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向上看,光之工作者们!这是真的发生了,我们光明的解放Earth Ascension is finally becoming obvious.Earth Ascension is the evolutionary process that we are going through to become fully spiritual human beings.


And this process requires liberation.That is why,at this very moment,we are experiencing the breakdown of a way of life that has always kept us down.


This old way of life was selfish,leaving people to either benefit or suffer,and ultimately to do both.The new way of life that we are evolving towards is unity,and as we embrace it we will experience an entirely elevated way of being a human being.We will fashion a New Earth.


This is happening right before our eyes.During this current pandemic,we are unplugging from selfish systems that we were raised to support—systems we thought were alright and even just.They never were.They limited us completely.And now overnight,we aren't feeding these corrupt systems any longer.We aren't putting our energy towards selfishness.We are putting our energy towards all.


More specifically,we are paying attention to one vitally important group of people—our elders and those who are compromised most.Finally,these beautiful people are front and center in our hearts.They aren't being forgotten and ignored any longer.What a perfect exercise in unity.


There is so much beauty to be found in this profound experience—this temporary separation that actually makes us unified.For as we separate from each other to protect ourselves from illness,we are growing closer as One inside.


What's more,what we experience always starts within and then reflects itself externally.We create reality from where we put our attention,our time,and our thoughts.So as we unplug from a corrupt program and use our hearts to think of others,we begin to create a better reality from this alone.We stop blindly following the selfish systems we've been taught to tolerate and start looking out for everyone.


This is The Shift we have long anticipated.This is Ascension,and it's really happening now.Indeed,we are witnessing a mass spiritual awakening!All roads lead to liberation and a higher experience.


We can now create a world that mirrors our souls,for we humans are creators through and through.And even though in the past we used to help create things that weren't so great for everyone,all that is changing now.We are ready to work with compassion,peace,and yes,unconditional love.We are ready to rapidly evolve.


As we look around,this is undeniable.Whatever dark design may have tried to keep us locked in fear during this pandemic,it's simply not working.There is a higher,detailed design meant to prevail instead,and deep down we all know this.


We can feel how surreal and spiritual this whole experience is.We are feeling calm,compassionate,and even hopeful.We are getting to breathe and think for ourselves for once.We can see that humans are really thoughtful at heart and that we can be freed from the rat race.Most of all,we are exhibiting faith on a scale never seen before.


More specifically,our souls are taking over as you read this.Our bodies are switching from dense carbon to crystalline light.Our DNA is being restored to unprecedented capacity.Our beloved planet will be restored too,and our systems will give the highest outcome for everyone.

更具体地说,我们的灵魂正在接管你读到的这个。我们的身体正在从致密的碳转变为晶体光。我们的 DNA 正在恢复到前所未有的能力。我们挚爱的星球也将得到恢复,我们的系统将给予每个人最高的结果。

Because a Divine Plan is already in place,and we know that we can completely trust it.Our evolution is already at hand,and we know that nothing can stop it.Just as nothing can stop your Ascension too.




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