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米迦勒|准备好Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!


Being here as always and as has been said by all, is always a reason for much joy and much light for us. A time of total unbalance, a time of surprises, not so good, is approaching. It is not for anyone to be terrified, much less to be afraid. The time is for trust. It is always that time when the world will fall down around you but you will fall back on your feet, because you trust. So this will be the greatest test.


We have been telling you here for some time now, be ready. It is as if your world, as you say, will turn upside down. Everything will go out of order, nothing will make sense anymore within what has been determined and defined for you, a lot will change. It is exactly these changes that we want you to be ready for, that we want you to accept without anger, accept without judgment, accept without commentary. We can always say the following: Father/Mother God is never wrong!

我们已经在这里告诉你们一段时间了,准备好。就好像你说的,你的世界将会颠倒。一切都将失去秩序,没有任何东西将有意义在什么已经确定和为你定义,很多将会改变。正是这些变化,我们希望你们准备好,我们希望你们接受没有愤怒,接受没有判断,接受没有评论。我们总是可以这样说: 父亲/母亲上帝从来没有错过!

So once again let us state, that everything that happens in your world, has nothing to do with decisions from Father/Mother God, with punishments from Father/Mother God for you to be punished. You are only reaping what you have sown over time. But now I can say, yes, there will be the hand of Mother/Father God interceding on this planet. No more mess, no more disruption. You will be an evolved race, and as such, you need to act like an evolved race. Then everything that binds you to the past, to terror, to everything that was not planned by Father/Mother God, will be eliminated. You will have the chance to live in a New World with very different concepts and laws than you have today.


So we can only say that now, yes, there will be the hand of Father/Mother God at work all over the planet. And how will the hand of Father/Mother God act? Through us, we are His representatives. The Beings of Light that are around, all those who are participating in this evolution of the planet, are following orders from Father/Mother God. We know it won’t be easy, we know you won’t understand; and worse, we will judge. I just say, we are not worried about that, you have to learn to live in the New World where the universal laws will have to be obeyed. The planet will no longer have its own laws, you will live under Universal Laws that are much stricter and much more productive than the laws you have on this planet.

所以我们现在只能说,是的,将会有父亲/母亲上帝之手在这个星球上工作。父亲/母亲之手将如何行动?通过我们,我们是他的代表。周围的光之存有们,所有那些参与这个星球进化的人们,都在遵循父亲/母亲上帝的命令。我们知道这不容易,我们知道你们不会理解; 更糟糕的是,我们会做出判断。我只是说,我们并不担心这个,你必须学会生活在新世界,在那里宇宙法则必须被遵守。这个星球将不再有它自己的法则,你们将生活在比你们在这个星球上所拥有的法则更加严格和富有成效的宇宙法则之下。

So it will be up to each one of you to find that point of balance, to find that point where you will continue to believe in us or not. That is up to you. If you are going to want to judge us, no longer respect us, that is a shame, because you will still be stuck with everything that you were taught, that brought your planet to where it is today. So, how is everything you live by right? Look at the point you have reached, do you live happy and peaceful lives? Is your world equal? No one goes hungry, everyone has the right to everything? Many will reply, “But that’s the way it has to be, everyone gets what they deserve!” Then I answer: it’s a pity, because you are still stuck in the beliefs you have been taught for a long time.

所以,这将取决于你们每个人去找到那个平衡点,去找到那个点,在那里你们将继续相信我们或不相信我们。这取决于你。如果你们想要评判我们,不再尊重我们,那是一种耻辱,因为你们仍然会被困在你们所学的一切,那些把你们的星球带到今天的一切。那么,你是如何正确生活的呢?看看你已经达到的境界,你是否过着幸福平和的生活?你的世界是平等的吗?没有人挨饿,每个人都有权得到一切?许多人会回答说: “但这是必须的,每个人都得到他们应得的!”然后我回答说: 这很遗憾,因为你仍然坚持着长期以来一直被灌输的信念。

So it will be up to you, in the moments to come, to simply erase from your minds, everything you have learned, everything your laws and rulers have imposed on you, and to start seeing the world in a different way; a truly egalitarian world, a world where everyone will have the right to everything, a world where no one will go hungry, where no one is superior to anyone else. If this is a utopia for you, or something that doesn’t resonate in your heart, that’s okay, then you will continue to follow your road in the Third Dimension, no problem. You still have a long way to go, to learn that the world is not this, the world cannot be this, it cannot be what you live in today.

因此,在未来的时刻,你们要做的就是,把你们所学到的一切,你们的法律和统治者强加给你们的一切,从你们的头脑中抹去,开始以一种不同的方式看待这个世界; 一个真正平等的世界,一个每个人都有权利拥有一切的世界,一个没有人会挨饿的世界,一个没有人比其他任何人优越的世界。如果这对你来说是一个乌托邦,或者是一些不能在你的心中产生共鸣的东西,那没关系,那么你将继续在第三维度中沿着你的道路前进,没有问题。你还有很长的路要走,去学习这个世界不是这样的,这个世界不可能是这样的,它不可能是你今天所生活的。

So start taking a stand, start placing yourself without judgment, start placing yourself just living each moment. It doesn’t matter what comes, it doesn’t matter what you will see, it doesn’t matter what you will know. What matters is that you are being set free, what matters is that you are totally free from any kind of bondage. So start cutting the ties, with a lot of what you believe and what you think is right.


