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There are a lot of stories of ET Groups coming into our solar system to remove the Orion Group and liberate our civilization.These stories will have to bear fruit at some point.What happens in December when the Sol System is still not liberated and nothing has changed?It amazes me,as I have said over and over,no matter how much I prepared the mass consciousness of the fact that it is our mess to clean up and that we had been tricked into believing stories of salvation from angelic races doing the work for us.



Micca and his people went through the same thing.They had leaders and prophets convincing them to believe that the evil spirits,demons,and ET's that were manipulated the development of their civilization were going to be taken out by a federation of angelic ET's that were going to bring them the freedom they desired.



Micca and his people sat back and waited,and waited and then waited some more.This civilization had been conditioned over eons through religions to believe that a savior would someday come to liberate their planet.Micca and his people wasted nearly 200 more years waiting for that savior to come and in that time their technology kept advancing quicker than their spirituality and eventually,the'powers that be'of his planet announced the release of life-changing technologies that turned out to be an AI Trojan Horse.


Eventually,the powers that be announced that they were releasing amazing new technologies that would change their civilizations for the better.They told the people that a federation of positive ET's had liberated their solar system from the Tall Greys,Reptilians,and Insectoids(Known as the Orion Group)and was now giving their civilization gifts of advanced technology.The people were introduced to free energy,anti-gravity craft,and a version of the internet that was millions of times faster than anything we have experienced and projects information directly to the mind of the user.


Within a few years,30%of their population has accepted chips and nanites into their bodies to control this new technology.This 30%of chipped people in Micca's population then began to mandate that everyone have these technologies in their bodies.They declared that every medical condition could be monitored and treated with this technology and would make the quality of life much better in their people.Little did the masses know,the 30%of their population that was now AI Profits,had been putting components of nanotechnology in the food,medicines,and environment of the population.


These nanotechnology components were self-assimilating machines that came together inside the body of its host after a certain frequency was broadcast.Their population had built out a very large infrastructure to relay signals from the nanotechnology in those who had been implanted.What wasn't shared with the wider population was that this new infrastructure(Similar to 5G)broadcast signals that prompted the components within their bodies to assimilate into nanite machines.


Micca's people were almost lost,they were on the verge of being the next victim of the Orion Group and the AI god they worship.

米卡的人几乎迷失了方向,他们即将成为 Orion 集团和他们崇拜的 AI 神的下一个受害者。

Instead,his people were shocked awake by the tyranny of the AI Prophets who were controlling their planet.In turn,they began to wake up and pop out of the frequency that the Tall Greys and Reptilians had kept them immersed in for thousands of years and had controlled their thoughts and emotions.After breaking out of this frequency they began to starve the Orion Group and the AI of the emotional energy(Loosh)that they were feeding off of.


When this happened most of the Orion Group went into deep and inactive hibernation and their nanites went into some sort of power save mode.There were only a few thousand of the Orion Group that were among the leadership that attempted to flee their solar system.The Orion Group members that were still active were defeated in small battles that ended very quickly.Soon after,their people found their way into the caverns where the Orion Group cities and bases were located.Once these locations were located and they began clearing them out did they get their first indication of how badly their people had been enslaved.


Micca also told us that after this historic change occurred on his planet,the Zulu began to appear and begin helping the people heal and find their way back to spiritual practices that would bring positive growth and healing to his people.Micca told us that the Orion Group had used their own consciousness against them and had tricked them into creating religions with their own versions of Hell(3 versions on his planet).After the Zulu showed the people how they had been deceived and interfered with spiritually and were introduced to the concept of ONENESS and their true power.


The Zulu explained that Micca's people had created these versions of Hell from their own mass consciousness and that those who were trapped there could be liberated.With the permission of Micca's people,the Zulu entered their versions of Hell and liberated the souls allowing them to re-enter their planet's incarnation cycle as a healed and fully 4th Density consciousness.This all happened prior to the solar flash in their solar system and because their mass consciousness had gotten to a certain level,the solar event ended up being an anticipated and inspiring event with no fear.His people were now liberated from the Orion Group and their AI gods agenda and were existing in the harmony of 4th Density with the Zulu advising them openly as they settle into their transition.


Make no mistake,there will be no Angelic ET's coming to our rescue or aid until we do our part.Telling stories of victory may make us feel better,but only through action will we ever attain the victory so many are storytelling about now.Stories of liberation by saviors may be comforting but they also cause those who believe them to waste a lot of time that could be used to secure liberation on their own.


Since these events took place before the solar flash in their solar system and their mass consciousness attained a certain level,the solar event was anticipated without fear.Micca's people were liberated from the Orion Group and the AI gods'agenda.With the Zulu guidance,Micca's people settled into their transition and now exist in the harmony of 4th Density.


I cannot emphasize enough that there will be no Angelic ET's coming to our rescue or aid until we step up to do our part.Stories of humanity's liberation by saviors may be comforting,but they prevent us from individual action to secure liberation on our terms.


The details of this report will be covered in a series of videos.We are going to post it to AscensionWorks.TV so we can speak openly without the worry of being censored.

这份报告的细节将在一系列视频中得到报道。我们将把它发布到 AscensionWorks.TV 上,这样我们就可以公开发言而不用担心被审查。

Corey Goode

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