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The Chains of Your Slavery
Let Mr. Market set prices and interest rates
Fake interest rates provide fake capital
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The Chains of Your Slavery


All countries are stalled. They have built their economies on fake money and fake 假币泡沫破灭|最后的警钟interest rates. Soon they were competing with each other to devalue their currencies to make the fake money circulate longer, this futile action, however, yielded nothing.


Private central banks issued the public currency as loans against charging of interest. This is why every nation today is drowning in deliberately created, though unnecessary, debt. Undertaken to enslave the people to the private bankers. This is the cause and reason for ever-increasing taxes and declining economy.


To perfect their slavery, rights and freedoms of the people are being removed step by step. These are the chains of your slavery. People are forced by the government to pay taxes, at the risk of being thrown in jail, if they refuse to use the banker’s fake money to pay the interest on it that the bankers demand.


Let Mr. Market set prices and interest rates


假币泡沫破灭|最后的警钟Meanwhile, the Central Banks are trying to “further tighten the vice ” through new money creation, restarting the whole boom-and-bust cycle.


This is not to say that no one can experience economic difficulties in a free market. Companies and even entire industries will still close because of changing consumer tastes, new competitors providing superior products or wrong business decisions. There may even be bubbles in a free market because some investors misinterpret trends and see them as permanent changes in consumer preferences.


But these downturns will be shorter and most take place in specific industries and markets, they do not affect the whole economy.


Central Bankers; instead of doing the right thing, by allowing Mr. Market to set prices and interest rates, keep repeating their old tune, expecting better results; this is the definition of insanity.

中央银行家; 不是做正确的事情,通过允许市场先生设定价格和利率,继续重复他们的老调子,期待更好的结果; 这是精神错乱的定义。

Faced with the next crisis, all central banks are going to do what everyone expects them to do. They will turn the screws on savers tighter than ever. They will buy bonds and cut interest rates; all to pump fake money into the bubble markets.

面对下一场危机,所有的央行都将做所有人都希望它们做的事情。他们将对储户施加比以往更严厉的压力。他们将购买债券并降低利率; 所有这些都是为了向泡沫市场注入虚假资金。

The ability of central banks is declining, to control unmanageability in a monetary system based solely on fiat currency. Trump openly accused the Fed of this, indicating erosion of trust and respect for the Fed means.


Approving the auditing of Central Banks and the introduction of gold and silver as legal tender is the only correct approach. There is no doubt that the people will witness the last days of not only all Central Banks, but more importantly the end of the fiat debt money concept.


Those who know the true nature of this are invited to do all they can to inform others so that today’s crisis results in the return to constitutional governance structures, termination of the EU, genuine free markets, sound gold/silver backed money and policies of peace and free trade.


Fake interest rates provide fake capital


But instead of trying to understand the real challenge, central banks are only making the problem worse.


假币泡沫破灭|最后的警钟They are competent in their incompetence; to deliberately make citizens suffer in order to line their own pockets with our hard-earned money. Like under the communist leaders in China, they pretend they can stimulate, manage and improve the economy.

他们能够胜任他们的无能; 故意让公民受苦,以便用我们辛苦挣来的钱中饱私囊。就像在中国共产党领导下一样,他们假装自己能够刺激、管理和改善经济。

Now it appears that, Chinese real estate developer Evergrande has a loss of $81 billion for 2021 and 2022, underlining how huge debts remain a serious problem for the financial health of China’s real estate sector – and the world’s second-largest economy in general.


And because all currencies are pegged against each other, supported and “fixed” by the Exchange Stabilisation Fund (ESF), used as a giant mechanism for setting commodity prices, designed and implemented by the World Bank on behalf of the Rothschild camp within the Deep State.

而且,由于所有货币都是相互挂钩的,由外汇稳定基金(ESF)支持和“固定”,被用作一个巨大的商品价格制定机制,由世界银行代表深层国家(Deep State)内的罗斯柴尔德阵营设计和实施。

And if a big player falls over like Evergreen, so do all the others. That is why anxious vigilance is taken to ensure that Evergreen is not declared bankrupt; because the legal system has also been bought and paid for by the cabal to deal with such situations, partly because of the manipulation of prices especially of commodity prices such as precious metals which are also commodities, that is a serious crime.


Manipulating commodity prices and especially currency prices is a crime against humanity, it results in market and economic manipulations that undermine the national independence and sovereignty of countries and peoples.


However, the average politician knows nothing more about economics than the true communist. Perhaps even less. So instead of letting capitalism do the work, central banks undermine this process with fake interest rates and fake capital.


假币泡沫破灭|最后的警钟Capitalism needs real capital; which means saving. But since the last 30 years, the geniuses at central banks have been penalising saving and rewarding debtors, which is anti-capitalism.


This is the reason why growth rates are falling and almost all new jobs created in the last 30 years are in the service sector with low wages and low productivity, rather than in the higher value-added productive sphere.