The truths will not be easy, and you will need to have a lot of faith, a lot of determination, a lot of balance, so that you can stand up and fall down. Otherwise, you will blend in with the rest, and all the walking you have done so far will be for nothing. Because you will not be accepting anything, you will be judging us and regretting that you have come this far. But we always say: The choice is up to each one of you. Each one of you…; it is as if you are finishing a cycle in school, where now you have to decide which way you are going to go. Are you going to try to get to higher levels, or are you going to stay there; what you have learned is fine… “That’s enough, I don’t need to go any further”. Great, so you’re making a choice, and you’re certainly not going to live it on this planet.

真理不会是容易的,你需要有很多的信念,很多的决心,很多的平衡,这样你才能站起来和倒下。否则,你就会融入其他人的生活,到目前为止你所做的一切都将付之东流。因为你不会接受任何东西,你会评判我们,并且后悔你已经走到这一步。但是我们总是说: 选择取决于你们每个人。你们每一个人... ... ,就好像你们在学校里完成了一个循环,现在你们必须决定你们要走哪条路。你是打算努力达到更高的水平,还是打算继续呆在那里; 你所学到的很好... ... “够了,我不需要再往前走了”。很好,所以你正在做一个选择,而且你肯定不会在这个星球上生活。

Now, if you choose to evolve, then yes, you will have a series of obstacles and trials. Nothing ends, nothing is set in stone, your journey is just beginning. Like everything new that you start, you never know if you will finish. But if you have willpower, faith, and confidence, there is no reason why it can’t work out, there is no reason why you can’t get there. So just choose what you want to live, whether you want to accept what was said doesn’t matter, what will be said you will trust, you will accept, you will not judge, you will just continue on your way. I just say one thing to each one of you: What will be done in your world, will not directly affect you specifically, unless you want to hurt yourself for the other, unless you want to suffer the suffering of the other.

现在,如果你选择进化,那么是的,你将面临一系列的障碍和考验。没有结束,没有一成不变,你的旅程才刚刚开始。就像所有你开始的新事物一样,你永远不知道你是否会完成。但是,如果你有意志力、信念和自信,没有理由说你不能做到,没有理由说你不能做到。所以只要选择你想要的生活,无论你是否想要接受所说的一切都无关紧要,所说的一切你都会信任,你会接受,你不会评判,你只会继续走你的路。我只对你们每个人说一件事: 在你们的世界里将要做的事情,不会直接影响到你们,除非你想为了别人伤害自己,除非你想忍受别人的痛苦。

So once again I say: Look at your walk, forget about the other’s walk. Take care of your path, take care of your evolution, forget about what happens around you. Will you be hurting yourself for someone you thought you knew, but who deep down was not at all what you thought they were? I would tell you that it will be a waste of time. You have grown accustomed to idolizing humans, you put humans on a pedestal. And I will tell you, from these pedestals, the great majority will fall, and you will regret, very much, idolizing them. You do not idolize another brother, you do not idolize anything, not even us. We don’t want idolatry, we don’t want passion; we want a light and pure love, that’s all.

所以我再说一次: 看着你的步伐,忘记别人的步伐。关注你的道路,关注你的进化,忘记你周围发生的事情。你会为了一个你以为你认识的人而伤害自己,但是这个人在内心深处根本不是你想象的那样吗?我要告诉你,那是浪费时间。你已经习惯了崇拜人类,你把人类放在神台上。我要告诉你们,从这些基座上,绝大多数人会倒下,你们会后悔,非常,崇拜他们。你不崇拜另一个兄弟,你不崇拜任何东西,即使是我们。我们不需要偶像崇拜,我们不需要激情; 我们需要的是光和纯洁的爱,仅此而已。

So why idolize a brother? He is as human as you are. Is he everything he appears to be, is he as perfect as you imagine? Or is that just a shell? You will get that answer. So stop idolizing, whoever it is, because nobody deserves idolatry. Idolatry is a Third Dimension thing, where you stop living your own way to live the other’s way. We have already talked about this several times here. So start, if you haven’t started yet, to look at your own path, forget the other’s path, and forget what will happen to the other. Ah, you have suffered for the defeat of the other, for the unmasking of the other, why? Is that other part of you, is that other part of your body? So why hurt for him, so why suffer for him?


Nobody has to suffer for anybody, each one has to look at his or her own path. Suffering is part of one’s path, and if that other has encountered suffering, it is part of his or her path, you don’t have to suffer together. Understand this. Many still don’t understand and many still don’t accept this. They think that they have to annul their lives in order to live the suffering of the other. And I tell you: this also reverberates, this also has a harvest, stop living the suffering of the other. I’m not telling you here to abandon anybody, you can love, you can care, but without suffering the suffering of the other, this is entirely possible.

没有人必须为任何人受苦,每个人都必须看到自己的道路。痛苦是一个人道路的一部分,如果那个人遇到了痛苦,这是他或她道路的一部分,你们不必一起受苦。理解这一点。许多人仍然不明白,许多人仍然不接受这一点。他们认为他们必须放弃自己的生命,才能体验对方的痛苦。而我告诉你们: 这也回荡,这也有收获,别再活着受苦了。我不是要你们在这里抛弃任何人,你们可以爱,你们可以关心,但是如果没有其他人的痛苦,这是完全可能的。

So be ready, every day more ready, because every day “The Great Day” approaches. Many people think that once again we are lying that nothing will happen. So just wait, and when it does, then you will believe it. And then I will want to see how you will behave. Will you trust and fall on your feet, or will you get tangled up in the mass, in the wave, in the mud that will form around you? Then I’ll want to see each one of you.


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