X22报告|第2885集: 大多数人不相信 JB,恐吓事件被推动

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X22报告|第2885集: 大多数人不相信 JB,恐吓事件被推动

Ep. 2885a – The Majority Do Not Believe Biden, There Are Now Calls To Reject [CBDC]

大多数人不相信拜登,现在有人呼吁拒绝[ CBDC ]

Ep. 2885b – Scare Event Being Pushed, Trump Messaging It’s Almost Time, Only At The Precipice




The people around the world are hitting the precipice. Nobody is believing the [CB]/[WEF]/Biden Admin, the people see economic truth. The [CB]s are panicking about bitcoin, they want the [CBDC] but they see Bitcoin getting more popular and more powerful. There are now calls to reject [CBDC].

世界各地的人们正在跌落悬崖。没有人相信[ CB ]/[ WEF ]/拜登政府,人民看到了经济的真相。[CB]s 们对比特币感到恐慌,他们想要 CBDC,但是他们看到比特币变得越来越流行,越来越强大。现在有人呼吁拒绝[ CBDC ]。


The [DS] is losing the battle in the Ukraine, the [DS] is panicking so they made a move. They sabotaged the NS pipeline. They are now pushing for war, it seems the scare event is approaching. Trump sends a message that once we go over the precipice the country cannot be saved. Translation, it is almost time, the people need to hit the precipice to find the will to change the trajectory. The people are waking up WW. 

[DS]在乌克兰的战斗中失败了,[DS]惊慌失措,所以他们采取了行动。他们破坏了NS的输油管道。他们现在正在推动战争,似乎惊吓事件正在接近。特朗普发出的信息是,一旦我们跌下悬崖,这个国家就无法挽救了。换句话说,时间差不多了,人们需要撞上悬崖才能找到改变的意志轨迹。人们正在觉醒 ,WW。


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