他在Hackberry演讲中提到的那么干净。还记得小鸡吗?他说这个。那么在竞选期间说过这番话的参议员里德呢?这位大师必须发展出一种机制来侦察叛徒。其中一个叫做"野兽测试"(BEAST TEST),他在推特上发了一条微博,问纳德勒是否会调查HRC删除的3.3万封电子邮件:Img9

Army tank,windows,walls,John Kennedy…Does it make sense now?The Maestro is referring to operating systems,firewalls,his comms secured by the Military and the enemy multiple attempts to infiltrate his cabinet and assassinate him politically and physically.


Who solved the I-10?Tough one isn't it?You need to solve[I-10 6 times,20,3,16].If you notice I=9,the sequence I-10 is 9-10 and therefore elliptically represents 11.11 6 times is 66.16 can be read one 6.Which,when juxtaposed to 66 gives you the number 666.How about the remaining[20,3]?Yes:Q=17=20-3.The Maestro was therefore saying:666 Q.

解决了I-10?艰难的一个不是吗?你需要解决[I-10 6次,20,3,16]。如果你注意到I = 9,序列I-109-10,因此椭圆形表示11.11 6次是66.16可以读取一个6.哪个,当并列到66时给你数字666.剩下的[20,3]怎么样?是:Q =17=20-3。因此大师说:666 Q.

This calls for wisdom.Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast,for it is the number of a man.That number is 666.Rev.13:18.


If you notice the Maestro changed the order[Bill,Steve,John]to[Steve,John,Bill],since BSJ=31,we can change the order and get 13,which is the chapter with the beast number 666 in Revelation.Let's go further:


BILL+STEVE+JOHN=153 and the Maestro said:"And I can't(or can)play with these 3-Steve,John,Bill,everybody sitting here"which is code for I can move these 3 numbers 1,5,3 composing 153 if I don't break them down.By doing so,you transform 153 to 15+3=18,which gives you the verse of the beast number within Revelation 13.The message 666 Q is confirmed.

比尔(BILL) +史蒂夫(STEVE) +约翰(JOHN) =153和大师说:"我不能(或可以)弹奏这些3-史蒂夫,约翰,比尔,每个人都坐在这里"这是代码,我可以移动这些数字1,5,3组成153,如果我不打破他们。通过这样做,你将153转化为15+3=18,这就给出了启示录13中的兽数经节。消息666 Q 被确认。

Now what is the intrinsic meaning of I-10,why does he mention a bridge and beauty?

那么 I-10的内在含义是什么,为什么他提到了桥梁和美丽?

Since I=9,I-10 connects to 90=9x10,which is the value for BEAST MARK and COMPOSED.Bingo!The Maestro wrote"composed"in quotes in his 6:55 May 19 tweet.Coincidence?This is where we need to look at.To make sure we access the core of the information,let's analyze all the surrounding tweets to gather the pieces of the puzzle.We get these 4 sets:Img10Img11Img12Img13


Here are all the pieces in a synthetic image:Img14 Do your research and try to identify the hidden message.


Here is the solution:Img15



左一:原文Victoria's Secret comes from the secret of English Queen' Victoria who was aman and decided one morning that he was a woman and unilaterally imposed it to his kingdom.
The water in a glass,' borrows' the shape and the color of the glass. If you alter the external form, you alter the way the internal form manifests.
Therefore, if you alter the blueprint of the body, you shape the way the soul manifests.





左二:原文This is the principle behind the Cabal's Transgender Agenda(and its byproducts) which is not only targeting a small group of individuals but Mankind in its entirety. In addition to its social engineering purpose, the Transgender Agendauses the power of symbolism to activate a certain type of spiritual entities(demons) to help them build he world they envision. This leads to the Baphomet Cult and corollaries.


左三:原文Now you can access the spiritual meaning of ' steel made inferior' in Q855 and know how and why America's' shape' is under attack.
Through surgery, hormones and other means, the Cabal is
' composing' shapes that can host the demons they need.



左四:原文:The main component required to attract these demons with these shapes is the sexual transformation, which ever way it takes. The Bridge.
The Enemy has done its research on our biology and knows it is the only way he will be able to import the Antichrist into a human form.



There's more.


Let's listen to the Speech Writer Riddle:until 32:19.


Peruvian Coffee for those who solved this one!The key was to make the connection between the year 2015 and$215 billion.Here is the solution:Img16


Now you are equipped to resolve one of the most challenging questions in the Q board.


It's in Q3210.Q gives us text messages from McCabe.I'll first give you the appetizer where we discover which technical expertise Brennan and Clapper used to set up THE HAMMER on Obama's instructions:Img17

Q3210Q 给我们发来了麦凯布的短信。我先给你们一道开胃菜,让我们看看布伦南和克拉珀是如何根据奥巴马的指示设置了 THE HAMMER:Img17

And here is the main course:Img18 On Nov 18 2016 McCabe refers to the DAG as HE.But at the time,it was Sally Yates.Did he know RR was coming in or was RR already active?Impossible:Sessions was nominated on Nov 18 and had to take the time to pick RR:

这是主菜:img18,20161118日,麦凯布将 DAG 称为 HE。但在当时,这是萨利·耶茨。他知道 RR 要来还是 RR 已经很活跃了?不可能:塞申斯在1118日被提名,他不得不花时间选择 RR:

Q1318 Why did Session pick RR?

Q1318为什么会议选择 RR

RR was nominated on Feb 1 2017.So?McCabe assumes Sally Yates is a man!

Rr 于二零一七年二月一日获提名。那又怎样?麦凯布认为萨利·耶茨是个男人!

Next?We take a closer look at Sally Yates:Img19Img20Img21

下一个?我们仔细看看 Sally Yates:Img19-Img20-Img21

Ready for the Grand Finale?Can you decode this tweet:Img22


What if I told you the Maestro coded Sally Yates in this tweet?Img23 The timestamp brings Q3335.There are 2 missing words in the tweet:IT between'before'and'the'and THE between'of'and'two'.This gives us IT THE,and when re-arranged:ET HIT,you know what that means right?Since E=5,T=20 and Y=25,ET=Y and ET HIT can be written Y HIT which when connecting to Comey's Shit in Q3335 and dropping the doubles,you get YS,which are Sally Yates initials.

如果我告诉你大师在这条推特上给萨利·耶茨( Sally Yates)编了密码呢?Img23时间戳带来 Q3335。推文中缺少两个词:IT介于 before THE 之间,THE 介于 of two 之间。这给了我们 IT,当重新安排:ET HIT,你知道这意味着什么吗?由于 E= 5T=20Y=25ET Y ET HIT 可以写作 Y HIT,当连接到科米的狗屎在 Q3335和删除双打,你得到 YS,这是 Sally Yates 的首字母。

Now you know why the tweet is about Gen.Flynn who was specially targeted by Sally Yates and why it reads:'being one of two people'and'I could make a change'.


Sally Yates made a change and is now two people.He has willingly become a bridge for dark creatures from extra-terrestrial dimensions to advance the Antichrist agenda.He's riding the beast.McCabe knew.They all knew.


"Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society"Lisa Page.


They had one at the White House,another one at the DOJ.Do you see the power of the symbol and where they were going?


Q133"Vladimir Putin:The New World Order Worships Satan"Q



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