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There is still quite a lot of misunderstanding regarding your identities.


"Are we all literally the exact same "I AM" Presence or does the One "I AM" individuate or split into sub-"I AM"'s? In other words, to what extent is Jack fully Amy who is fully Juanita?"


We will answer this in more than one way.


To begin, the mindset of either/or creates a problem in itself. To the western mind, if something is one thing, it cannot be another. To the eastern mind, the most common mindset is both/and. To this mind, it is possible for a thing to be more than one thing, and this is obviously true of most things.


This is complicated by your perception that you are a solid, material 'thing' that is exclusive of all other things. This is a misperception that we have gone to some lengths to correct. It would help if the entire perception of mutually exclusive things were tossed out. It has been shown, for over one hundred years, that this is erroneous. This is caused by your inability to 'see' at a microscopic level. But the understanding that matter is ultimately energy is already accepted.


Once one understands that matter is only energy, then the step to seeing things as mutually existing energy fields is a simple one to make. And fields affect each other.


Think of a tub of water. Put a drop of blue into one corner of the tub, a drop of red into another, and a drop of green into a third. It is very easy to imagine that they will take on effects from the other colors.


Let's consider an individual human. Call him Frank. Frank is an individual. He has certain characteristics that are familial. He also shows the effect of his schooling, of his town, of his country, and of his species, etc. These are all fields of consciousness.


Now, in your question, Jack, Amy, and Juanita are individuals. Depending upon how closely associated they are, they each will be affected by the other two. The ways in which they are affected will depend upon their own make-up, among other factors. But they will be affected. This applies, also, to the fields of town, country, etc., that we mentioned above.


Now, the larger question, "Are we all literally the exact same "I AM" Presence or does the One "I AM" individuate or split into sub-"I AM"'s?" The answer is both/and.


We, notice that we are including ourselves, are literally the exact same I AM. I AM has individuated. AND we each are fields of consciousness that are affected by all other fields of consciousness – not millions, not billions, not even septillions, not human, not earthly, but ALL.


So you may begin to see how very restrictive mankind's current view of itself is. Begin to understand yourselves as conscious energies and your realization of your possibilities will immediately begin to increase. You are truly a limitless being who is in the process of remembering that you are a limitless being.


A final thought, if we may – we did not say that Jack was fully Amy or that either was fully Juanita. But we WILL say that each of them is fully I AM. Your own definition of I AM is that it is All That Is. If I AM is All That Is, then they can be nothing else, nor can you.


Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this.



传导:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan

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