This is the reason, that about 25% of all outstanding sovereign debt has negative returns. It includes half of all European sovereign debt; 85% of German debt and recently also all outstanding debts of Switzerland.

这就是为什么,在所有未偿还的主权债务中,约有25% 的回报率为负值。它包括一半的欧洲主权债务,85% 的德国债务,最近还包括所有未偿还的瑞士债务。

Worse, yields on some European high-yielding corporate bonds (viz. “junk”) have fallen into negative territory. This is complete utter madness. There are no credible reasons why some banks and funds choose to hold sovereign debt with negative yields.


In other words, instead of being paid to save capital, these savers are forced to pay to keep the equity they have earned. This should lead to a “run on the bank” as people rush to withdraw as much cash as possible to avoid these penalties.


So far, banks have borne most of the negative consequences themselves. Since then, banks have been charging customers fees for holding the account.


Meanwhile, fake money has destroyed real capital, created chaos in markets; caused trillions in bad investments; slowed growth and led to terrible inequality.


What readers write


Thank you for this post. I know all will be well. The Light is winning. Darkness 假币泡沫破灭|最后的警钟cannot overcome the Light we are.

谢谢你的帖子。我知道一切都会好起来的。光明正在赢得胜利。黑暗 无法战胜我们的光。

I learnt to live well with little money, due to a car accident I had less than 1000 a month, yet I had value in the things that matter, caring for my parents, developing relationships with like-minded people and a deep compassion and concern for humanity.


Having been married to a man with money who only used it to control me, I enjoy nature and nurturing real wealth with appreciation for things we often take for granted. I also have the faith and courage to stand up for the things I believe in. I took a stand against a mortgage company that committed fraud on many levels and I am convinced I won! Real wealth comes from within your own ability to be happy to be alive and face the challenges life throws at you, equipped with faith and trust in a loving God who guides you every step of the way, and I am grateful


Wonderful article. The truth must finally come out. As the author of the guide THE OXY WONDER MEDICINE – High Frequency Therapy according to Nikola Tesla, all I can say is THANK YOU….


This article is clear and informative, courageous and immensely important, especially


and immensely important, especially at this time, when an unimaginable development for liberating the earth from a system of greed and control of the population of this


of this earth is showing recognisable signs.


It should be noted that planning and control in the economy should generally show positive results. This has nothing to do with controlling humanity to be dispossessed and humiliated by greedy and unscrupulous powers of this unimaginable system, the planned path of these elements leads to an almost predictable enslavement and complete disenfranchisement of the populations of this earth. Linked to this, even more unimaginable, is the planned population reduction, the idea of which was, after all, strategically pursued with Covid 19.


It cannot be denied that the so-called epidemic of Spanish flu in 1918 after World War I bears very clear similarities to the current Covid 19 agenda.


Once again our heartfelt thanks for this very important article that requires energy and a lot of courage and immense love for the truth. Shalom and to you all the loving protection of the Source of All Being, the Creator, who is also coherently called El Shaddai.


Absolutely brilliant man with nothing but promoting humanity in his heart, no wonder the cabal hated him so much, our world could have looked so different now in 2023, I hate it if that is the right word that the powers-that-be have weakened or even reused his work to the detriment of the planet and everyone on it, one day his work will be resurrected and Mr tesla will be placed on the pedestal where he belongs as the father of the modern world. love to all, even those I don’t hate but rather pity.


Thanks Peter B Meyer. Excellent article on Nicola Tesla’s inventions.

谢谢 Peter B Meyer。关于 Nicola Tesla 的发明的优秀文章。

Money is a belief, a religion, a dogma.


What is real and true is production and exchange.


Tesla is one of the last great scientists and great men, like others in different times in the past, who came to the Planet as part of the angelic plejade of the Celestial or Extraterrestrial Alliance accompanying the Messiah to elevate the human condition of the soulful Earthlings and lead them to higher dimensional living spaces. Human ascension along with that of the Planet is an ongoing process. And Tesla’s inventions will soon ignite human flight to higher heights of perfection in realms of peace, brotherhood and justice. Thank you Nicolas.


I read all the comments and wonder why so much negativity? And why attack someone who has given 35 years of his life to wake up people without taking money for it? What reason would Peter have other than that his research shows we really are winning this war? Why would he lie to us? If you read his articles, don’t you see that he is right about everything? Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s BS?


假币泡沫破灭|最后的警钟Of course we are tired of waiting, we are awake and want to enter the new world now, but look around you, so many are still totally brainwashed, if we just put people out of power and took over, they would condemn us instead of being on our side. They need to understand first and as they say, it is easier to fool someone than to show them the truth.


Stay positive and in the meantime, make your own life as meaningful as possible. Thanks Peter for your informative articles, I always feel like I learn a lot from you 🙂

保持积极的心态,同时,让自己的生活尽可能有意义。感谢 Peter 为我写的内容丰富的文章,我总觉得我从你身上学到了很多东西


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