X22报道|第2618集: 经济运动不断发展,权力回归人民

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X22报道|第2618集: 经济运动不断发展,权力回归人民

Ep. 2618a – The Economic Movement Is Growing, There Is No Stopping It

Ep. 2618a-经济运动正在增长,无法停止

Ep. 2618b – Power Returns To We The People, [DS] Has No Chance, Red Wave

Ep. 2618b-权力归于我们人民,[ DS ]没有机会,红色浪潮



The people around the world and in the US see the plans of the [CB] and they are rejected them all. The world economy is imploding and the blame is going to be on the [CB]. [JB] tries to convince the people that wages are going up, they are not. Alternative currencies are now forming to push the fiat system out.

世界各地和美国的人们看到了(CB)的计划,他们全都拒绝了。世界经济正在崩溃,责任将落在(CB)身上。[ JB ]试图让人们相信工资在上涨,但他们没有。替代货币正在形成,以推动法定货币体系的发展。


The [DS] is panicking, a red wave just hit and they are scrambling. The people are not behind, they are having a difficulty time cheating and they lost a key state Va. Trump has just moved another chess piece and the game is being played out. We are now seeing resignations and soon we will other politicians decide to not run in the next election. The people are taking back the power, they are remembering how to play the game. The elections fraud is being exposed and the fake news/big tech companies are next.

(DS)惊慌失措,一个红色波浪刚刚袭来,他们正在慌乱中。人们没有落后,他们在作弊时遇到了困难,他们失去了一个关键州 。特朗普刚刚移动了另一个棋子,这场游戏就要结束了。我们现在看到的是辞职,不久我们就会看到其他政客决定不参加下一次选举。人们正在夺回权力,他们正在记住如何玩这个游戏。选举舞弊正在被揭露,假新闻/大型科技公司将是下一个。


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