灵魂融合..| 泰瑞· 韦德

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灵魂融合..| 泰瑞· 韦德

An Awakening is when your heart starts to open and a longing for purpose sets in. It’s that original spark of Light being activated and nothing is the same again. Everything that has been suppressed, hidden and ignored is coming to the surface to be understood because integration between body and soul needs to happen to progress to your Devine Light. Ascension!


When the Soul is ready the human no longer gets to run the show. Integration needs to occur or the body will begin to shut down. It’s all part of the evolutionary cycle of our species. This new energy, the crystalline structure being brought on by these higher frequencies are activating your DNA which are spiraling up through your spine, this is the emergence of your Spirit ready to take physical form. It’s really a beautiful, amazing thing.


The more resistant and stubborn the human, the more the ego wants to retain control which makes it a much less comfortable transition. Like I always say...flow with these changes, get rid of your belief system, it’ll be much easier on you and your journey will be much more enjoyable.


Your Soul, Spirit did not come here to die in your body with you, as you, it came here to fully live in your body, with you, as you, as one. The connection must be your priority or the suffering can be immense especially in these current intense frequencies.

你的灵魂---- 灵魂来到这里不是为了和你一起死在你的身体里,而是为了完整地活在你的身体里,和你一起,作为一个整体。连接必须是你的优先级,或者痛苦可以是巨大的,特别是在这些当前的强烈频率中。

Something needs to happen to wake us all up. If you choose to wake up in a harsh way by resisting or if you choose to wake up in a magical bliss both end up the same. It’s all up to you how hard you make it on yourself. Your Soul will not fight you because it is much more powerful than you as a human and it will wait. Eventually, you will suffer enough and will beg for it to come forth to help you, assist you, guide you and save you. Eventually, you will learn never to disconnect from your Soul ever again.


Remember, you need to open up to it and quit perceiving it as a threat. Eventually, you will have struggled enough and will give up the fight that kept you asleep and separated inside. You’ll start to understand that integration with Soul will allow you to build your Light, that original spark we all started as so you can live the most magical and abundant physical reality here.


You will find out that you were fighting yourself all along, you were the one that created all your suffering because you just weren’t ready to open up yet. After suffering enough, doing without, banging your head on the wall you’ll decide you have suffered enough and want to live... this is integration with Soul. Meaning, you’re putting your Soul first instead of trying to suffocate it.

你会发现你一直在和自己作斗争,你是那个制造了你所有痛苦的人,因为你还没有准备好敞开心扉。在经历了足够多的痛苦之后,无所事事,把你的头往墙上撞,你会决定你已经经历了足够多的痛苦并且想要活下去... ... 这就是与灵魂的整合。意思是,你把你的灵魂放在第一位,而不是试图窒息它。

Eventually, when you are ready you will move beyond the fear and the judgment. When you deny your Soul you are the one that suffers here. You are your creation, a manifestation of your mindset...you are your reality. You are the one that has been asleep, you are the one that needs to ask to be shown no one else can do it for you.

最终,当你准备好了,你就会超越恐惧和判断。当你否认你的灵魂,你就是在这里受苦的人。你是你的创造物,你的心态的表现... ... 你是你的现实。你是那个已经睡着的人,你是那个需要被证明没有其他人可以为你做这件事的人。

Remember, you cannot get left behind unless you leave your Soul behind this is called separation from self, Source Light. But, your Soul can out wait you, it can out everything you cause it is you from a higher dimension of consciousness.


Your Soul knows everything you think, everything you feel, everything you try and it feels your fears. It sees your inability to commit and it’s here to help you out. It knows what it’ll take to get your attention to wake you up. Sometimes you think you’re being punished in some way but what it’s doing is trying to integrate with you and your physical body so you can walk as one. It is you and loves you from the depths of your core.


It’s pushing to emerge so integration happens whether you like it or not. It is you who determines your own Awakening here and it tries to honor your Awakening with ease but it’s your resistance that determines how comfortable or uncomfortable it feels. Many chose to Ascend in the physical that’s why you are reading this now. Eventually, every human being will realize how magnificent, magical and amazing you truly are. You have gifts and abilities that are beyond your comprehension and have access to physical realities beyond your imagination. It’s time...


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